Is This What I Really Want?

Alyssa Rookwood is the daughter of Augustas Rookwood. It is her first year at Hogwarts, but unlike most people, she is dreading it. Pressure is on her to get into Slytherin, Alyssa wants to please her family but also lead a life. Unlike most Death Eater children, Alyssa isn't blinded by 'the dark side'.


4. Hogwarts

Hogwarts is beautiful. That is the only way to describe it. Well. You know what I mean. Sure, it's elegant, magnificent and slightly intimidating as well, but over, it's a beautiful place! We had to go across a lake in these boats which looked quite old, I don't really like water so I had a silent freak out in my head. I only started to properly breath again when my feet were safely on the ground. Iv'e also just noticed that Cookie isn't around, i'm sure she will be okay. I expect she made friends with that Tabby she had been eyeing up earlier. I really must stop this day dreaming! It's getting quite embarrassing. I just tripped over my own feet. I don't even get how people do that, including myself! 

"Hey, are you okay?"

Okay, don't freak, but someone just spoke to you. Try to answer like a human Alyssa. Yes, open you're mouth... now say something.

"F-i-in", I mumbled. What was that? Was that meant to be fine? God, I hate my brain. I could feel that my cheeks had gone red, but was surprised to see that he was smiling. I wish he would go away. I don't want people to be nice to me because they might ask questions. Luck seemed to like me today though! He moved away as we reached these enormous wooden doors. Why they were so big, I didn't know. The inside of Hogwarts was so grand! There were tall sweeping staircases and pictures everywhere all waving to us. We were made to wait in the entrance and I took the opportunity to give people a quick glance over. 


I wish I had a notebook on me! I'm a bit weird like that. I like to write everything down, it keeps me from fiddling with everything in sight. It's just, I can see so many interesting people. There is a boy at the front who must be Harry Potter as he has a scar and I also overheard Draco say his name. The boy who asked if I was okay earlier turns out to be Draco Malfoy! I know his dad if you were wondering. There is a girl near me with brown bushy hair who is talking non stop, I hope i'm not in the same house as her, she looks like one of those clever, bossy, showoffs! But then again, never judge a person by their cover... if that makes sense!? 

A woman has just arrived and is talking. I should probably listen.


It turns out that she is Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and deputy head. She went for a bit about house points ect, but i'm starting to feel quite nervous now. After walking into the great hall (which, by the way, is just stunning), the sorting hat started to sing a song. It said about being in Gryffindor if you are brave, Slytherin was something about being cunning, Hufflepuff was loyal and Ravenclaw seems to be all about cleverness and wit! I don't think I have any of that. 

Abbott, Hannah was the first Hufflepuff. Boot, Terry was a Ravenclaw. Harry Potter was a Gryffindor... it went like this until...

"Rookwood, Alyssa." I could see a few teachers and students share glances. People obviously knew my dad then. Well that was a good start, wasn't it? Not! 

"So, where to put to Miss Rookwood?" I gave a little jump as I heard the clear voice in my head.

"It could be Slytherin, like your father, but I feel you don't want to be like him! You are very brave to go against him, so maybe Gryffindor?" I didn't know what I wanted. I was so scared of my dad. Perhaps I should beg the hat to put me in Slytherin, then I can become all corrupted and evil and go round killing people. Not that I want to of course! 

"Hmmm, maybe not. You seem to have a desire for knowledge, I think that Ravenclaw would suit you..." Then that hat called out loud...


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