You Saved Me

She was seventeen, all alone, hurt, abounded, abused, and bullied. She had to face the big cruel world, on her own, with no one by her side. What if one day, she decides to end it all? but five certain boys save her. What if they take her in, to live with them? What if she falls for one of them? Will she receive more hate? but most importantly will she make it through? A story full of Romance, Hate, and so much more, a story that goes by the name, 'You Saved Me'


4. New Friend?

Grace's Pov.:


Its been a month, since the boys saved me, now. Time does fly by really fast. That is why we have to cherish every second, of our lives. The boys were currently having an interview, while I sat backstage watching. This was so boring. I then remembered that I saw Starbucks, on the other side of the road, when we we're passing by, with the car.

I quickly sent the boys a text, that I'm going there, and that I was going to stay there for a while. I made my way out the door, well, sneaked out, and thank God, Paul did not see me, because I know that, neither the boys nor Paul, would let me out alone, after what happened....


I walked into Starbucks, and i was immediately welcomed by the smell, of Mocha, which smelled like heaven, but for some reason, I didn't feel like getting something with Mocha, or Coffee in it, I walked up to the counter, and smiled at the guy standing behind the cashier.

"Hello, how may I help you m'am?" he asked me politely, I smiled at him, "Um, may I please, get a Chocolate Chip Cream?" I asked him, he smiled and nodded, "what is your name love?" he asked, "Grace" I told him, he wrote it down, and nodded.

I payed him, and sat down waiting for my name to be called, "Grace!" I got up, and made my way towards the cashier, but of course being my old clumsy self, I had to bump into someone. Now before you go all, 'Oh my its prince charming!' or 'that guy right there, the one she bumped into, he's the one she's gonna marry' it was a girl, so yeah.

"Oh gosh I'm so sorry, this is totally my fault, I should look to see where I'm going, I'm so so so sorry!" I said panicking, just when that girl was probably having a good day, but I had to come in the picture, and ruin it for her.

She laughed, "oh no, its okay! I'm the one who should be sorry, I tripped from my untied, shoe laces and bumped into you, but hey! thank god, we didn't have our drinks, wouldn't wanna ruin a good drink from Starbucks now, would we?" she joked, and I actually smiled, I was expecting her to yell at me, and tell me it seems that I'm the kind of person, who came into this world as a mistake, but instead, she just laughed it off, and told me that it was her problem, and not mine.

I looked up at her, and she was one really pretty girl. She had blonde hair, and blue eyes, she was beautiful. Something I'll never be. She stuck her hand out, and smiled at me, "hello, I'm Erica, might as well get to know each other, in case we see each other again, don't want me to call you, person bumper do you now?" she joked, I laughed and shook my head, shaking her hand, "I'm Grace" I said shyly, I then remembered my drink!

"Its okay, you can go get your drink, I'll wait for you here" she said, as if she read my mind, I smiled at her, and nodded, before walking off to get my drink, making sure this time, that I don't bump into someone. I smiled at the man, thanking him, before walking off, back to Erica.

"Hey! lets sit!" I smiled, as we both made our way towards a table, and sat down, "So Grace, do you have any siblings?" she asked me, as I shook my head, "do you?" I asked her, trying not to seem like a weird person, who doesn't talk to people from the same species, as her. 

"Nope, same as you" She said smiling, I nodded my head, smiling back. "So, Grace tell me bout yourself" she told me, I sighed, "there isn't much about me, I'm a pretty boring person, why don't you, tell me about yourself" I offered her, hoping she would agree, "Why would you say that? You are not boring! are you shy? if you are, I'll tell you about myself, then you tell me about yourself, how about that?" she asked me, I nodded, that was a good deal.

"Well my name is Erica, I have blonde hair, and blue eyes. I have no siblings, as you already know. I'm seventeen, and I like to play football, or soccer, you name it. Oh and I also like to play Tennis. I like One Direction, Union J, and I don't like, rain and mud, and scootering. My favorite colors are blue, red, black, and white. I also like to read, to ride my skate board, and I really like sunny days. Your turn!" she said, after telling me about herself, and may I add, she is a really cool person!

"Well my name is Grace, I have brown hair, and blue eyes. No siblings. I'm also seventeen, and I love Soccer too! and I also like to ride Skate boards, but I do not own one though. My favorite color is blue and black, oh and white too, so the same like you, and fine yes, red. I love to dance in the rain. I really like Coldplay, The Fray, and many more that I may or may not be lazy to name.  I guess you could say that I have this obsession with sad songs, I mean, you can just relate to them, so yeah. Well, what else? um, I love the snow! and well I guess thats it! Except if there is something specific, that you would like to know about me" I said, she smiled and shook her head, I smiled back, thanking God, its not that I didn't like her, no, in fact I love her! I just don't like to answer questions, long story short, I do not like to talk.


Me and Erica, have been having such a great time, that we didn't notice the time, well we did, but that was when it started to get really dark outside, Oh no, I forgot about the boys. Erica must have forgotten something too, because she also stood up with wide eyes, "Oh gosh! my parents are gonna kill me! Grace, it was so nice to meet you, and its been like two hours, maybe even more, but you've become a close friend to me, and I wanna stay in contact with you, so can I have your number?" she asked me, and I smiled, nodding, I swear I've never felt so happy. 

We exchanged numbers, "okay! I'll text you later! see you bye!" she said, running out, I smiled to myself, did I just make a new friend? indeed I did. Does it feel nice? no! it feels great! it took me a while, to remember the boys, before I quickly ran out of Starbucks, and crossed the road, I quickly ran inside, only to bump into five angry/ worried strong boys, oops.

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