I Need You (Calum Hood)

Ruby has to move to another place with her horrible family. She doesn't know that a boy over there is going to change her life. a boy. a black haired boy


4. They Smell Good

When we arrive at Calum’s house I jump of his back. How weird am I  that I am going to this house of a boy that I know just one day. Oh  whatever. Why am I so nervous. They are just 3 boys… ‘’you okay?’’ Calum asks. ‘’oh, yeah’’ I say quietly. ‘’ah come on Ruby, they won’t be mean, I promise.’’ He says while he opens the door. ‘’I know’’ I say, more to myself. He opens the door and walks in, looking behind. ‘’you coming?’’ he asks. Let’s go. I walk inside and this tall, blonde boy comes running towards us. ‘’Calum! Where have you-‘’ he stops talking when he sees me. ‘’been.’’ He adds. ‘’Luke, this is Ruby. And Ruby, this is erm.. Luke’’ Calum introduces us. ‘’Hi’’ I say and I wave. Awkward… ‘’hey’’ he says and he walks towards me and gives me a hug. Oh my god.. he smells so good. ‘’wait, I’ll go get the other boys.’’ Luke says and he rushes towards the stairs. ‘’you see, they are nice’’ Calum smiles. ‘’yea’’ I smile. ‘’and they smell good.’’ I say quietly, almost whispering. ‘’what did you just say?’’ Calum grins. ‘’oh erm… I.. ehhh..’’ dammit he wasn’t supposed to hear that. 2  other boys and Luke walk in. yayyyy, I don’t have to think of an excuse for Calum. ‘’you are one weird girl’’ Calum chuckles behind me. I giggle. ‘’hey Ruby!’’ a boy with galaxy hair says happily. THAT HAIR. So awesome. I always wanted to dye/dip dye my hair. I just was too afraid to do it. ugh. ‘’hey! Oh my god, your hair! I love it’’ I smile. ‘’thank you’’  the boy smiles and he gives me a hug. ‘’I’m Michael, Michael Clifford.’’ He says. ‘’well hello Michael Clifford’’ I laugh. ‘’and I’m Ashton Irwin!’’ this other boy smiles. ‘’hello Ashton Irwin!’’ I laugh and he hugs me too. ‘’do they smell good too?’’ Calum whispers from behind me. I jump, he scared me! ‘’you scared me!’’ I laugh. ‘’and yes they do.’’ I giggle. The other boys look confused. ‘’don’t ask’’ I smile. ‘’okay.. now it’s time to ask you some questions!’’ Luke smiles. ‘’questions? well my life is pretty boring. But okay.

‘’question  one. How many boyfriend have you had?’’ Ashton asks. ‘’ermm, none. Well, I had this boyfriend when I was about 6. But he tells all his friends that he only was with me so he’d get a present with valentine’s day…’’ I tell them. They all laugh. ‘’don’t laugh!’’ I say, but I can’t help letting out a grin. ‘’okay, question two, if you could ship your best friend with one of us, who would it be?’’ Michael smiles. ‘’what kind of weird question is that?’’ Luke laughs and the other boys start laughing too.. Fuck. fuck. fuck. my best friend. I didn’t talk to her today. She probably called me. Fuck. ‘’Ruby? You okay?’’ Calum asks. The boy all stop laughing and look at me worriedly. I quickly grab my phone. 14 missed calls. 24 texts. Most from my best friend and a few from my parents. ‘’who is Autumn?’’ Calum asks. Looking at my phone. My best friend. I haven’t told her about us moving. Oh my god, I left her all alone on school today. ‘’oh, so you moved here?’’ Michael asks. ‘’y-yeah. But I think Calum can explain everything about me.. and I’m gonna call Autumn if that’s okay?’’ I ask. ‘’yea, of course’’ Calum says. I walk to another room, I think it’s Calum’s  room. ‘’oh, and Calum?’’ ‘’yeah?’’ don’t tell them about you know what…’’ I say. I mean the scratches on my arm, they are disappeared by now. ‘’yeah sure.’’ Calum smiles.


Hey guys,

I hope this is good, and I introduced the other boys! They are not famous btw. And the story about the boy who only was with me because of the valentine present. That’s a true story -.- yea.. so I don’t really know what to say her apart from that I love you if you read this.



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