That's my Boy

Benjamin Wood is happy living a bachelor life style. Until his ex girl friend arrives on his door steps and dumps their teenage son Robin on him. Ben notices strange things about Robin and it's not long before he discovers Robin has Aspersers. How can a man who can barely care for himself care for a child with special needs?


1. Chapter 1

“Yes!” Benjamin Wood snapped. His phone had gone off in the middle of the night. “What do you want?”

“Ben I need a favour.” Ben recognised the voice immediately “Martha? What are you playing a? First you don’t talk to me for at least 15 years. Then you’re calling me in the middle of the night asking for a favour.” Martha sighed. “Look Ben I’m moving to Australia with my fiancé.”

“Good for you.” Ben muttered. “And I want you to look after Robin. Joe doesn’t get on with him.”

“Wait who?”

“Jack’s my fiancé.”

“No I mean who’s Robin your dog?” Martha groaned. “No Ben he’s my son. Your son to.” Ben was so shocked he nearly dropped the phone “So I’ll be dropping him off tomorrow.” With that the line went dead. Ben just stood there completely shocked. Well. He thought to himself. That was unexpected.


The next morning the doorbell rang at 7:00. “Who the hell is that?” he grabbed as he got out of bed. He opened the door to find Martha standing there. “Oh it’s you.”

“Charming.” She scoffed. “Robin.” She called down the hall. Robin walked over to her. “Robin I’ll be going away for a while. Be a good boy for your dad.” With that she left. Ben looked at Robin. He was a tall boy. Well built. He had his dark brown hair and her dark grey eyes. “Well you better come in then.” Robin took a step forward. “Make yourself some cereal I’m going to get dressed.”

“But it’s Saturday. I have toast on Saturday.” Ben groaned. “Well have toast then.” He went back into his bedroom and started getting dressed. What was Martha playing at? Dumping this strange boy on his door step. Where would he sleep? His apartment wasn’t very big. He could sleep on the sofa. Then there was school. “Hey kid!” he called. “What school do you go to?”

“I don’t mum home schools me. We do maths and English every day. We do History on Mondays and Thursdays. Geography Mondays and Fridays. ICT Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have a trip out on Wednesdays. Sport on Tuesdays. Fridays we finish early.” Ben’s head started swimming. I’ll have to take him to a normal school. He thought. There’s no way I’ll be allowed to have school him. He went back into the main room to find Robin pulling two blackened pieces of toast out of the toaster. “Oh Yeh forgot to warn you. It does that sometimes.” Robin seemed oblivious. He just picked up the toast and started eating it. Ben shrugged and started making a coffee. The two of them sat together for a while not saying anything. Then eventually Ben spoke. “So Robin. Uh. Tell me about yourself.”  Robin looked thoughtful for a moment then he answered. “My name’s Robin Lewis Erason. I’m 15 years old and 6 months old. My mum is Martha Kate Erason. My dad is Benjamin Wood. I like computer games and the colour green and white. I don’t like the colour brown and being touched.” Ben blinked. “Ok I’ll try to remember that. So your birthdays on…”

“August 2nd.” Ben nodded. They sat in silence for a little while before there was a knock on the door. Ben got up and opened it. “Hey Beny!” Cried Josh. He stepped inside closely followed by Baz. “Hey guys glad you could make it.” Josh and Baz laughed. Suddenly Baz noticed Robin. “Hey. Who’s that?” Robin looked up. “My name’s Robin Lewis Erason.  I’m 15 years and 6 months old. My mum’s Martha Kate Erason. My dad is Benjamin Wood.” Josh and Baz turned to stare at Ben. “You never told us you had a son.” Baz cried accusingly. “I only found out last night.” Josh nodded. “So how long’s he staying.” Ben shook his head. “I think it’s Permanente. Kate’s moved to Australia with her fiancé, and she just dumped him on my doorstep.” They all turned to look at Robin who had started to take fruit out of the bowl and put them in piles. Though Ben couldn’t help noticing he didn’t touch the Kiwis. “Hey kid what you doing?” called Josh. Robin didn’t answer. “Fine suit yourself.” He turned to face Ben. “So. let’s see this new game of yours.”


They had been playing for quite a while, when Ben looked round to see Robin was still sitting there. “Hey kid. Robin. Want a go?” Robin looked up and nodded, slowly got up and come over. “Don’t worry.” Called Baz. “I’ll go easy on you.” Robin just nodded. 5 games later Robin was winning 5-0. “I said I’d go easy on him.” Protested Baz. Ben and Josh just laughed. “Yeh. So how do you explain him beating all the high scores?” teased Josh. “Face it Baz he whooped your ass.” Baz scowled. But Ben couldn’t help noticing Robin couldn’t look less bothered. He just kept looking at the screen with a blank empty stare. “Uh Robin.”


“You ok?” Nod. “Do you want anything?”  Robin looked thoughtful. “Come on!” cried Josh. “It’s not exactly a hard question.”

“Hungry.” Josh groaned. “There wasn’t too hard, was it?” Ben stood up and went over to the kitchenette. “So what do you like to eat?”

“I like carrot sticks.”

“Ok bowl of carrot sticks it is.”

“Eh Beny get me a beer while yer at it!” Josh bellowed. Robin jumped and dropped the remote. “Whoops sorry didn’t mean to scare you. So where did you learn to play like that?” he asked. “I know how to drive.”

“You’re kidding?” Robin shook his head. “If I was I’d be lying. And lying is bad.” Ben noticed Baz and Josh exchange glances. He handed Josh his beer and Robin his carrot sticks, before sitting down again. “Come on Ben I’ll race you.” Baz announced. “Unless you’re scared.” He teased. “You will never learn.” Josh sneered.


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