Is This What I Really Want?

Alyssa Rookwood is the daughter of Augustas Rookwood. It is her first year at Hogwarts, but unlike most people, she is dreading it. Pressure is on her to get into Slytherin, Alyssa wants to please her family but also lead a life. Unlike most Death Eater children, Alyssa isn't blinded by 'the dark side'.


12. Christmas

It was cold, I was colder and it was getting colder. Wearing four jumpers didn't seem to help though. I was also quite lonely as well, after checking the papers I realized it was two days before Christmas, I didn't even know where I was. The muggle world is so big and scary, there are all sorts of wires and loud machines everywhere. After I got out of Kings Cross a few days ago was the worst. I knew I was in London, but I didn't know where, after dragging my trunk around for a few hours, I just sat in a doorway and tried to stay warm. I was hungry as well. I had stolen some food on my first day from a big store, but not much. I may not have had a fun time at home, but at least my mum had been a good cook. I don't even know why I'm here! I should have just stayed at Hogwarts. God, I'm stupid. I suppose I was half glad when they found me. 

The woman at the platform, the one with ginger hair who spoke to me, must have sent an owl to Dumbledore. Apparently my mum also sent me a letter asking if I was having a good time, the owl couldn't find me at Hogwarts, so he flew back to mum still with the letter. My dad then sent an owl to Dumbledore asking where I was, after Dumbledore realized I wasn't at home or Hogwarts, he figured I must have gone off by myself. That's where the woman comes in. After they worked this out, Dumbledore got an owl asking about me. That confirmed what had happened. I suppose I should have thought it through first, it seems obvious now, but the Ministry easily located me. Don't ask how, it's all magic. I had been so cold when they found me, I could barely move. I don't remember much, but I woke up in St Mungo's all wrapped up in blankets. My mum and dad were there, but they didn't say much. A woman who was dressed in white asked me how I was and why I ran away, and a load of other questions. I told her that I didn't run away, I only wanted to be alone for a bit, no one seemed convinced though. It was Christmas tomorrow, so they let me go as apparently being in hospital on Christmas was just not done! They said that physically I was fine, not sure what they meant by that. Mum and dad sent be back to Hogwarts the same day, said that they were too busy to have me. Well thanks, I feel so loved! Not. It was a stupid idea that I am never doing ever again. After getting to Hogwarts, Dumbledore asked if I wanted to stay in the Hospital wing. I agreed because I wasn't exactly in the mood for socializing. 


Well this is a fun Christmas. I'm sitting in a Hospital bed, with two presents, and a few cards. The first present is from my parents. It's a book all about pure bloods and how other witches and wizards are unworthy. It is a load of rubbish and is going in the bin as soon as I see one. The second present was from Hannah, it was a Quill with multicolored ink in it! She also sent me a chocolate frog with the Circe card in. Circe was some nutter who turned people into pigs. Terry sent me a card with lots of kisses on, actually, too many kisses to be normal. I hope he isn't suggesting anything. It's not that I was expecting many gifts, but you can still see why I wasn't exactly having the most fun. Madame Pompfrey had tried her best though, tinsel and lights dressed the walls and a small tree stood in the corner. Deciding to explore the rest of the castle, I slipped out of bed and pulled on a jumper over my pajamas. Slipping out of the Hospital wing, I closed the door as softly as I could and started off down the stairs. 


The great hall looked amazing! Holly and mistletoe hung on the walls, and twelve large trees were placed around all covered with shiny decorations and ice. Forgetting that it was a holiday, I stepped into the hall to find that there was only one table and to find everyone sitting at it eating breakfast. Before I could leave, however, Dumbledore caught my eye and I had no choice but to join them. 

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