Faithfulness at its finest...

One accident at warped and Austin Carlile comes to the rescue. Does Haley fall in love with her savior? We shall find out...


8. A/N

I am sincerely sorry guys. I have had a lot of things happen lately. I will try my best to update at least every other day before school so there will be more to the story. /(^o^)/

I just really hope you guys forgive me. Just know that I'm even grateful that you guys are still reading this. It means alot to me. I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH AND I HOPE EVERYTHING IS OKAY AND IF NOT IT WILL GET BETTER DARLING.

Oh and guys. I've been thinking about other fab fictions I could start after this. So leave a comment on what you guys would like to read. Okay. Thank you once again and I'll start updating more if I can fit some time in.

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