Apollo 13

Blurb: This is a scripted version of what happened on Apollo 13 in my own theory of how it must have fely


1. Scene 1

Scene 1

The stage is dark then the lights come up and the stage is a shuttle there are three people on stage pressing buttons and laughing. John Swigert is seated writing in his diary in the middle of the stage with a spotlight trained on him. He sits next to 5 pig red buttons.

(Spoken out load to his diary) April 11 1970

(To the audience)  My name is John Swigert and I’m the command module pilot and everything is going fine we set off at 13:13 and now we are heading to the moon we should arrive shortly. (Warning sound) I guess I should understand what the beeping means but I don’t. (Laughs out loud) Who said 13 is an unlucky number we left at 13:13 on Apollo 13 and we are all alright what could possibly go wrong. The crew keep shouting at me (Crew silently shout) saying I’ve jinxed us but we are still alright so I don’t understand what their on about. (Warning Sound again) There is that noise again and my collage is telling me to press the big red button (crew point to button) but there are five red buttons so which one is it. (Chance gesture) Oh well I’ll just press this one (reaches down and presses the button).

(Black out)



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