Once upon a time

When skylar meets the love of her life Brett she hangs around with him 24/7 but is she leaving but is she leaving her three beat friends in the world behind but she has to make a discion is she going to break up with Brett or leave all her BFFs 4ever behind

Which will it be???????


2. Meeting new friends


                                                         September 3rd 2013


Hi there ( I know, I know bad right but I don't know how to start off a diary)

so anyway my neighbours got me this and I don't want it to go to waste so dad is making me write one he said mom kept a diary and I want to turn out just like my mom so I agreed. I have a big day ahead my alarm didn't go off until 6:30 and cheerleading tryouts are today I am really nervous I am more of one of those things you call geeks ( but I am a secret one) my reputation in Texas high school was terrible they called me ( sigh ) ss (stupid smarty) but it really didn't make sense to me how can you be stupid but smart at the same time it's impossible anyway I  better get dressed my bus leaves in 25 mins. Here we are on the bus  the girl beside me has a freaky jersey accent and arguing with her boyfriend I think they just broke up so I moved seats I was sitting beside a girl called Ariana she has long brown hair and wears glasses ( guess what she is Laila sister she introduced me other friends Peyton and Bella and she told me Brett caught Nickel (his best bud ) and his ex Laila so I am really going to try so Brett will realise me anyway the bus is stopping and Meghan ( Laila BFF) saw me with my diary so I got to put it away and that will loose my chance of being a cheerleader so got to go


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