How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


11. the end!!


“Thanks Anna, for giving me a chance. You don’t know how much it is important to me” he said with a sweet smile. His smile was similar to that of a child when he gets a candy. How much that smile can melt anyone, but still I will try to be stubborn.
 “I sincerely apologize for not telling you about me.” He said with sincerity plastered all over his face. Ya Ya I accept your apology. I said in my mind but didn’t utter a word in front of him.
“But you should know the reason, why I kept it as a secret.”
“Hmm...” Oh! I thought I was standing here to listen him sing, but he is giving me the reason why he is a singer. *NOTE THE SARCASM
I am giggling in my mind at my own joke, but keeping a serious face or he would think I have given in.
“The day I bumped on you, I saw something in you that no other girl had. You were angry, irritated and the number one thing, you weren’t shocked to see me. That’s when I came to know you didn’t recognize me and I was glad you didn’t.” he said without his eyes leaving mine.
He continued-“You are the most important person in my life and I was afraid to lose you.” WHAT?? I couldn’t believe my own ears, was I hearing things or is he really saying this? And why would he lose me, if I know who he is. Curiosity started creeping.
“If I told you earlier, you would always see me as a pop star and not as some normal guy. The moment I met you, I could see we can be friends forever. And when you didn’t knew I am from One Direction, I thought, you are the right person with whom I can be normal.”
Ohh!! How I wish we could be more than friends. But he have friend-zoned me.
“I always wanted a person in my life, who would like me for who I am, and not the one from One Direction. I always wanted a normal life; I am not saying that I don’t like this fame or band, because of this I have got 4 amazing brothers and wonderful fans that are always there to support.” He was smiling while talking about his band mates and fans. He must really love them.
“But sometimes I feel I want a person with whom I can spend a normal time. And all these time, I spent with you was magical. I still remember how we used to chat till early morning.” He said while remembering our old times, when we ditched our sleep to talk with each other.
“I never knew you will react like that.”
“How you think I would react? I said with one eyebrow raised.
“I didn’t know you would take the news like that, in whole concert you were crying. And it was breaking me to see that I was the reason for your tears. I never want to be the reason for your tears, I want to be the reason for your smile.” He said with a smile plastered on his face.
 He’s very good at words. Sure knows how to make someone feel special.
“And how you came to know about Katie?” Again curiosity overpowering me.
“Before the concert, I came here to invite you, and to tell you about me. You were not there, so I happened to meet Katie. We both thought it would be a surprise for you to see me on stage.” He said on the concert day, Katie was trying to explain me this. Should I ask him about his relation with Katie?
“So are you and Katie in relationship? I blurted out. I slapped my mouth. I didn’t want to ask him. He might think I am jealous that he is dating someone else.
He started laughing. What?
“No Anna. I have my eyes for someone else.” That broke my heart into pieces. I know, I am never perfect for Zayn.
He must have seen my expression because he asked with concern-“what’s wrong?”  
I am embarrassed with my expression and said, “Nothing.”
“Do you want to know who that girl is?” he asked with smirk on his face.
Of course, I would like to know who has stolen your heart and broken mine and I said, “Sure.”
“C’mon Anna, guess.” Does he really want to play this guessing game?
“Maybe, some other celebrities like you. Whoever it is, I want u to be happy with her,” I told this with a heavy heart.
He gave a grin and said- “Yes, i will. She knows how to make me happy. Even though we recently met, but still she knows everything about me. I have never fallen for a girl this early. She is special. Right now she is mad at me but not for long.” And he winked.
With a stupid look on my face I said “Oh!”  Inside my mind I said, no one can be angry with you for a long time, here I am being a live example.  I am really happy for him, though I am not that lucky girl to be loved by him, I am happy to have him in my life, at least as a friend. 
He keeps on giving a naughty grin to me.  KNOCK!! KNOCK!! Sorry boy, I can’t understand smile language.
He continued with the same smile and said,”Oh!! Anna, I know you can understand”.
“Huh!!” is he Edward Cullen from twilight, reading all of my thoughts.
He shrugged and said, “awww!! You expect me to say those words?” and he started to laugh.
Why I am so dumb? Suddenly my brain seems to be frozen. And I am standing in front of him dumb-fold.  The words I was dying to hear from him, he told
“I am in love with you Anna.”
I was blinking, trying to progress everything going around me. All this time he was talking about me.
Someone snapped me out my dream world.
“Good morning babe. Thinking about me again.” he said with the same smirk that I fell in love with. I blushed as I was caught red-handed thinking about him. He still knows how to make me blush.
Ever Since I Met Him It Hasn't Been The Same. All He Got Me Doing Is Drawing Hearts Around His Name… <3 <3
This is our story…

thx for reading my was really wonderful experience....and nice to knw u all... <3 <3

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