This is a short story about some of the last memories of my passed away mum!


1. Fond memories of my mum!

My memories are really important to me, especially the ones about mu mum. I centre most of my memories around her because she was the most important thing in the world to me, and she still is. This is a strictly true statement for me. For example :- My favourite place in the world is Cyprus, even though I have only been there once. You know what, I think I will tell you what and where my favourite place in Cyprus was. It was a beach near the city of Pathos. I liked the gentle hum and rhythm  of the gentle waves, lapping down onto the silky, smooth sand. The white foam that sits upon the sea-green waves, as though a legion of horses were bearing down upon you. Most of all, the heat of the sea, it was lovely against your bare back, it was as though the water has started to comfort you and almost comes alive. For my next memory, it is a good and bad memory. It was the day I was told my mum had passed away. Up until the day I got told, all I wanted to do was start the new school day and not think about my terminally ill mother. The bad part of this memory is the actually fact that she passed away and I would miss all the things that came with her. I would never get to hear and listen to her sweet, soft and melodic voice again, her sweet loving and nurturing nature again, her happy smile across her pale pink lips, the smile that always lights up my world. I just can't believe I took her for granted, I never knew what I would miss out on, all her good qualities and even her bad ones, which happened to compliment her good ones. The only good part about this memory is the fact that now she is as free as a bird. She will never, ever have to suffer from her terminal cancer. Not burdened down by medication. This also links in with my next memory or poem, the memory is a slightly embarrassing for me as I only shared it with my mum. It is just a short little poem which goes like this. Mum, I love you right up to the sky, very, very much, as much as the whole wide world, to the infinity and beyond and to the end of the universe and back. Mum, I really miss you. Mum, I Love You.

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