What happens when you and your best friend have a crush in the some guy, and he ends up asking her out? Find out in 'Besties?'

1D & o2l fanfic


2. Chapter 2

Julieanna's POV

It turns out I have every class with Harry, and we got assigned seats in every class and I have to sit next to him, in every single one. I know I sound weird, not wanting to sit by my crush almost all day, but I have an embarrassing laugh and he is the kind of guy that tells jokes all the time. So am screwed.

**********  That Friday*********

Me and Emily were walking to her house because we decided that I should came over to her house, why? Why not. Anyway, we walked up to her house and got inside and made a snack that consisted toast with nutella on it. We ate our snack and put our bags in her room. I had me school bag and my over night bag. We were talking about all of our classes and stuff when Emily asked me, "Who do you have a crush on? if you tell me, I will tell you mine" "Do you promise that you will not tell anybody else, this stays between us." I said really serious "Yeah, same to you, for my crush" she said "Ok... I have a crush on..."I was interrupted by Emily's dad coming in to ask, "Hey girls, what kind of pizza do you want for dinner?" "Pepperoni" we both said at the same time. "Ok" he said then walked out of Emily's room "ok now that he is gone, who do you have a crush on?" "Harry" I said she was looking at me stunned. " I do too" Emily said. I was, I don't even know what I felt like at that moment. "Ok, this might sound like, really weird, but do you promise not to let this get between us, sisters before misters." I said " yes" at that moment Ashly, Emily's older sister came in and said," The pizza is here, so you can go get some." We walked down the stairs, went into the kitchen, I got the plates, Emily got soda and we got out pizza. I ate one piece and she took two. When we were done with eating pizza, Emily and I played the Wii in the game room. At 12 (midnight) we were still up and I got a text from an unknown number,

Unknown number: Hey

Me: Who is this?

Unknown number: Oh yeah sorry, it's JC

When I read that text, I saved his number to my phone

Me: ok... um... how did you get my number?

JC: I got bored so I asked around.

Me: Ok... So, Why are you texting me at midnight?

JC: Idk, did I wake you up?

Me: no

JC: Good, because it I did I would've felt really bad

"Who you texting?" Emily asked "JC" I responded. "JC?" she asked "Caylen" I said back to her. When I said that she just flipped out and jumped on top of me and said, "OMG!!!!" and started screaming with joy. "What is up with you?" I asked her. She was on her laptop logged onto YouTube and showed me and video and asked me," This JC Caylen?" "Yeah" I said back to her. at that moment I felt my phone vibrate.

JC: You still there

Me: Yeah, my best friend asked who I was texting and I told her I was texting you then she flipped out and started fan-girling and then she went on YouTube and got onto one of your videos and asked me," This JC Caylen?" and I said yes and she is still fan-girling right now and it is really funny

JC: oh, cool

We spent the rest on the night, day? I don't know nor do I care. whichever one you think it is, texting each other until we fell asleep.



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