What happens when you and your best friend have a crush in the some guy, and he ends up asking her out? Find out in 'Besties?'

1D & o2l fanfic


5. Chapter 5


JJ ran into her house, I wonder what was wrong. Connor, Kian , Ricky and I decided to go into her house and see what was wrong. We walk in and her house was HUGE, I mean like full out HUGE. We walked in further and saw who I think is her mom, in the kitchen. She came up to us and asked us, " Hi my name is Karri, may I help you boys with something?" We introduced ourselves and then i said, " Yeah, we are here to see if JJ is ok, she seemed upset, a little bit ago." " Oh yeah, she ran up to her room, I tried talking to her but she didn't let me, you can try if you want, her room in the 5th one on the right, up the stairs."  we all walked up the stairs and went up to the 5th one on the right. Holy shit her house is just HUGE. I knocked on the door and she yelled, " Go away mom." she sounded like she was crying. " No, it's JC, Ricky, Connor, and Kian, can we come in?" Ricky asked She got up and unlocked the door. She let us in and her room was HUGE as well. She had a wall that had drawings all on it. She sat on this chair of some sort, it had 4 ovals and it looked kind a like a chair with a built in foot rest, I don't know what it even is , Kian sat in a huge purple bean bag, Ricky jumped onto her Snorlax beanbag and sat at it, Connor sat in a hanging chair, it was hanging from the ceiling and it was round, I sat in a round chair that had a stand under it. " So what's making you so sad JJ?" Ricky asked. " Well me and my best friend Emily, have a crush on the same guy, i was about to name an agreement that was sisters before misters but I was too late, he asked her out in Science today and she said yes. I know it sounds crazy and stuff but how could she betray me like that." she said crying into her knee's. It killed me to see her like this, I had to do something. " You will always have us, just remember that." I said while getting up and hugging her. We started to leave, Ricky asked JJ, " Can you get me one of those Snorlax beanbags?" she smiled and chuckled " Sure". then we left to go home

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