Maybe I can love you ...

Alexis Hellford is 19. She is some what living her dream, she has fans, money, fame, but she's missing something. Love. One day management tells her she will be starting as an opening act for One Direction. That name rings a bell. She saw them a couple of times on the X-Factor but they hadn't ever really talked before. She has now been touring with One Direction for almost a month and it has been hectic. The rumors don't stop buzzing, paparazzi has gotten out of control. Life is getting to complicated for Alexis. Until one day. There she was in the bathroom of the tour bus. She found a pill bottle on the floor. She took them. She passed out. But she forgot one thing. To lock the door. One of the boys may have saved her life. But who? Liam, who's like a brother? Louis, her cuddle buddy? Zayn, her best friend?Niall, her secret admirer? Or Harry, the one she loves the most? Sparks fly, hearts are broken, but the scariest of all, secrets are kept. A lot of them. Read to find out what ! :)

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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