Dani's Castle: When House Met Castle

Book 1: Dani's best friends are coming to the castle, Kathlin doesn't fit in with the girls Ruby and Dani, when she is about to leave, Dani comes running back to Kathlin because Ruby and Gabe have just got together. Meanwhile Leo, Jack, Jimmy and Esme all think someone is there, or something. The begin to realize that they need everyone to defeat.... SLENDER!
Book 2: Get ready as Dani and her friends take the challenge. With everyone leaving, a mysterious light appears. Dani must save everyone from the mysterious light. Who will she save or who will be trapped forever?


8. 'Goodbye, I Love You'

Scene 16

Gabe, Leo, Maisy and Megaboyd are all in the library.

Gabe: Did you hear that?

Leo: Hear what?

Gabe: It sounded like Dani calling for Esme. Maybe she found her. (He vanishes.)

Leo: Gabe, you can’t leave us-

Maisy: I think it is too late.

Megaboyd: What is this place?

Leo: It’s the library. (He sighs.)

Maisy: What’s up?

Leo: Everyone is having fun, while I am just staying here. (Esme appears.) Esme! (He goes up to her and hugs her.) Where have you been?

Esme: I need your help.

Maisy: Don’t worry Leo; something exciting is going to happen right now.

Esme: Dani is stuck in the fire. We need to help her.

Leo: What fire?

Esme: Someone called Ruby started it; well that’s what I heard.

Maisy: Hey, Ruby?

Esme: Yeah, do you know her?

Maisy: I’m her sister.

Esme: OH, the enemy’s sister.

Maisy: But I’m on your side. Don’t worry.

Esme: Good! Let’s go. (They all exit the door.)


Scene 17

Ruby is sitting on the bench outside of the castle. Kaitlin comes to sit next to her.

Kaitlin: I’m so sorry. I have messed things up between you and Dani.

Ruby: Yeah, you really have. Dani was my best mate. I’m only friend.

Kaitlin: You and Jack are still friends.

Ruby: It’s just Dani always got boyfriends. I didn’t.

Kaitlin: I never got any boyfriends either.

Ruby: Really? I thought that guy Jimmy was your boyfriend.

Kaitlin: No way, he’s an idiot.

Ruby: But I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He really does like you.

Kaitlin: Thanks for that! You’re not as bad as I thought you were.

Ruby: Thanks!

Kaitlin: You should go inside and say sorry to Dani. Try being best friends again.

Ruby: (She starts to cry.) I’ve done something really bad.

Kaitlin: Dani will forgive you.

Ruby: Not that! The castle’s on fire! I started it.

Kaitlin: (She gasps.) Dani, everyone’s in there! You murder!

Ruby: I thought you said we can be friends.

Kaitlin: Not any more. I have to save Dani. (She runs down the path which is leading to the castle.)

Ruby: Wait, I’m coming with you.

Kaitlin: (She stops running.) Don’t bother! (She starts running again. Ruby starts to follow her.)


Scene 18

Dani is in the bedroom, the door is on fire. Gabe appears.

Gabe: My lady what is going on, we have to get you to safety.

Dani: How? And how did you find me?

Gabe: I was looking for Esme! Now come on.

Dani: What are we going to do?! (The fire starts burning the bed. They both scream.)

Gabe: The window.

Dani: What? It’s too high. I can’t do it.

Gabe: (He starts shouting.) Well, what are we going to do?! (They look in to each other’s eyes. They kiss but stop because the cupboard is on fire.) We have to think of a plan. I’ll be back. (He vanishes.)

Dani: (She starts to cry.) Gabe please don’t leave me!


Scene 19

Jimmy and Jack are still in the room. Gabe appears.

Jimmy: Gabe!

Gabe: Dani is in trouble. We need to save her.

Jack: Where is she?

Gabe: She’s next door. This room is kind of safe, much safer than the other one. Bash the wall. (They all start bashing the wall.)

Jack: (The wall starts breaking.) It’s working. (The whole wall collapses. Dani runs in to the other room.)

Jack: Dani!

Dani: Thank you so much.

Gabe: Now we have to bash the other one. (They all start bashing the other wall.) This one is to the library. (The wall collapses.)

Jack: (They all run to the library.) Let’s go! (They all run out the door and run down the hallway. Dani and Gabe stay behind.)

Dani: Come on! We have to go!

Gabe: I wanted to tell you something.

Dani: Okay, about? And please quickly.

Gabe: I love living in this castle, all the memories of my childhood here.

