One mistake ,but love?

Shy was very shy,until she met one guy.Then another,then another.And her life was flipped to bad,then to go.Her bestfriend Ravyn didn't have any support either,No matter how bad the situation was,neither was her parents.


1. Normal,for now.

My life though,as I see it is normal.My parents are doctors,both of them.I have a brother,and a sister.They're twins.So I guess I am the outcast,because really I am.My parents pay no attention to me,guess that's why my life turned upside down.It all started with that one day in 10th grade at Berkley high.

"Hey Shy!"Ravyn says running up too my locker.Then Jack comes on the other side."Hey."I say finally opening my locker."So,are you going to the fair anytime soon?"Ravyn asks messing with my locker decorations.I close my locker,"The fair is dangerous,besides thought you didn't like the fair."I say turning to her."Yeah,I didn't."She says looking up at me."Well,why do you now?"I ask looking down at her shoes.Which are these rain boots,which I don't understand because its not raining."Well Jack asked me."Ravyn says walking over to him."Okay,so y'all have something going on."I say turning towards them."Seriously,Ravyn?You have to tell everyone?!"Jack says,or shouts quietly."Well I am not gonna hide my love for you."Ravyn says walking away."Its okay Shy,ill always love you!"Jack say patting my shoulder before walking away.I shake my head and,and walk to class.

*Later that week*
My phone rings,"Hello?"I answer."Is this Shy?"Asks a british voice."May I ask who's speaking?"I ask."This is Marcel.I am new,and I was wondering if you'd help me around?Uh,Ravyn gave me your number,I believe thats her name."Marcel says confuzled."Course."I say in a un-greatful way.I mean I should be greatful,but I would've liked to know in advance."Pardon me love?"Marcel asks."Oh,nothing.Id love to show you around!Do you go to Berkley high?"I ask in a I wanna - but don't wanna attitude."Yea,but I won't be coming to school for the rest of the week.Unpacking sucks,ya know?"Marcel says."Yeah,so when you wanna meet up?"I ask."I don't really know,anything about anything."Marcel says giggling."Ya,ooooh!"I say perking up.I told Ravyn that the fair is dangerous,but a perfect chance to meet him!"What wrong,mate?"Marcel asks,there's also muffling I guess he's ,moving around."How about the fair?"I ask perking up."What's that?"Marcel asks."Text me your adress,and ill pick you up after school.Bye!"I say hanging up before he could answer.

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