Being Famous

Justin Drew Bieber is the biggest teen pop-sensation of this time, although, no-one really knows the truth about how he's feeling. He always puts on a brave face for his fans and the media, but deep down, no-one knows how he feels.

Depressed and lonely is all Justin can remember feeling. Can Alice bring back the old Justin?

<Justin Biebers point of view>

Can Alice bring back Kidrauhl?


1. Human

Do you know what its like living you dreaming but not wanting to? Do you know what its like feeling so privileged to be able to tell people your living the life you've always dreamed of but not wanting to tell anyone? Do you know what its like having you personal space invaded by complete strangers? Do you know what its like to have abuse shouted at you day after day just for being yourself?

Its horrible. I feel worthless. I fake a smile to show everyone it doesn't bother me, when deep down inside me, it hurts so bad. I would never wish this feeling on anyone. I want to smile and be happy, I really do, but its hard. It hard to block out the fame. Its hard to block out the hate I get from people who don't even know me. 

There's times when all I do is lock myself in my room so that I can block everyone out. That's what I'm doing today. I'm currently in London, sat in my hotel room. The one good thing about being here is I'm legal to drink. Walking over to the fridge, I pull out a beer and let the cool liquid slide down my throat, instantly feeling better. Shutting the fridge, I made my way other to couch and sat down, flicking on the telly.

'Pop Star Justin Bieber was 2 and a half hours late to his concert at the 02 arena lastnight in London.....' 

I sighed and turned the tv off. I wasn't 2 and a half hours late. There was technical issues and they knew that! I was begging to get really frustrated with the media, and I actually felt really terrible to my UK fans. They were getting hate from the other countries for not taking care of me. 


'Hey kiddo, don't listen to that bullshit okay? Were gunna make our way to the arena soon so do you wanna get ready for the meet and greet? You know, your beliebers will always make you smile. I'll see you in my room in an hour okay?'

I turned to look at the door to see Scooter standing there. He doesn't give a shit about the hate, he just wants me to act normal, he doesn't care if I feel depressed, or if I feel like I need a brake. I nodded at him before making my way to the bedroom to get showered and dressed for my meet and greet.

Lets hope the beliebers can cheer me up. 



I know this is short but i wanna know if you guys think its good before i carry on writing.

basically, most of the story will be in justins point of view. 


love you all<3


keep smiling<3



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