Dani: What?

Gabe: It’s time for me to go. I think it’s time.

Dani: You can’t. Who will help me? Who will come up with amazing plans? Who will make living in a castle, the best thing that has ever happened to me? Who Gabe, who?

Gabe: You will mange. You have Jimmy, Kaitlin, Leo and you will still have Esme. Please look after her. Also, tell her that I am gone. Make sure she doesn’t get to any mischief. (Dani starts crying.) You are ready to live on your own. And I will be able to be someone new.

Dani: (She is crying.) Goodbye, I love you!

Gabe: I love you too, from my whole time you being in this castle. I wish things worked out between us. (He vanishes and leaves grey powder on the floor. Dani is still crying, she goes to the powder.)

Jimmy: (Jimmy comes back.) What happened?

Dani: Gabe’s gone. He will never come back. (He goes up to her and hugs her.)

Jimmy: (The fire starts spreading.) Oh, no! Come on! (They start running. The fire starts covering the whole hallway.)


Scene 20

The next morning Dani is sitting on the bench with Kaitlin.

Dani: I can’t believe it, the castle on fire.

Kaitlin: Me neither. Dani, you should forgive Ruby.

Dani: What, for burning the castle and nearly killing us.

Kaitlin: She did regret it after, and she helped getting everyone out.

Dani: But all because of her, Gabe is gone.

Kaitlin: That wasn’t her fault.

James: (He goes up to them.) Dani, I’m the police officer, ready to go to your castle, burnt castle. (They start to walk down the path leading to the castle.

Dani: (Dani opens the door and they all enter.) Oh my God!

Kaitlin: One little lighter did all of this.

James: Since people were seriously injured in the fire, the person who started it maybe in a lot of trouble. Any ideas, who it might be?

Dani: It might be-

Kaitlin: The electrics. It was always faulty.

James: I’ll keep checking. (He goes off.)

Dani: Why did you save her?

Kaitlin: Because she is your best friend. You missed her when she wasn’t there.

Dani: True.

James: (He comes back.) Well because it is castle and a tourist attraction, the government will pay for it.

Dani: That’s a relief.

Kaitlin: Everyone can stay at mine until the castle is repaired.


Scene 21

Leo, Jimmy and Esme are in the kitchen looking around.

Leo: Wow, the kitchen was really burnt wasn’t it?

Jimmy: Apparently, we are staying at yours Leo?

Leo: Oh, no, what about Esme?

Esme: I’ll have to think of something. Actually, does anyone want to come to the library?


Scene 22

They all enter the library. Esme goes to one of the shelves and looks for a book.

Esme: Found it. (She opens the book and starts to read it.)

Leo: Well what are you going to do?

Esme: Well, I can go to your place after all, if I turn into drink a magic concoction.

Dani: (Dani and Kaitlin enter the library.) Why is everyone so happy in here?

Esme: I can stay with Leo while the castle gets prepared.

Kaitlin: Great! It’s gonna be fun!

Jimmy: What about Jack and his mates?

Dani: He is staying at the hospital for a couple of nights, then he is going straight home.

Jimmy: Poor him. Hospital food!

Dani: Jimmy, it’s going to take a lot of time until we can live here again and Esme, you will get Wi-Fi.

Esme: Yes!

Dani: Another thing, Gabe is never coming back here ever again.

Esme: How do you know?

Dani: Esme, he’s gone. But, I promised him that we will treat you like his sister.

Esme: I’m going to miss him.

Dani: So am I.

Kaitlin: We all are.

Jimmy: Did you find your brother?

Dani: Yep, he is in hospital. We hope he will be fine.

Kaitlin: What about Maisy and Megaboyd?

Dani: Well, let’s just say, they went for help.

Leo: What does that mean?

Kaitlin: It means they went to a counsellor. (They all start to laugh.) Come one let’s all go my house.

Esme: I need to stop of somewhere to have that drink.

Jimmy: Leo and I will come. (Esme, Leo and Jimmy all leave.)

Dani: Ready to have an adventure.

Kaitlin: Hope so! Can I ask you a question?

Dani: Go ahead.

Kaitlin: Do you think Jimmy likes me? Please say no!

Dani: Well!

Kaitlin: Dani!

Dani: Sorry! But I really think so. You should marry him though.

Kaitlin: Why?

Dani: So we can be sisters! (They both laugh)


Scene 23

Slender is in the bedroom.

Slender: They think they can get rid of me that easily. But they can’t. One by one, they will all die! (He does an evil laugh.)


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