Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


54. They need bailing out


"Hey Zayn wheres Harry and Liam? They've been gone for ages!" I told Zayn when i walked into his room, he was just watching TV. "I have no idea where they are, but----" he began to say then started at the TV, shock written all over his face. "What is it?" i asked him turning around and looking at his TV. I think my jaw dropped to the floor.

"One Direction members Harry Styles and Liam Payne were arrested this morning along with Taylor Swift and The Saturdays member Mollie King. A source at the scene says the two girls were fighting, and Liam punched the policeman. They've all been arrested for assault!"

A video started to play of Liam punching the policeman, Mollie and Taylor fighting and then them all being arrested. 

"So what do you think of this guys? Tweet us your thoughts with the hashtag #CelebCatFight"


"GUYS DID YOU JUST SEE THE NEWS?!" Louis yelled storming into the room. We both nodded still in shock, and unable to speak.


I was watching the news (ha don't judge me ;) when i saw the story about Mollie, Liam, Taylor and Harry getting arrested. 

"GUYS DID YOU JUST SEE THE NEWS?!" i yelled storming into Zayn's room where both their jaws were on the floor in shock. "I knew it was a bad idea for them all to go out together!" Zayn said through gritted teeth. Just the Niall's phone rang.

"Mate why is your ringtone barbie girl?" i asked smirking at the bright red irish boy. "Urm well i...hello?" He said picking up the phone, avoiding my question. That boy i tell you. 


"Hey Niall, its Mahi!"  "Oh my god. Mahi i missed you so much!" I cried. Louis and Zayn looked at me shocked that Mahi had called me. "I really miss you to! But i was there when the guys got arrested" She said sighing. "What? well what happened? You're on loud speaker!" I said. 

"Well i was their waitress at the restaurant, and Taylor was being a bitch to Harry, Liam and Mollie all night. Mollie was getting really angry at her. Then a little girl went over to their table to ask for an autograph, and Taylor shouted at her. Then Mollie and Taylor got into a fight, like punching each other. Then Harry carried Mollie out on his back, and Liam carried Taylor out on his back. They paid then went outside and Taylor kicked Liam in his manhood and then she started to hit Mollie. Harry dropped Mollie then they started fighting. The guys tried to break it up, but then Mollie accidently punched Harry in the face and Liam accidently punched the policeman in the face. Then they were all arrested for assault. Hundreds of people were watching guys" Mahi told us in a panic.

"For fuck sake!" Louis shouted sighing. "Why is Harry dating her if shes such a cow?" Mahi asked us confused. "Because if he doesn't, then Simon will get rid of Martha!" I replied. "What he can't do that!?" Mahi cried. "yeah he can, he technically owns us!" Zayn said, teeth still gritted. 


I was in my room listening to music when i heard loads of shouting. I think i should go see what's going on. "Hey guys! Whats going on?" i asked walking into Zayn's room. "Love, Harry and Liam have been arrested, so have Mollie and Taylor Swift!" Dad said sighing and sitting on the bed.  

I looked at Zayn and he was sitting with a really worried face, and Niall was on the phone. "Who's on the phone?" i asked dad. "Mahi" he replied looking at Niall. "hey Mahi! I miss you!" I said into Nialls iphone. "hey Martha! I miss you too!" She replied. "We need to go and bail them out" dad said standing up and putting a hand through his hair. Oh if you're wondering mum went away for a while to Italy for a modeling job.

"Mahi can you please come over and look after Martha?" Niall asked. "Yeah be over in 10!" She replied and hug up. "Uncle Nialler are you and Mahi going to start dating again?" i asked him with big eye. "I don't know baby girl. I hope so" he said and kissed my cheek then walked out. 



"hey Zayn" i said when he opened the front door. "hey Mahi, how have you been?" "good thanks how have you------" i got cut off by their phone ringing. "Excuse me i better get that since Louis and Niall are just getting dressed. Come in" Zayn said and i followed him inside.


"hello?" i said into the phone.  "Zayn it's me Harry!"   "Harry? Are you still in jail? What the hell were you thinking? You, Liam, Mollie and Taylor are in every magazine and on every news station"  "i know Zayn but i've only got like another minute left on this phone. Please can you bail us out?"  "We're on our way. Don't do anything like this again Styles" I said then the line went dead. 

"that was Harry?" Mahi and Martha asked walking over to me. "yeah he says he need bailing out" i said rubbing my face.



"Well are they coming to bail us out or not?" Taylor asked. If you're wondering why us four are all in the same cell, it's because prisoners may harm us because we're famous. 

"Yes thank the lord they are" i said. "it's your fault they're here anyway!" Liam spat at Taylor. Just then we heard Niall's voice.

"Just down here sir" one of the guards said. "Thankyou" we heard Niall reply.

"For fuck sake guys" he said once he got to us. "blame this blonde slut" Mollie snapped pointing to Taylor. "Guys just stop arguing. Nice prison clothes by the way" he laughed. We were wearing those hideous orange jump suits. I thought only Americans wore them, but obviously English do to. "thanks man" liam said sarcastically.  

"Guys Zayn and Louis are so pissed at you all" Niall sighed. We all were about to reply when we heard some people scream "HOW MUCH?!" That someone sounded like Zayn and Louis.


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