Why have I been adopted AND kidnapped by One Direction?

9 year old Martha is a directioner in care. When One Direction get their hands on her what will they do? Love or hate her? Will she kill herself? Will she be the famous actress like she's always dreamed of? Why was she kidnapped? Why was she adopted? Will 1D help her? Will she now hate One Direction? Read to find out! :) xx


35. MOVIE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha POV


"Well i have chosen to........go on tour with you guys!" I said looking at them in the eyes. "I can't be away from my family so long, and hopefully i will be able to do other movies" i explained crying a little bit. "Aww, come here!" Dad said. Him and mum both came and hugged me.  

"Hey Louis can you---hey what's up with the group hug?" said Niall coming into the room. "Martha's coming on tour" Mum said to Niall. "REALLY? OMFG GUYS MARTHA'S COMING ON TOUR!" Niall shouted into the house. Everyone barged into the room. "Hooray!!!!!!!!!" Everyone shouted. "But what about the movie?" Liam asked me. "Well i'm hoping there will be other movie offers, plus I've got an idea!"  i said grinning evilly! "What's your idea?" Liam asked me curiously. I'm going to make my own movie when we're on tour. Well more like a video of our tour highlights, but i'm not going to tell them, i'm going to do it secretly! "None of your beeswax Liam!" I said sassily. "Hey Louis i know where she gets her sassyness from" Zayn said laughing. "Yep, me and Eleanor are awesome parents!" Louis said pretending to be cocky. "Phahahaha!" everyone said.




If you're wondering they cancelled the spy in me, and our now doing a movie called Captured! It looks so cool i really wish i was in it. They're not doing the spy in me any more because Michelle got in a car accident and is in a coma (A/N NOT REALLY JUST FOR THE STORY!) so they might film it later on when she's better. Captured is about a girl who gets kidnapped by vampires and it sounds so cool! I can't wait to see it!

So now we have finished touring around England and we have just arrived in America. I'm in Harry's room at the moment recording him sleeping for my movie! Hahaha! I'm not sure if i will ever let them watch this. We'll see i guess. 

I slowly entered Niall's room and he was ordering room service but he had his back to me. It sounded like he was ordering the whole hotel kitchen! I better record this i thought to myself. I looked around and Mahi was asleep on the sofa. Haha. I got a quick shot of her sleeping then went back to Niall. I'm filming this on my ipod by the way. "Yeah i would like the Lasagna, Chips, Chicken breast,casserole, Spaghetti, pizza, curry, some oriental food, chicken sandwich, crisps, strawberries and ice cream please!" then the other person on the phone was talking but i don't know what they said. After a minute Niall said "Urm yes there is a little party" Niall said awkwardly. There wasn't actually it was all for him, and the chicken sandwich was probably for Mahi. LOL! This is good stuff. "£105? That seems expensive! But it is a 5 star hotel i guess. Okay thanks bye!" Niall said and hung up. I had to quickly get out before i died with laughter. This tour is going to be amazing! 

I walked back into my room  and dad was there. I'm sharing a room with Harry since he's hasn't got a girlfriend."Hey uncle Hazza!" He grinned and said "Hey marthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"  "Haha! Hey dad!" i said sitting on Harry lap. "Arn't you abit old for that?" Harry asked me. "But you lovvvvvvve me!" i said with a puppy dog face. "Fine you win!" Harry said giving up. "Thankyou uncllllllllllle Harrrrrreh!" i said giggling. "I like it when she calls you uncle" dad said to Harry. "Well Louis i like it when she calls you dad!" Harry said poking Lou's cheek. "Lets get a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i shouted! " but El's in the background sleeping won't she be mad?" Harry asked us. "Nahhhhhhhhhh" Me and dad said. I thought to myself, wait till they see the video's of them sleeping! So we started taking random funny pictures. They're definitely going in the video!

A/N Hey guys happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!! So going on tour had the most votes, sorry to everyone who wanted her to do the movie! In the next couple chapters there's going to be a run up to  something huge!!!!!! So please keep liking, reading and favoriteing and commenting!!!! Love you all xxx


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