You Saved Me

She was seventeen, all alone, hurt, abounded, abused, and bullied. She had to face the big cruel world, on her own, with no one by her side. What if one day, she decides to end it all? but five certain boys save her. What if they take her in, to live with them? What if she falls for one of them? Will she receive more hate? but most importantly will she make it through? A story full of Romance, Hate, and so much more, a story that goes by the name, 'You Saved Me'


1. Saved?

Grace's Pov:








I was hit by all these harsh words, just as I entered the school, I put my head down, in shame, and bit my lip, to prevent the tears from falling. It was like this every single day, I was the school's target, I have absolutely no friends, at all, not even one. Its not like I disagreed with them, I knew that all these words were true, I am fat, I'm ugly, and I was certainly born a mistake, my parents never wanted me, they hated my guts, they'd tell me every day, of how much of a mistake I was, and how much they wish I was dead, but trust me, I have the same wish, one day, just one day, very soon, I'll have the guts to leave this world, its not like anyone would care, everybody hates me, I'm useless, I'm a nobody. I entered my math class, and sat, in a corner, at the very back, so no one would notice me, but of course, as soon as I entered, everyone started whispering, and giving me dirty looks, I looked down, and made my way to my seat, when I felt my body colliding with the floor, I lied there in pain, and confusion, until I noticed someone tripped me, because soon enough the whole class was laughing, including the teacher. I stood up, and quickly went to my seat, I sat down, and put my head on the desk, as the teacher started talking, while I cried silently to myself. I put my books in the locker, and sighed to myself, I glanced at the mirror, that I keep in there, to remind myself, how they're all right, to remind myself, how fat and ugly I am! I wish I was pretty like all those girls, or skinny as they are, I just wish, I could fit in, but can my wish be granted? no. Why? because I'm the opposite of all those things. I closed my locker, and just as I was about to make my way to the bathroom, I felt myself being pushed into the locker, I fell down, and let out a cry of pain, I looked up, to see who pushed me, and just as I thought, it was one of my main bullies, Lydia. Lydia, hates my guts, she wants me to die, just like all of them, but she hates me, and bullies me, the most out of all of them, which is really hard, because they all also hate my guts, a lot.


'Where do you think you're going fatty?' She asked me, while smirking, I tried to hold my tears back, which worked, but only for a little bit, like a second or two. 


'Aw, look the cry baby, is crying, do you want your mum? well too bad, because she doesn't want you!' Emily, also one of my main bullies, teased me, causing all of their crew to laugh, and causing me to cry harder, I wish they could leave me alone, but thats not going to happen.


'Why are you still here, bitch?! I thought we made it clear last time, that you're worthless, and nobody wants you, or needs you, and I also thought we told you to go die!' another girl, named, Lilian said, while laughing with her friends.

They were four girls, they were all best friends, and they had their crew, so basically the whole school, loves them, and are scared of them, so they follow every single thing they do.

'What do you have to say for yourself, you ugly little piece of shit?!' the fourth and last girl, Sarah, said, I was crying so hard by now, that I couldn't speak, I tried to catch my breath, but those girls were impatient, because not a second later, I felt a fist come in contact with my face, I screamed so loud, but no teacher came, because they couldn't care less.


I was laying on the cold hard ground of the school's hallway, crying so hard, trying to catch my breath, but I just couldn't, I was in so much pain, as they just stood there laughing, so hard, they kicked me one last time, before walking away, laughing, and high-fiving each other.


I ran, well limped as fast as I can, to my house, I couldn't be late, not after what happened, last time, my parents are going to kill me, even if I was just a second late, and guess what?! I'm ten minutes late, but it wasn't my fault, I had no ride home, and my body is in severe pain, I always run from school to my house, and from my house to my school, but I couldn't run, everything hurts when I do, but I tried my best, I took a deep breath, before unlocking the front door, hoping that they wouldn't see me, but of course they did.


'WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU, YOU USELESS, PIECE OF SHIT?!' my 'mom' yelled at me, as she slapped me, really hard, causing tears to roll down my face, it wasn't only from the stinging pain in my cheek, but it was also from the pain in my heart, I was broken, the thought of my parents hating me so much, hurt so bad. My dad, kicked me repeatedly in my stomach, right where my bullies hit me, and it hurt really bad, the tears couldn't stop falling from my eyes.


'DON'T YOU EVER BE LATE AGAIN! AM I UNDERSTOOD?!' he yelled at me, as he hit me over and over again, along with my mother, I screamed out a 'YES SIR!' because I wasn't aloud to call them, mom and dad, 'I'M SORRY! PLEASE STOP!' but he just kept going, even harder, 'dad, please..' I whispered to myself.

 I made my way towards the bridge, as quick as I can, my parents were passed out in the house, from all the drinking, they drank, and I decided that today is the day, my life should end, why today? because today I noticed that nobody cares, nobody ever did, and no body ever will, I'm a useless, unwanted, and unloved person, I'm a mistake, my parents hate me, my family hates me, the whole school hates me, even people who don't know me, hate me. I just want to die! I want all the pain to stop, right here, right now. I stood at the edge of the bridge, ready to jump, not noticing, the five figures behind me, who didn't come near me, until after my speech.


'Dear mom, and dad, I'm sorry that I came into your lives, if I could stopped myself from being born, trust me, I would, I'm sorry I was never the child you wanted, I'm sorry, that I made you hate me, because of how I look, or how fat I am, and because I wasn't good enough, I hope that one day, you'll find a place in your heart to forgive me, and dad, I'm sorry I wasn't a good enough punching bag, and mom, I'm sorry I wasn't that pretty daughter, you should've told your friends about, please forgive me. Dear People at school, I'm sorry that I wasn't as pretty or as skinny, as you all are, I'm sorry that I was weird, ugly, and fat, and that I couldn't fit in, or make friends, please forgive me. but most importantly, Dear Myself, I'm sorry I was ever born, I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry that I put you down, and I'm sorry for making you feel miserable, I'm sorry. To everyone who lives in this world! I'M SORRY I WAS EVER BORN!'


 I yelled the last part, and just as I was about to jump, I felt two strong pair of arms, pull me back, and five strong voices yelling at me to stop. Was I just saved?


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