Niall's Country Girl

A girl and her best friend from a small town in Indiana go to Louisville Kentucky go for a 1D concert.


7. Flashback


                Britt’s POV

                I was listening to music on my phone when I got a call from Bai. When I answered she sounded so excited.

Bai: Brittany Lynn you will never guess what I just won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: What did you win???
Bai: One Direction tickets from B97 front row too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: No way don’t joke with me please
Bai: Im not joking I won them and we are going to Louisville Kentucky to see the boys live for the first time.
Me: I can’t believe it we have been dreaming about going to see the boys live since the Up All Night Tour this amazing and front row tickets too am I dreaming someone pinch me now.
Bai: I know this is amazing and you are now dreaming and I felt the same way when I won!!!
Me: When is the concert and when do we leave?
Bai: The concert is next week and we leave Sunday cause we are staying in Louisville for a week.

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