Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


35. Watch Out

I slowly drifted of to sleep before the film even finished


"Bye fay" 


Justin started to walk away from me, i run after he him and tried to grab him, but each time i stretched out my arm he got further and further away, eventually he disappeared, leaving me all alone, i turned around in a circle, as i did everything started to disappear, i could feel tears falling down my face, i screamed over and over again


*Justin POV*


I woke up to the sound of Faith screaming, i grabbed her quickly to see what was wrong and realised she was still half asleep, which meant whatever she was screaming at was in her dream, i pulled her against my chest and felt her shoulders moving up and down as she cried, i stroked her hair while she cried, i like over at the clock it was 9, Faith was a nice little alarm clock, i probably shouldn't mention that to her. I've been comforting her for about 10 minutes now, and then she finally pulled away and looked up at me


*Faiths POV*

I woke up screaming, this was a on and off routine, i've had this dream many times before, hopefully now me and Justin were sorting things out i will stop having it, Justin's been comforting me for about 10 minutes, i guess he's going to want to know what happened, so i looked up at him and spoke

"Nightmare" i shrugged

"I figured" he chuckled

I smiled at him weakly and then stood up and headed to my suitcase, i hadn't bothered unpacking as i didn't know whether i would be staying here much longer, Scooter had told me a few days ago that some artist needed some models to do body painting on, Scooter thought this would be a great idea, i was reluctant at first, but i've seen some of his work, and i'm really excited to do it, the only thing is, tonight is the teen choice awards, and i've been invited YAAAAAAY, which means i need to go to the art studio early if i want to wash the paint of and be ready in time for the show.

I pulled out a tracksuit and put it on with a pair of white converse, i didn't need to be getting dressed up, just to get undressed. Justin was looking at me

"What's your plans today?" i asked

"Nothing, other than the award show tonight, you" he smiled

"Well, i've got some photoshoot thing in literally 10 minutes, but if you want to, i guess you could tag along" I offered

"Sure" he smiled, getting out of the bed

Lucky for Justin i carried around one of his t-shirts that i loved to sleep in, i threw it at him and he put it on, i then grabbed my handbag and headed towards the door, i had no make-up on and my hair was still messy.

I walked into the car park and Justin followed, we both got in my car, and I headed to the studio, as soon as we arrived i was whisked away, i had to strip down, i was handed a robe until i was need, about 5 minutes later i was called and had to sit on a very uncomfortable looking wooden block, i did as i was told and stripped, now this was going to be a long process 


*Justins POV*

Faith has just stripped and is currently sitting in front of some old man, it made me feel uncomfortable, but then he started to paint on her, and i understood what this was, i've seen some of this type of art before and they are absolutely amazing

When we leave this studio i decided i was going to tell Faith exactly how i felt, and i'm praying she still feels the same way about me.


*Faiths POV*

Finally nearly 8 hours later and we was done!!! The man took a couple pictures and showed me the final masterpiece;

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was amazing, it was so beautiful, this man was so talented, i congratulated him and told if he ever needed anyone ever again i would be more than happy to volunteer, a lady showed me towards the bathroom so i could wash of the paint, after i had finished i put back on the clothes i had been wearing and headed over to Justin

"Lets go" I smiled

He stood up and followed me, we both climbed into my car and headed back to the hotel, it was now half 4, the show started at half 7, didn't really have loads of time, but it would be enough, i climbed out my car and so did Justin, i turned and looked at Justin who was unsure as to follow me or get in his car

"Coffee?" I offered with a smile

"Sure" he agreed, smiling back, following me

When we walked into my room I put the kettle on and sat on the bed and took my shoes off, Justin sat beside me and turned to face me

"Fay" he began

"Yeah" i answered

"I.....I think i'm.....in love with you" he finished

I didn't know what to say, so many things were rushing through my head, but they stopped when i felt Justin press his lips against mine, i felt him slide his tongue along my bottom lip, asking for entrance, which i gave.

He slowly lowered me back onto the bed, we broke from the kiss for literally a second while Justin pulled his top off, and then we continued making out, as we done this i unzipped my tracksuit top and pulled it off, so we were both topless now.

I could feel Justin tugging at my bottoms, was this really happening!!!!! Was i about to have sex with my bestfriend? I thought about it for a moment and then allowed him to tugged them off, i hesitated before pulling his down.

