Part of where I'm going is knowing where I'm coming from

Pierre Bouvier, singer of the band Simple Plan, has a daughter, we know that- but I'm not talking about the one you think of.


1. Anne Bouvier


Nervously Anne looked at the ticket she was holding in her hands.

"Simple Plan. March 12th 2012- Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid.".

She had thought about going to the concert with her mum, but she knew that her mother wouldn't want to go there, she had said it way to often, she didn't want to see Pierre Bouvier ever again neither did she want him to know about his daughter. 

Well Anne had a different opinion, it was her biggest dream to get to know her father, not only from interviews and music videos, but in real life.

She told her mum that her best friend Carla had asked her to accompany her to the concert, which wasn't quite the truth. Carla was sitting at home studying for the class test they had to write the next day while Anne was alone on her way to the show- she would even attend sound check, which was part of her plan.

It is an often seen thing at Simple Plan concerts, that members of their fan club can attend the so called "Soundcheck Party", which is the band playing a couple songs as well as a meet and greet. The membership of said fan club was a Christmas present from her grandparents last year. She exited the train to walk to the venue, she was anxious, but who wouldn't be. In her bag she an old photograph of her mum and dad, as well as a baby picture of herself and her birth certificate, her mum had made sure that his name was written on it. She hoped this would be enough proof.


Celine was sitting alone on her living room couch, worrying about her daughter. She knew Anne wanted to get to know her father and that she probably would try to talk to him tonight, tell him who she was, and she would have brought proof.

Celine didn't think that Pierre didn't deserve to know about his daughter, she was just worried about her child. Pierre Bouvier was an international rockstar, she didn't want her daughter to have to deal with all that publicity.

She had had the possibilities to tell him about Anne when he wasn't famous, but to be honest, at that time she was too much of a coward.

It was the sixth birthday of little Anne, she had had a nice day and was exhausted when her mother brought her to bed.

"What kind of bedtime story, do you wanna hear today?",  Celine asked. Already looking at her daughter's book shelf.

"Tell me about daddy, mommy!", said the little girl and looked at her mom in the cutest way possible.

She nodded, it probably was about time, that she told her about him. She left the room to grab some things out of her bedroom. When she came back she had brought the CD player, a certain CD and a picture of Pierre.

She put the CD into the player and chose the eighth song to be played. A song called "Everytime". She sighted, this wasn't the only song he had written about her, but in her opinion by far the best.

"Sounds nice!", Anne said.

"Do you know who's singing?", Celine asked. Her daughter shook her head. "Your daddy!"

She then showed her the picture. Anne took it and kissed the face of the man.

"Good night, daddy", she said, then looked at her mum, "Can I hear the song again, please?".

Celine nodded and smiled, then pressed "replay" and the song started again.


Anne and a couple of other girls were waiting outside of the venue to be let in.

"Hey", she said to one of the girls. The girl looked at her.

"Hi, I'm Antonia, what about you?", she asked.

"Anne", Anne said and smiled in a shy way.

"Anne? That isn't really a Spanish name isn't it?", one of the other girls said.

"Well my mum's Canadian", she said.

"Really? That's awesome!". Being at a concert of a Canadian band it wasn't a surprise that the fans would get excited about someone from Canada.

"Who's your favorite band member?", Antonia asked.

"Pierre", Anne answered, "Who's yours?".

"David!", Antonia said and smiled, "And those two are fighting about Sebastien!". She pointed at her two friends. 

The doors finally got opened and they could enter the venue. The band was already standing on stage playing, she couldn't believe her ears, her favorite song Everytime. They played a couple more songs, til they left the stage to come meet the fans. Just in a couple of moments she would meet her dad for the first time, but first she was talking to Sebastien.

"Hi, I'm Seb", he said and smiled at her politely. He seemed nice.

"I'm Anne", she said and pronounced her name in the French way.

"Beautiful name", the guitarist said.

"Thanks. My mom will be glad to hear that.", she joked.

"Your English is really great", Seb than said. 

"My mom always talked in two languages to me", she said, "She's Canadian too.".

She didn't say though, that the second language wasn't Spanish, but French.

They took a picture together and then she finally met Pierre.

Her heart stopped beating for a second and she could barely breathe, this felt so unreal.

"Calm down, breathe!", Pierre said, "We don't want you to collapse here, don't we? Also I'm as human as you are. What's your name?".

"Anne.", she said and took a deep breath, "Anne Dubois, my mum is Celine. I think you might know her.".

Pierre's face froze as he heard this name. He hadn't heard anything from Celine in ages. Once she was his best friend, more than a friend actually. And then she moved to Spain and he hasn't heard a word of her ever since.


Seb, who just couldn't forget this girl- that kind of reminded him of someone, but he didn't know who, saw Pierre's frightened face, as his friend was standing next to this girl. And then he knew it. He just would count one and one together, they were in Madrid, Pierre was frightened by something a girl said, a girl that looked just like him, a girl that said her mother was Canadian, this could only mean one thing: Celine was back in their lives.



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