Lily Potter and The Eight Zones of The World

It's Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts and she's really excited. From what she had heard from her older brothers, James and Albus, and her cousin, Rose, Hogwarts sounded amazing. But then a new Dark Lord comes into power and steal the Wizarding World's protective relic, the Sword of Gryffindor. Will Lily be able to stop the Dark Lord before the Eight Zones of the world fall under his rule?


4. Chapter 3

 My plan was working perfectly. I’d already gotten the invisibility cloak off Albus, now all I needed to do was sneak out of Hogwarts without being noticed. Luckily I was sneak enough to get past Filch and Mrs Norris. So once I’d made it outside the school walls, I ran over to the Forbidden Forest, clinging onto the invisibility cloak so that it didn’t fall off. I snuck past Professor Hagrid’s hut then wandered into the Forest. It was dark and damp but I wasn’t scared. OK, maybe just a bit.


With the cloak hanging off of my arm, I cast the wand-lighting charm. As I walked along I tried to find a big oak tree. After a while, I was going to turn back but I stumbled across a clearing with an oak tree in the middle of it. I walked up and as I did I could see seven different sections. I went to walk into one of them but was stopped by some sort of a force field. Then I saw seven other girls looking back at me.


I jumped at this. “Hello?” I said. The girls all said either ‘hi’; ‘hey’ or ‘hello’ back. “I’m Lily Potter and I’m from the Wizarding Zone.” I gulped. “Hello, Lily,” said a girl, about my own age, with waist length blonde hair with a hint on lilac in her fringe “I’m Angelica Protaski and I’m from the Air Zone.” So Professor Totterdell was right. Our world really is split into eight Zones. Then a ghostly looking girl said “I’m Anabelle Draushke from the Undead Zone.” The girl was dress in military uniform and on the right side of her chest was a bloodstain.


Then the introductions went on. Lily was introduced to Amaris Aiden from the Water Zone, Violet Cropley from the Herbal Zone, Phoenix Dervin from the Fire Zone, Bailey Madsen from the Technical Zone and Isla Holmes from the Muggle Zone (She didn’t really know what a muggle was so I explained of course). “It’s lovely to meet you all.” I smiled. “Hey Anabelle,” Phoenix said “I thought citizens from the Undead Zone were all zombies.”


“That’s not true,” Anabelle explained “We’re all ghosts. Where ever did you hear that ridiculous rumour?”

“Well that’s what my History of Magic teacher told me.” I piped up. Sounds like the Undead Zone are misunderstood. So we all talked and talked until you could just about see a glint of the sun on the horizon. I waved goodbye to the girl and promised I’ll come and talk to them again soon.


Once I got back to the dormitory safely, I decided to jump back into bed before anyone noticed I was up. 


A/N: Congratulations to Supergal, Kayla G., NettleSilver23195 & Potter Mad for being the other winners to the Character Competition. Now the competition is closed. Thanks to all who participated!



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