Lily Potter and The Eight Zones of The World

It's Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts and she's really excited. From what she had heard from her older brothers, James and Albus, and her cousin, Rose, Hogwarts sounded amazing. But then a new Dark Lord comes into power and steal the Wizarding World's protective relic, the Sword of Gryffindor. Will Lily be able to stop the Dark Lord before the Eight Zones of the world fall under his rule?


6. Chapter 5

So as I got caught for sneaking out during curfew, I decided to visit the girls during a free period. It was much better this way since Albus found out I’d been sneaking out and wouldn’t let me use the invisibility cloak anymore.


But since the Sword of Gryffindor went missing, strange things started happening. All sources of force fields and magic walls disappeared so the Minister of Magic, Cole Dockery, sent out groups of Aurors to protect where the walls and force fields had been. I was hoping Mum and Dad or even Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione had been sent to protect Hogwarts, but there was no such luck. Mum and Aunt Hermione had been sent to protect Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, while Uncle Ron and Dad had been sent to protect The Durmstrang Institute.


Plus recently, protective relics from the other Zones were being swiped as well. Each, once they had been stolen, had a bad effect on its Zone. In Isla’s Zone, muggles have been seeing ghosts and witnessing magic. Phoenix’s Zone is having a massive change in climate. In Violet’s Zone all of the crops and herbs were dying. But the only Zone who hadn’t been affected yet was Amaris’ Zone. But the people of the Water Zone were trying their hardest to protect their protective relic, Aphrodite’s Pearls.


But before coming up with a plan, I needed to know more about this new Dark Lord. So I looked for a book on dark wizards in the library. Madame Frogley, the librarian, recommended me Dark Wizards Through Out the Ages. I sat down fro a bit and found the section called ‘Tom Riddle’:


Tom Marvolo Riddle (better known as Lord Voldemort) was born on 31st December 1945 to Tom Riddle Snr. and Merope Gaunt. He was born and raised in an orphanage until he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After Hogwarts, Riddle became the most powerful dark wizard of all time. During his rise to power, he fell in love with nineteen year old, Moira Banks (an apprentice healer). Once he’d attacked her and left her to die, a few months later Moira gave birth to their son, Malcolm Saul Riddle.


I stopped reading in shock. Voldemort had a son! Maybe this new Dark Lord was Malcolm trying to do what his father didn’t do when he was alive. I looked around to see if anyone was watching, then tore out the page from the book. Stuffing the page into my pocket, I handed the book back to Madame Frogley and left the library in a rush. Then I bumped into Hugo. “Lily, what’s wrong?” he asked looking curious. “Nothing.” I denied. “I know you’re lying,” Hugo said “Ever since the first day you’ve been sneaking off. Now stop lying tell me. I’m your cousin, you can trust me.”


I sighed “OK, I’ll let come with me during our free period today. Only if you don’t tell anyone. That includes Rose, James and Albus.” Hugo nodded and mimed zipping his lips. So that was that I was going to let Hugo meet the girls. I just hoped with all my might it wouldn’t go wrong.

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