Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


33. Only Young

I'm on my way home, i had explained to Chaz and Ryan what had happened, and to my surprise i didn't cry, i guess i was tired of crying, and now i was trying to be strong. I pulled up outside my house, in Justin car, i looked down at my wrist and saw the bracelet Justin had brought me, i took it off and threw it in my bag, and then i saw my tattoo which reminded me of Justin as well. It seemed that wherever i looked i was reminded of him, i just couldn't win. I slammed my head down onto the steering wheel, what's that saying? If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If it doesn't then it was never meant to be. I guess i'll just have to see how things go. I sighed and opened the door to get out the car, Mally jumped up onto my shoulder, the dogs practically fell out the car when i opened the door for them, i grabbed my handbag and headed to my front door, i swung it opened and shouted for my mum, she come running down the stairs and pulled me into a massive hug, when she let go, she looked at Mally and raised her eyebrows

"Birthday present" I chuckled

She shook her head and walked towards the living room, motioning for me to follow, i did and walked in and sat down on the sofa. She picked up a bag and handed it to me, I looked inside and there was the most beautiful watch I had ever seen;


I pulled it out of the bag and slid it onto my wrist, i admired it for a couple of seconds, i then stood up and pulled my mum into a huge hug, and thanked her, as i pulled away my phone started to vibrate, i pulled it out my pocket and answered the call, it was Scooter

"Fay" he begun

"Yepp" i answered, popping the p

"Ellen was wondering if your still cool with doing the show" he asked

I had completely forgotten

"Urm, yeah i guess so" i laughed

"Great, you'll be flying down on wednesday night, so that's 5 days from now, you'll stay in a hotel, and then i'll pick you up before the show. Cya" he replied, hanging up



*6 days later*


Last night was my last day in Canada, i spent it with Chaz and Ry, we had a movie marathon, it was great. I was currently at the hotel, getting ready for the show, Mally was sleeping on the bed cuddling his fav teddy. The dogs had to stay at home with my mum this time, i already missed them. I sighed and then walked over to the mirror to check out my outfit;



I done a little twirl, just to make sure everything was perfect, i then headed over to the dressing table so that i could do my hair and makeup, i sat down and got to work;


I put my hair into a middle parting, and then continued with my makeup;


I was going for a natural look. I stood up and grabbed my phone, i looked at the time, it was half 10, Scooter said he would be here and 20 to 11, that gave me 10 minutes to spare, i opened up my twitter, i looked at my mentions, i had loads of new followers and tweets, i retweeted a couple, and then something that i new i would regret, i typed in Justin's username and scrolled through his tweets

'Musics life'

'Miss you :('


'Love love love' - there was a photo attached to this one;


I quickly locked my phone and threw it on my bed, i picked up my bag and put a few bits in it, i picked up my phone and put it in, Mally was awake now, he was sitting watching me, I called him and he come running and got on my shoulder, i then left the hotel room, hopefully Scooter would be here now, I walked outside and was blinded by flashing lights, i heard a car horn, i looked up to see Scooter sitting in a car, i run over and jumped in and we headed off to the show. The radio was playing and a song started to play, i knew straight away who's voice it was, i should have turned it of there and then, but i was so intrigued

Lately I've been thinking,

thinking about what we had

And I know it was hard,

it was all that we knew, yeah

Have you been drinking, 

to take all the pain away?

I wish that I could give you what you deserve

Cause nothing could ever, ever replace you

Nothing can make me feel like you do, yeah

You know there's no one, I can relate to

I know we won't find a love that's so true


There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me

Together through the storm

There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me together, oh

I gave you everything babe

Well, everything I had to give

Girl, why would you push me away? yeah


Lost in confusion, like an illusion

You know I'm used to making your day

But that is the past now, we didn't last now

I guess that this is meant to be yeah

Tell me, was it worth it? We were so perfect

But baby I just want you to see


There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me

Together through the storm

There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me together

There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me together through the storm

There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me together

Scooter looked at me and then turned away quickly

"What?" I asked

"Nothing" he muttered

"Tell me" i snapped

"Fine, it's just, well Justin wrote that song himself" he replied

"So" i frowned

"Sooo, he wrote it like 2 days after you left" he answered

"and" i sighed

"and, it's about you" he replied

I choked on the air, i had listened to every word of that song, and it completely described me and Justin, We sat in silence for the rest of the journey, When we arrived Scooter showed me where to go, he then took Mally, he was going to sit backstage with him for me, a lady took me over to the back of the stage, she started count 5....4.....3.....2.....1.....Go and with that she pushed me onto the stage, i walked over to Ellen and she stood up and we hugged and then sat down 

"So faith, i believe this is the first show you've been on since the x-factor right?" she asked

"Yeah it is" i smiled

"Great!!! Well this is also the first show Justin Bieber was on" she laughed

"Mhm" i nodded

"About Justin, i hear you two are an item" she hinted

"Not at all" i replied, rather blunt

"Oh, you don't sound to happy" she frowned

"It's complicated" I sighed

"I like complicated" She chucked, so did the audience

"I hate it" i laughed

"So what is the situation with you and my boy then" she asked

"Nothing, nothing at all, he doesn't mean anything to me" i shrugged

That was a lie, Justin still meant everything to me.

