Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle

Book 1: Dani's best friends are coming to the castle, Kathlin doesn't fit in with the girls Ruby and Dani, when she is about to leave, Dani comes running back to Kathlin because Ruby and Gabe have just got together. Meanwhile Leo, Jack, Jimmy and Esme all think someone is there, or something. The begin to realize that they need everyone to defeat.... SLENDER!
Book 2: Get ready as Dani and her friends take the challenge. With everyone leaving, a mysterious light appears. Dani must save everyone from the mysterious light. Who will she save or who will be trapped forever?


4. Truth About Gabe

Scene 14

Kaitlin is in the kitchen and Dani enters the kitchen.

Kaitlin: (Dani is crying.) Dani, what happened?

Dani: (She goes up to Kaitlin and she hugs Kaitlin.) I realised, you are my best friend.

Kaitlin: What about Ruby?

Dani: Who cares about her?

Jack: (Jack enters.) Dani, are you okay?

Dani: Yep, you two are both my best friends. (All three of them hug.)

Leo: (Leo and Esme both enter.) Enough, we have to sort out this Slender problem now.

Esme: Jimmy is standing near the door, waiting for the right time to open the door, to let your friends in.

Dani: What? (She runs out the kitchen.)

Kaitlin: Can someone please fill me in? I have no idea what is going on.


Scene 15

Dani goes to the door, Jimmy is already there.

Dani: I’m here, I’ll open the door.

Jimmy: Okay.

Dani: (She opens the door.) What, where are they?

Jimmy: Don’t ask me, I haven’t done anything.

Jack: (Jack, Leo, Esme and Kaitlin all arrive.) So, where are they all?

Dani: They weren’t at the door.

Leo: Well maybe Slender has got them.

Esme: Yep, they might of, I read that Slender goes near bushes and keeps people there.

Jack: Poor Max.

Dani: Wait, Max, my brother Max.

Jimmy: Yeah, and my cousin Max, even though I have never heard of him.

Dani: We have to help them now.

Kaitlin: Well, what can we do?

Dani: There is only one option, to save them, if Slender is got them.

Leo: What is it?

Dani: We will have to do an all night check out.

Jimmy: Swag.

Kaitlin: Never. I am not going to do that. I’ll be too scared to do that.

Leo: Especially in the dark. (They can all hear thunder.) And now in the rain.

Dani: We’ve got no choice. We have to do it, to save my brother.

Kaitlin: Well, as your best friend, I will be right by your side.

Dani: You’re the best. Jack?

Jack: Fine!

Dani: Leo and Esme.

Esme: Well, I’m stuck in here, if Leo is scared he can always stay with me.

Leo: Fine, I’ll come; to prove to you all I’m not scared of the dark.

Dani: Yes! (They all have a group hug.)

Leo: We will find out more facts about Slender.

Dani: The rest of us will think up a plan.

Jimmy: Swagalious!


Scene 16

Esme and Leo are in the library reading the book on Slender.

Leo: Found any interesting facts on Slender.

Esme: No, you?

Leo: No!

Esme: There might be another book on him, I’ll go check. (She goes through the books and finds one and opens it up.) Hey, this looks like a diary entry.

Leo: Don’t keep it to yourself. Spill the beans. Read it!

Esme: (She reads from the book.) Today, something horrifying happened. My son is taken away.

Leo: What was his name?

Esme: Strangely, his name was Gabe.

Leo: Carry on reading.

Esme: (She carries on.) I told everyone that he died from the flu, but I can’t keep the pain in anymore. I have to tell someone. That is why I decided to write this diary. He died because of a monster, Slender.

Leo: What? (He snatches the book off her.) Let me see that. (He carries on reading.) He was the perfect son. He loved his sister and he cared for her. Whenever I was ill, he was right beside me. He cared for me and loved his family. I told everyone he died because I wasn’t bothered to look after him probably. That was a big lie.

Esme: (She snatches the book.) How could I ever not look after him, after everything he did for me? This is what happened.

Scene 17

This is a flashback. Esme is the bed and her mother named Julie is sitting beside her, reading a book.

Julie: Then the mother wolf said-

Esme: Mum, I have heard this story so many times, get a new one.

Julie: Maybe some music.

Esme: (Julie plays some music on the harpsichord.) Can’t you play something more new? I’m bored of all this old guff. Gabe always cheers me up, please get him.

Julie: Okay. I’m sure he will love to do something for you. He always does. (Julie leaves.)

Esme: (She shivers.) It’s so cold. (She shouts.) Mother! Hurry up get Gabe.

Gabe: (Gabe enters.) Are you okay sister?

Esme: I’m cold.

Gabe: I’ll close the window. (He does this.)

Esme: Do you want to know the real reason why I called you here? What is Slender?

Gabe: (He sits next to Esme.) You don’t need to worry about such things. Here, I’ll sleep with you tonight. Do you want that?

Esme: Yes please!

Gabe: (He gets in to the blankets.) Good night. (They both close their eyes.)


Scene 18

They are back to normal. Leo is reading the book. Esme looking at the camera and she has tears in her eyes. She is crying.

Leo: (He reads from the book.) Everyone was jealous that I had a perfect son. Slender was also jealous. When he arrived at our castle, he thought Esme was Gabe, and he killed her. When Gabe saw her dead, he wrote a note saying they both had the flu and they became weaker over night. Then he killed himself. (He looks at Esme.) I’ll stop reading.

Esme: No carry one, please.

Leo: (He carries on reading the book.) I saw the note and I refused to believe it. I just knew Slender was going to come again. I sold the castle. When I found out an old lady brought the castle, she told me that the castle was haunted. I just knew it was you two. Esme always loved to create a mess and Gabe just wanted peace. What I also know it that one day, Slender will return and he will make them disappear, forever. (He looks up at Esme.) Oh, no! I have to tell everyone.

Esme: No! Don’t tell anyone.

Leo: No I have to.

Esme: I’m not going to let you. Don’t tell anyone.

Leo: Why?

Esme: I think it’s time for me to go.

Leo: No, I can’t you’re my best mate.

Esme: And you’re mine.

Leo: So we can help you, we can all kill Slender.

Esme: No, look, just warn Gabe.

Leo: I can’t let you go.

Esme: If you are my best friend, let me go.

Leo: (Esme has tears in her eyes.) Fine, I’ll warn Gabe.

Esme: There is something also I want you to get done.

Leo: Name it and you have got it.

Esme: Get Dani and Gabe back together.

Leo: Okay, look, I’m not cupid. I can’t do that.

Esme: You can please, for your best friend.

Leo: I’ll try my best.

Esme: Here’s the plan. You have to make sure that Slender gets in. Also hide Gabe somewhere and everyone else. Then there are more surprises coming up.

Leo: This is going to be the best day ever! Apart from the loss of my best friend.

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