Faithfulness at its finest...

One accident at warped and Austin Carlile comes to the rescue. Does Haley fall in love with her savior? We shall find out...


1. 1.) I'm so... ready?


"WHAT THE FUCK?" Matt screams, waking me up. My eyes still closed I whisper "Matt?" Matt didn't hear me so I got louder. "Matt?" He still didn't hear me. What the fuck? Has he gone deaf? "MATT?" I yell opening my eyes. "What?" He asks looking back at me with an attitude. "Would you please stop screaming when I'm trying to sleep?" I say quietly. He gets up from across the room and walks over to me in his boxers. "I'm sorry doll" he straddles me and starts to remove my shirt. "Oh babe. No. It's too early." I say in a whisper because I'm still trying to wake up. "C'mon why not? You know you like morning sex to wake you up in a good mood." He says winking at me. I actually don't but I don't wanna upset Matt. He beats me and today I have a concert to go to, I can't be all bruised up going to see my favorite bands at warped. "Babe please I have to take a shower and get ready for warped." I say kinda scared of what he is going to say or even do. "Just a quickie in the shower then?" Matt asks with puppy dog eyes. "Yeah sure. What the fuck ever. Just get off me please." I say. Matt looks at me with a scowl and puts his hands on my shoulders crushing them on purpose as he tries to get up leaving them bruised. Great, I was going to wear my OM&M tank but I'm not sure now.

Three hours later: "OMG OMG OMG OMG!" I squeal as Matt drops me off at the front entrance of the venue where warped is this year. Matt goes to kiss me but I don't notice and I climb out of the car. He gets angry and and Squels the tires and quickly drives off. This year I'm going alone so I hope no one goes 'hey there's a 19 year old girl all by herself. Let's kidnap her or rape her.' I don't like being by myself but I couldn't find anyone to go with. Besides if you bump into a band member you could seem sad or something and ask to walk with them since your all alone walking around. I didn't think that part through when I was getting dressed this morning. I'm wearing my black OM&M tank that has the big camo '&' sign on it with a white button up throw over so people can't see the bruises Matt left earlier. For bottoms I'm wearing black skinny jeans. I'm also wearing my OM&M, BMTH, SWS, PTV bracelets that I never and I mean never take off. My hair is down and straitened with my bangs covering my fore-head partly parted to my left.

Once I get inside the venue I start having them fangirl feels that every girl gets when they walk inside venues gates ready to see their favorite bands perform. I walk over to the big blow up thing that has all the band performance times and take a picture of it so I don't forget what times the bands play. Right before I click the snap button on my phone a text message from Matt comes through. It reads "you're such a bitch sometimes. I can't stand it. We're done. It's over. I'm packing up and moving back to moms." I stand there and I get teary eyed In front of tons of people but thank god they don't notice. I'm wearing water proof mascara so that when I sweat it won't run down my face during a concert and I won't look like a dumb ass.

I start trying to find the bathroom with my head down so people can't see my stained face from crying. I see a sign with the typical stick figure girl and boy bathroom sign pointing one way for the boys and the other for the girls. I start running for the girls but there is a huge line so I run to the back of the building and I use my phone for a mirror to fix my face and what not.

After I'm done with that I return to the sign with the set times but more and more people have arrived ready to mosh and rock out so I can't get to it. Instead of pushing through people I simply just buy a paper with the set times on it for like two dollars since the guy that was selling them thought I was cute, he gave me a 50% discount. Like really. 2 fucking dollars. Whatever, it's better than nothing. I see quickly scam throughout the set times and see that OM&M is playing first at the main stage. I quickly run to the stage and get in front. Yes! The best place to be. I was ready for moshing and losing my voice from screaming and singing along with Austin. Oh my god Austin carlile. He's so sweet and beautiful and, and, and just perfect. The thought of him made me smile. *ten minutes later* I'm standing here and I'm pushed up on the barricade because so many people have arrived to the stage ready to see the band. Right then I knew today was going to be an amazingly painful day.

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