Faithfulness at its finest...

One accident at warped and Austin Carlile comes to the rescue. Does Haley fall in love with her savior? We shall find out...


2. 2.) what just happened?


After OM&M comes on stage And introduces themselves they start to play one of my favorite songs, 'the depths'. I start singing and screaming along with the band. After two other songs I stop screaming because I'm already starting to lose my voice. I see that a mosh pit is going on behind me after someone bumps into me. I suddenly join in and start jumping and kicking. After the pit broke up I jump back into my place at the front of the stage. I feel a vibration in my pocket and pull my phone out to see a new text message from my sister asking how warped was. I start texting her back and before I could send the text I was hit and my face collided with barricade.

I woke up laying down on a white bed in a white room with a nurse beside me checking my blood pressure. I was scared and I didn't know what to do. I asked the nurse where I was and she said the emergency room. And I didn't quite remember what happened so I asked and she sat down in a chair that was placed beside my bed. She said that I was at warped and that I was knocked out cold during a performance. I then asked how I got to the hospital, she then said that about five people rushed me to the emergency room with an ambulance. I couldn't think of who, but then suddenly Matt came walking in the room. I asked the nurse if that who brought me here but she said no. Matt asked the nurse to leave us alone for a minute of privacy and she said sure with a smile.

I was kinda scared of what he was going to do but then I remembered we had broken up and looked at Matt with confusion. He walked to my bed side and gave me a bouquet of flowers that I hated. I said "really Matt? So like why are you here?" He then said "you look terrible. I just felt bad that you got knocked out." Which made no sense. I pushed the 'call for a nurse' button and asked for them to escort Matt out of my room. He began to leave the room and he accidentally bumped into some one. The other person said sorry and Matt just kept walking. Wait, I know that voice. The other persons voice was so, so familiar. I then sat up in my bed and look around the corner to the door and saw Austin and Phil waking into the room. LIKE OH MY GOD! AUSTIN AND PHIL FROM OF MICE AND MEN WERE WALKING INTO MY ROOM. Were they the ones brought me in? I got all wide eyed and laid back down in my bed. Bam! There they were. Waking into my room. I couldn't believe it. Was I still knocked out, just dreaming? No. I was fully awake and fangirling inside so bad.

"Uhm hello?" I heard Austin say knocking on my door. "Yes?" I said trying to sound normal. "Uhm hi. I'm Austin, and this is Phil." He said smiling and pointing at Phil then stuck his hand out for me to shake and phill as well. "I'm sorry about earlier." He said as his smile started to fade away into sort of a sorry face. "Oh. Uh it's fine." I said trying to smile. I sat up and moved my legs and patted the end of the bed for Austin to sit down. I patted the other side for Phil so he wouldn't be left out . Before they both sat down Austin handed me a teddy bear and Phil handed me a card with a letter inside it containing something. I put the card on the desk beside me and held the bear tight in my arms. I thanked them both and smiled. After they sat down and we talked for about an hour the nurse came in and said that I'm fine I just have to be careful with my head and gave me a release form to sign. I signed and Austin held out his hand to help me up, I took it and he gently pulled me up and of course I'm clumsy I tripped over my self and fell into Austin's chest. I was so embarrassed. I looked up at Austin and he looked down at me with his eyes sparkling and his beautiful smile that I had seen and fangirled over so many times.

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