The Struggle

A girl whos going through the struggle


4. Plan changer..

So later that night he calls me and says get ready im coming to get you, so i say ok see you later,then he says were not realy going to the movies though so put on somthing cute, so I say ummmm ok.... and he hangs up :? . Anyway so I put on my favorite sexy hot pink dress and gold hells and all my makeup. Then I see a black car outside and hes in it and then the driver honks the horn.. So I walk outside and get im the car. He said u look sexy and he has beer and other dudes in his car. So he says you proubaly dont wanna sit next to him come sit on my lap. So I move over to him and sit on his lap and the car starts moving (its pitch black) so then he opens his legs wide open so I fall into the little bit of seat left in the middle of his legs. Then he whispers to me "Have fun tonight"... Wtf and where tf are they taking me!!!!!!

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