My almost first time

This will start off as true events that have happened and you can guess yourself when I start adding my own 'I would have liked this to happen...'


1. Sam

Sam was not my first love, but he is my first boy crush!


It was the year 2010 when we first met and you could say that we were friends straight away! 

Sam was a family friend of my own friend who's party i went to... Everyone else at the party was either 12 or 13 but i was the oldest at 14 - making me a year older than them all. the party was a blast and we all got to know each other pretty well through interaction with DS game play and Pictochat. There were twelve of us there at the party but the interesting stuff happened when most of us were all asleep. Sam, three others and I were the last ones awake and Sam (the jokester of the group) was pretending to be asleep and dream of his girlfriend Georgia... The rest of us were taking it in turns to see how far we could take his covers off until he woke up.


Long story short, he decided not to sleep in his duvet or with his shirt on and two of the crowd had gone to bed! Liam and Nathan got too scared at this point to carry on but I persevered while they pretended to be 'Georgia' and speaking to him to keep him asleep! as i started pulling his trouser legs down, his trousers got a bit stuck so I tugged at the top of his trousers instead and while I was pulling them down my hand collided with a non-erect penis! Sam acted naturally but slowly 'came to' and proclaimed "What the hell do you think you are doing? That's too far! Let me get some sleep!"


We all laughed about it in the morning but that night spurred on the biggest change of my life!

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