Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


27. The sleepover

That is what Martha looks like in the story


I finished getting ready and i was looking around my room waiting for the boys to come in. Then they barged through the door "The bitch is here!" Louis screamed! "LOUIS! There is a little girl present, mind you language!" Liam snapped. "I'm not little i'm nearly 10!" I shot back. "When's your birthday?" Harry asked me. "2nd December" I replied. "THAT'S TOMORROW!" Dad i mean Louis yelled in my face. I'm not ready to call him dad yet. "Oh then i guess my 10th birthday is with you guys!" I said in general. They all had evil smirks on there faces. "Guys no party's or presents, you have done so much for me already!" I said. Then they all sat on my bed pretending like nothing happened. Weirdo's. "I'll be right back i just got to pee" i said and left. Can they be trusted for 2 minutes? Let's hope so. 



"Guys we need to keep her busy tomorrow while we get her party planned" I said. "I'll take her shopping tomorrow early while you guys get everything ready"  Louis explained. "Okay but we all need to get a gift for her" Liam said. "Well 1 of you at a time go out to buy one" Louis said. "Okay!" Everyone agreed. A few minutes later Martha came back. "So what do you want to do?" She asked us. "20 questions" I replied "Okay" she said. "But we're going to ask you a question, and when you ask us a question it will be to all 5 of us lads" I said. "Cool" she replied. We were actually voice recording her answers so we could figure out her birthday party and presents. 

1: "So Martha what's your favorite animal?"  "Cat"

2: "2 favorite colors?" "Purple and pink"

3: "5 Favorite songs?" "Gentleman-The Saturdays, Move-Little Mix, Lost generation-Rizzle Kicks, Love this town-Dizzee Rascal and i hate to say it but Midnight memories by you guys"

4: "YAY! Okay ummm favorite foods?"  "Chicken breast and Skittles"

5: "Favorite item of clothing?" "Dresses"

6: "Girly girl or Tomboy?"  "Girly girl"

7: "Do you like school?"  "No"

8: "Favorite lesson?"  "Drama and art"

9: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  "A famous actress"

10: "Do you like being adventurous and dangerous?"  "Yep"

11: "What your favorite sports?"  "Swimming and basket ball, even though i'm a girl"

12: "Samsung or apple" "Apple"

13: "Curly or straight hair?"  "Curly"

14: "Favorite TV show?"  "Good luck charlie"

15: "Are you a directioner again?"  "Ummm sort of"

16: "Do you have a phone?"  "No"

17: "Celebrity crush?"  "Don't have one" Louis looked relieved when she said that

18: "McDonalds or KFC?"  "McDonnalds"

19: "Do you have any friends?"  "Nope"

20: "What clothes have you got with you?"  "What i'm wearing now and what i was wearing earlier"



"Good because i'm taking you shopping tomorrow"  "Okay!"  she said. "Wait i can't i haven't got any money"  she said sadly. Was she serious?  "Gurl i'm spending all meh monay on youuuuuuu!" I said in a sassy bitchy way "Really? Thank you Louis!"  It kind off brakes my heart that she won't call me dad, hopefully she will soon.  "So guys lets watch movies!!!!!!!" Zayn said. We started to watch despicable me 1 and 2 and after that we all fell asleep while eating tons of Pop Corn!








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