"Ooooo no!!!!" she cried

"Yeah, we were friends, really good friends, but things change" i laughed

"Oooooo, i'm feeling some tension" Ellen chuckled 

"Don't say that" i smirked

The rest of the interview was just about my career, and what i wanted to achieve.


*3 months later*

I've been very busy the last 3 months, i've become rather well known, i brought out my first music video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyYEMXHIVAU for anyone who wanted an idea of the video) I've brought out an album called 'Faith' which sounds rather big headed because that's my name, but that's obviously not why i chose it haha. Im going on Late Show with David Letterman tonight, I'm quite excited. I've only been home a couple of times these last few months, so i left Mally there, i didn't think it was fair to keep flying him around with me and dragging him everywhere i go. I finally brought my own car as well!!! It was a white range rover. It was currently sitting in my hotels car park, i no longer need to be driven everywhere!!!!! I stood up from the bed i was sitting on and looked at myself in the mirror;



I put my hair up into a ponytail and put on a tiny bit of mascara and eyeliner, i left the hotel room and headed to my car, i got in and drove to the show, when i got  there i was running a bit late so i had to rush, and literally as i walked in i was dragged onto the stage, i walked over to David and said hello and then took a seat

"You look very nice and summery yet dark" David laughed

"Thanks, i think" i chuckled

"So you've got a new album out" he asked

"Yeah, it's called Faith, and it's got loads of songs i think that people, especially girls can relate to" i smiled

"Great" he said

"It really is" i replied

"So, l saw you on the Ellen show and i noticed that when she mentioned Justin Bieber, you said you were close, so i was wondering if i could ask a few questions?" he asked

"Urm, i guess so" i shrugged

"Lately Justin has been getting up to no good, he split up with his girlfriend Caitlin, how do you feel about that?"

"Urm, i don't really think it affects me to be honest, Caitlin's a lovely girl, i met her while i was on tour with Justin for a while, and she seems nice, so yeah" i laughed

"Next, Justin was caught on video peeing into a mop bucket at a hotel a few weeks ago, and cursing at a picture of Bill Clinton, is this like him" 

"I didn't know about this, but no, not all, the Justin i knew was sweet and humble, not a jerk" i sighed

"So it isn't something he would of done?" 

"Not at all, he would never be so disrespectful, i don't know what's got into him" i stated

"Next,Justin has just left Brazil, and while he was there, he was caught leaving a brothel, how did this make you feel?" as he said it, he held up a picture of a boy with a cover over his head popped up on screen, and you could only see his arm, but i knew that arm

"I actually haven't seen this picture, it was hard enough not be able to see Justin, so i tried to distance myself from him all together, and to achieve this, i tried to avoid seeing anything about him, if i saw his name i would look the other way, do you know what i mean? like it's hard enough losing someone you love, but it's even harder when your the reason their gone, l was the one who cut the strings, not him" i smiled weakly

"I see, so you didn't know about this either then?" he replied, playing out a ipad and he pressed play on the video

It was a video of Justin sleeping in bed, it was being recorded by a girl, after the video ended a picture appeared which was from twitter and it had the caption 'thanks @justinbieber for the money' I felt sick, why was he paying to sleep with people now. 

"No i didn't know, and it breaks my heart knowing he is acting like this, i've grown up with Justin all my life until recently, and now i'm hearing all this bad stuff about him, and he has literally changed in front of me, and definitely not for the better, it's horrible, it makes feel sick, i care about Justin a lot, I don't ever want to see anything bad happen to him, i love him with all my heart, but like, if you act the way he is acting you're going to start to piss people off ya know?" i replied, with tears starting to build up

"Yeah exactly, people are going to have something to say"

"I know and it's horrible, because i know deep down Justin is so much better than and it really does break my heart" i mumbled, tears falling down my face now

"Hey don't cry, what ya crying for?" he asked handing me some tissues

"Justin's been my best friend since i can ever remember, and now i'm hearing about how he is acting and it upsets me like this isn't him, and somehow i can't help but feel that it's my fault, like all this has started to happen ever since i left him on tour, i always get asked what happened with me and him, and i ignored the questions, this is the first show where i have openly admitted everything, and i mean everything, and it just hurts" i whispered, wiping my tears

"Well i appreciate your honesty, but i don't want you crying!" he chuckled

I laughed at him and smiled, i had wiped away all my tears and was ready

"I know, i've tried to be so strong about everything, i've resisted the urge to just cry my eyes out for months now, i built up some kind of defensive wall, so that i wouldn't let myself get hurt, but i always end up getting hurt, so i don't know why i bother"

"Come on, your only young!"

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