How i met you.

Hey guyz..its my first story and i will make sure to make you all happy with my story...i will give my 100%...hope u enjoy...

for only when i met you , did i truly see the world in colour for the very first time..♥ ♥


6. He came for me?

Currently I am sitting on my bed with my best friend Katie. I told her about how I met Zayn, how he drove me to my work and supported me. The most shocking news for her was my boss’s behavior. And now I am debating with myself whether should I msg him or not.

“C’mon Anna, message him. That’s why he has given you his number.” She said for the hundredth time.

“No Katie, I am not going to message him. That’s my final decision. How many times I am going to tell you.” I said with a tired expression. I can’t msg a boy. He would think that I was dying to message him. And that too he mentioned if my boss has a bad mood. So it doesn’t make sense. But still I like the way he smiles, and when he smiles it reaches to his eyes, his tattooed arms. What am I blabbering?

“Anna..Anna.. Back to reality! Are you day dreaming? Hmm.. I know about whom. Has that boy conquered your heart so soon?” I blushed a crimson red. C’mon plz this redness go of my face.

“Ahem Ahem!! Someone has got a crush” she said with a wink following the statement.

“Oh! Shut up. Now get out of my home. I have work tomorrow and I can’t be late.” I said while playfully pushing her outside.

“Why are you worrying? Your superman will come and save you from your boss.” She said while shutting the door.uff!! Now I can have a peaceful night sleep.

But I was wrong about it. All night he was not at all walking but running in my mind as if he’s in marathon. All I could see was his beautiful eyes watching me intensely.

Next morning followed by I being sleepy because of him. It’s not like I like him. Maybe a little but not crush thing. I should be getting ready for work or this time you know what will happen.

As I reached my work on time, i was welcomed by the strong aroma of coffee. Hmm…yummm...

I put on my uniform and started my job that’s when I heard the jingling of the bells indicating a new customer.  As the customer entered, all I could hear was Alice’s voice. Ugg!! Really did my morning have to start with her voice?

“OMG!! You really came for me. How sweet of you.” She who not to be named was talking with the customer. I was not able to see that person but sure it was a boy. Alice got a boy. It’s impossible.

“Hmm..Sorry, but I came here to meet Anna.” That voice was of the person who was running on my mind all day all night.

“Why her, why not me? She’s just a part-time worker. Why you want to meet her?” she said in an annoying voice. While she was saying I reached the spot to be met by those brown orbs.

“It doesn’t matter if she is a part-time worker or full-time worker, all that matters is who she is.” He said without breaking eye contact with me.


“Whatever. Anna I am warning you, if you take more than 10 minutes, I am kicking you out of the job. Hope you not be kicked out of the job for this pretty boy.” She said and turned around and left the place.

“Hey Anna, nice meeting you again.” He said while sitting but not before pulling out a chair for me like the gentleman he is.

“Hi. So, is it true that you came here for me?” I asked with curiosity eating me alive. Really did he come to meet me? Why?

 “Yes. Just thought why you didn’t msg me, so came here to check whether that girl ate you alive or what.” He said with smile playing on his lips. So, he wanted me to msg him. I was doing a victory dance inside. Hello, but why?

“Oh, I didn’t have time to msg you.” I lied. I couldn’t say that I was in dilemma whether to msg him or not.


We chatted for few more minutes and he had to leave as he said he had some work to do. He ordered a cup of coffee for his way back and went but not before reminding me to msg him. I stood watching him leave the place. All that ran in my mind was, he took some time for me from his busy schedule.





It seems zayn wanted her to message him!!!! and what a gentleman he is.....

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