Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


27. Old Times

Me and Scooter have just got back from the emergency room, he was still pissed at me for staying on the stage for two more songs, so we hadn't really spoken much, but good news, my foot wasn't broken, it was just sprained, i had to have some crutches for now and as long as i got plently of rest, it should of healed up by next week, i was glad to hear that, seen as my birthday was next week.

I went straight to the tourbus and tried to hobble up the stairs, all the noise i was making had made the dogs bark which then caused someone to open the door, i looked up to see Christain giving me a rather confused look, i put my head down and started to laugh

"Need some help" he offered

"Yes please" i mumbled

He took the crutches out of my hands and put them on the bus behind him, he then lifted me up by my waist, and then planted me on the floor on the bus, he was suprisingly stronger than he looked, i thanked him and then bent down a grabbed my crutches and hobbled to my room, Christain already knew what had happened, everyone did, how embarrassing,

I flung open my door and limped in, i laid my crutches agaisnt the wall so that i could get undressed, i put my hair up into a loose ponytail and threw on one of Justins big jumpers, it come up halfway up my thigh, but it was cool, as long as it covered up my lady parts, i just cringed myself out ew.

I grabbed my crutches and flew into the lounge, i took a seat next to boys and picked up a controller and asked if i could play, they nodded and added me into the game, we must of been playing for about an hour and then we all jumped when the bus door flew open, and in walked Justin.

When he saw me a smile formed on his face, i smiled back and put down the controller, i stood up putting all my weight on my good leg and hopped over to Justin, he picked me up and spun me round in a hug, he then grabbed my crutches and threw me over his shoulder and headed towards the bedroom, when we got there he laid me on the bed and then put my crutches agaisnt the wall and he took off his top and trousers and threw on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and then laid in the bed with me.

I slid over so that i was closer to him, he put his arm around me and then asked me what the doctor had said

"Just a sprain" i smiled

"Your lucky" he laughed

"Why" i frowned

"Don't you remember!!!" he chuckled

"Remember what??" i gasped

"When i done that show back in Canada and i slipped and broke my ankle!!!" he burst out laughing, and so did i

Now i remembered, it was the funniest and scarriest thing ever, he was singing just fine and then he slipped on the edge of the stage, and fell, but he twisted his ankle as he did it, but the funniest part was the fact that he knocked himself out!!! As he fell he had banged his head on the stage, the scarriest part was the fact that he wasn't waking up, i actually thought he was dead.

I looked at Justin, by now we both had tears in our eyes from laughing so much.

"Do you remember when Chaz got stuck in the babyswing" i cried, remembering the moment

Chaz had been dared to climb in one of the babyswings in the park, he got in fine, it was the getting out that proved difficult, he couldnt get his legs back up, us being the best friends ever literally died from laughing, then took videos and then decided to get help, in the end the fire brigade had to come and cut him out, that is a day none of us will ever forget.

And that's how me and Justin spent the rest of the night, remenicising on the old times.

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