Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


10. Must Be Crazy

Me and Chaz had just finish our meals and were about to leave when we saw Nick walk in with some of his friends. My face crumbled, omg what do I do. I looked at Chaz and then back at nick, Chaz knew I felt really uncomfortable.

"What do we do?" I whispered

"I dont know" Chaz answered shrugging his shoulders

We waited till Nick had gone up to the counter and then we got up to sneak out, we was just about to walk out when we heard someone shout 'Hey', I turned around, instantly regretting it. Nick was standing there laughing.

"Weren't you going to say hello" he chuckled

"Didn't see you" I lied

"It's ok, I'll forgive you" he winked, ew gross. Nick then noticed Chaz and laughed

"Omg, are you'se on a date"

"No" we both snapped

"Sure?" he asked

"Yes" I mumbled

"Hmm" he said

"Well anyway we best be going, we've got to be somewhere" I rushed

"See ya after summer williams" Nick smirked as we left. Wonder what he was on about? He didn't even know what I was doing after summer? Weird.

"Well, that wasn't too bad I guess" I sighed to Chaz

"Guess so" he laughed.

Me and Chaz were about to leave when we walked past a pet store, I retraced ny steps and peeked into the store, I took a step in and then motioned for Chaz to follow me, I walked around the store looking around, when a rather cheerful girl popped up infront of me

"Can I help?" she beamed

"Urm, I'm just looking" I chuckled

"Well, our small animals are all up here and out the back is where the puppies are kept" she smiled

My eyes lit up, I loved dogs, I smiled at her and headed towards where she sad the dogs where kept, when I spotted them I felt like I was in heaven. They were all so beautiful, I climbed over the little fence to get a closer look, they all started yapping at me, there was all different breeds, beagles, pomerainions, poodles and, that's when I spotted her, she was so cute, It was a fluffy white and grey husky, she had piercing blue eyes, just like mine, she was beautiful, I knew then that I wanted her, lying next to her was a slightly bigger dog, it looked like a boy, he was identical to the female, but darker coloured, they were both beautiful, I walked over to them and started petting them, when I heard someone cough behind me, I turned around to see the girl standing there with Chaz.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself" I apologised

"No worries" she laughed

"There beautiful" I said, nodding towards the two dogs

"Yeah they are, we've got a sale on them two" she sighed

"Oh, why's that" I asked

"Well, they can't be seperated, if we take one of them for a walk, and we are gone longer than 5 minutes the other one howls until we bring them back, so we've got a special deal on them, but they must be sold together" she answered

"I want them" I blurted out

The girl looked a bit taken back, guess I'd made her jump, Chaz's face was priceless, he's mouth was pratically on the floor. The girl looked at me and raised her eyebrows

"Really" she asked

"Umm, yeah I guess so, It sounds like your having trouble selling them both" I answered

"Omg!!! That's great news!! I'm so happy for them!! They deserve a good home" she smiled

I smiled back while she rushed off out the back to get some papers that had to be signed, when she was out of sight I turned to Chaz and my smile faded.

"Omg, what I have I done, what if my mum says no?? How am I going to cope with them??" I franted

"You can always so no?" he replied

"No fucking way" I said, hitting him round the head

"Ow" he moaned

Just then the girl come back, she handed me some papers and said I needed to sign them, I signed them and handed them back to her, she then headed towards the till and motioned for us to follow, this was when I realised I hadn't even asked how much the dogs were!! Omg.

"That'll be $900 please" the girl smiled at me, not bad I thought considering I was getting two dogs, I pulled out my credit card and paid on that, thank the lord for being an only child. I smiled at the girl as she handed me the dogs on their leads, I took them and thanked her, while I was paying I had sent Chaz round the store to get some things for the dogs he come back with 2 dog beds, 4 bowls, a few toys and a blanket, I quickly paid then left the store. We headed my car and jumped in, I can't believe I just brought two dogs!!! I must be crazy....


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