You Saved Me

She was seventeen, all alone, hurt, abounded, abused, and bullied. She had to face the big cruel world, on her own, with no one by her side. What if one day, she decides to end it all? but five certain boys save her. What if they take her in, to live with them? What if she falls for one of them? Will she receive more hate? but most importantly will she make it through? A story full of Romance, Hate, and so much more, a story that goes by the name, 'You Saved Me'


3. New Family

Grace's Pov.:

     It's been a week since, I've met the boys, I don't know anything about my parents, but I'm sure they don't care, I was a mistake after all. The boys are amazing guys, they're really nice, and I think, that I'm starting to feel comfortable around them. They tell me they love me, like a sister of course, but I don't believe them, I'm unwanted, and unloved, and no one in this world could change that fact, especially after the fact, that your own parents make you feel like that, and even tell you that.


 Other from that, I think that I'm slowly falling for Zayn, but I have three major problems!


-Zayn has a girlfriend.

-Zayn doesn't feel the same way.

-I'm ugly, unloved, and unwanted, he'd never want me, I can't believe the fact that they lasted with me, those past days, maybe they're holding themselves, from insulting me, by the truth, for their image, maybe they're using me, to show people that they care, however, even if they don't care about me, I'm really thankful to them, for helping me through this week.


Oh yeah, and one more thing about me, is yeah, I actually still do cut. 


'Grace!' Liam half yelled as he walked into my room, he smiled at me, as I smiled back at him,a fake smile,  if I may add.


'Yes Liam?' I asked him, in a polite way. He smiled at me, and came over, and hugged me. No I didn't flinch, I got used to the boys, they're like my family now, and I think, no um, I know now that,


They're my family and I love them.




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