Truth exists as divine spark in heart lotus from our birth to eternity.


1. Truth

Truth the divine spark in the heart lotus

closed around by the dark layers of ignorance

The Truth that takes birth along with us

that exists within and continues to eternity.


The Truth that's to be searched explored and realized within;

a fruitless search in the world external.

We are our own inspiration

to penetrate darkness and find out the interior world.


Supreme intelligence reflects in part

in each and every minute atom of creation

how can we be not aware of this oneness

you are me and I am you; we are every where.


Forms are different

spirit is same

soul one divine

all from single supreme soul.


Gods knowledge emanates from higher intuition

carries the mind from world of forms

to that of formless spirit

it is the wisdom religion-the essence of all religions

"Like one full harmonious melody from the many stringed instrument."


Purity of thought and deed

can alone raise us to connect with Gods;

the human nearness in the awareness of our own in others' pain or joy

invariably grants peace and contentment.


The simple Truth that liberates us from all doubts

that offers salvation in true sense

the simple Truth-the extract of all religions is the Truth:

"I the imperfect adore my own perfect."




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