Once upon a time

When skylar meets the love of her life Brett she hangs around with him 24/7 but is she leaving but is she leaving her three beat friends in the world behind but she has to make a discion is she going to break up with Brett or leave all her BFFs 4ever behind

Which will it be???????


4. happy dance

September 4th later on

I am officially a cheerleader I got in so did Peyton and Bella and Ariana was already one she just didn't tell me!!!oh yeah I'm a cheerleader oh ye ah I'm a cheerleader happy dance happy dance so I got my uniform and I am wearing it right now and Brett just checked me out he was in his football uniform Brett is coming over here ,over here like right now...... he gave me his number and asked me if I had a hakers account I said no so he asked me if I could make one and I said yeah ,yeah but my besties just said I shouldn't I don't know what to think when I got home dad got me a present for my birthday I turned 16 so guess what he got me a laptop Ariana and Bella came over Peyton couldn't so we set up my account for hakers Bella didn't like hakers and Ariana was bullied but I don't think that will happen to me my little brother Henry got me louis viton glasses and Caleb got me shoes that are really cute I am going on hakers now it is almost 11 o'clock and Brett is phoning so I'd better go


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