I Need You (Calum Hood)

Ruby has to move to another place with her horrible family. She doesn't know that a boy over there is going to change her life. a boy. a black haired boy


1. erm..hi

I scroll through my music on my Ipod, searching for the right song. I decide I press the button ‘play’, hearing the intro  of Listen-Beyoncé begin. If my parents just could listen for once.

This morning I was woken by my dad, yelling at me that we would leave. I asked where we were going.

‘’we’re going to move, pack your bags now!’’

I heard my heart beating faster, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t leave my friends, why do we have to move, why don’t they never ask anything.

I stormed into my sister’s room.

‘’where are we going to move!’’ I screamed.

‘’don’t scream at me’’ she harshly said.

‘’I said, where are we going!?’’ I yelled again, I’m so sick of my sister.

‘’this place which is like 3 hours away’’I just stood there just in shock. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t leave this only friend I have. I wouldn’t survive school there, all alone. I felt a tear stream down my face but I wiped it away fast.Tears are for the weak. I walked into my room, grabbing my things and putting it in this suitcase I once bought. Once I had all my things I started taking off all the posters on my wall, putting them in a bag carefully. I put on a sweater and jeans, grabbing my necklace I wear everyday, putting it on. Then slipping into my All Stars, and grabbing my phone, Ipod, headphones and finally putting this beanie on my family hates so much. And yeah, now I’m here, driving to I don’t even know where. I see my dad looking at me at saying something. I can’t hear him though, having my headphones on. I lean my head against the cold window as my sister grabs my headphones while my beanie falls of my head, great. I put my beanie back on, asking ‘’what?’’. ‘’I said that we are here in 10 minutes, Ruby’’ My father said. ‘’why are you wearing that beanie? Are you gonna rob a bank or something?’’ my sister smiles while my family laughs at me. I just grab my headphones and put them on again. I don’t know why I’m so different. My clothes are just so different, my sister looks like a 30 year old with her weird clothes and my parents.. let’s not talk about that. Also my mom, dad and sister all love museums and that shit, I hate it. As the car pulls up before this little cute house, my parents and sister take of their seatbelts and almost run into the house, not even bothering to wait for me. As I just sit there listening ‘Autumn Leaves’ by Ed Sheeran, I look out of the window. As I see this black haired boy walking by. He’s cute, but probably a jerk. I never really had male friends, never had a boyfriend. I try to be nice to boys, they just don’t like me. As I step out of the car I see the boy looking at me. ‘’erm.. hi’’ he says. He talks to me.. different. ‘’hey’’ I say while grabbing my things out of the car. As I walk inside I look once back, but the boy is gone.




Hey guys,

I just started writing this and the beginning is maybe a bit boring but it will get better I promise.. haha. I wrote a few stories but they were horrible. But I hope this one will turn out good ;D. So maybe you guys could vote/comment I would really like that :)



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