"Are you sure you want this" Justin asked in between kisses

"Yeah" i replied



Justin laid me down properly on the bed and hovered about me, my heart was racing, it felt like it was about to pop out, Justin's had sex before!! I haven't, what if i was really bad??? As these thoughts raced through my mind i felt Justin unclipping my bra, and soon i was braless.

Justin moved away from my lips and worked his way down my neck, breast and ended up just under my belly button. He looked at me and i nodded, he pulled down my undies and then pulled down his, somehow we had ended up under the covers, i felt Justin spread my legs apart slightly, and then he slipped himself inside, a shooting pain tore up my whole body, i could hear Justin's heavy breathing, he looked straight into my eyes and then smashed his lips into mine and started to thrust himself slowly, the pain had gone by now, and it was replaced with pleasure, i put my arms round Justin and literally clawed at his back, i let out a soft moan

"Am i hurting you" he asked a hint of worry in his tone 

"No...uhhh" i moaned

"Sure" he groaned

"Faster" i whispered into his hear

He did as he was told, but this was no good, i wanted to be in control, i flipped him over so that i was now straddling him, i started to move up and down and i begun slowly and then got faster and faster, i heard Justin let out a moan.

I laughed and continued, Justin then flipped me back and picked up the pace, i felt butterflies all over my body, it felt amazing 

"Juussss....tiiiinnnnn" I moaned

I looked at him and a smirk played across his lips, i wasn't going to last much longer. I felt Justin start to slow down, and then he finished off, he went tense and then his whole body went limp onto me, he then rolled over and we both sat there, breathing heavily. 

I stole a glance at Justin, who had a huge grin on his face, I stood up and slowly walked over to my suitcase, i was kind of sore, great.

I pulled out the dress i had chosen for tonight, and headed towards the shower i turned it on and waited for it to get hot, i climbed in and begun to wash myself, i then felt someone wrap their arms around my bare body, i opened my eyes to see Justin, who had ever so kindly joined me in the shower. I loved hotel showers, they were always huge. Justin started to kiss down my neck, and before either of us knew what was happening, we was having sex again.

Justin had hoisted me up and i wrapped my legs around his body, for the second time tonight Justin entered me, he had his arms wrapped under my legs, which meant it was my job to do the work, i slowly moved myself up and down, and our breathing became heavy again, i grabbed onto Justins hair and he smashed his lips against mine as i started to move quicker and harder. In no time we was done, Justin carried me out of the shower and placed me down on the bed.

He wrapped a towel around his body, only leaving his upper half of show, he handed me some underwear, i slipped it on and then stood up, i was heading over to grab my dress, when i felt Justin grab my wrist, he spun me around so that i was facing him

"Can't keep your hands of me can you" i giggled

"Not my fault is it" he winked

"I've got to get ready" i sighed, releasing myself from his grip 

"I gotta go" he frowned

"Why" i asked

"To get ready, i'll come back here and pick you up though, and we will go to the award show together" he offered

"Sounds good" i smiled, giving him a peck on the lips

He threw on his clothes that were scattered all over the bed and then left, as soon as he was gone i grabbed my phone, i dialled Chaz's number and waited for him to answer

"Sup shithead" he laughed

"Chaz omg!!!!!!" i screamed

"What" he asked, worried

"I just.....slept with Justin" i replied

"Ew, Faith that's so gross. I didn't want to know" he pretend to gag

"Shutup, i need your help, what should i do?" i asked

"Nothing, let him" he sighed

"Gee thanks chaz" i moaned

"Sorry, i gotta go, cya fay" he apologised hanging up. Great.

I put on the dress i had chosen and looked at myself in the mirror;


I slid on my watch and looked through my bag until i found the bracelet Justin had brought me and i put it on and then walked over to the dresser so i could do my hair and make-up;

I looked in the mirror for about the 10th time, and then decided i was satisfied with how i looked. There was a soft knock at my door and walked over and opened it to see Justin standing there;

"Ready" he asked

I held a finger up indicating i needed one minute, i run over to bed to grab my bag and phone, and then i headed back over to Justin and we headed towards his car. We both climbed in, and before Justin started the engine, i insisted on a picture;

I uploaded it to instagram with the caption 'On my way to the TCA's with @justinbieber'. Justin started the car and headed towards the venue, we were meant to pick up Kenny so that he could take the car for us, and then pick us back up later on. I was scrolling through my twitter and i glanced up from my phone for a second 


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