Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


32. It's A Long Story

I turned my head away so that I wasn't looking at him

"Don't you ever answer your phone" he chuckled

"No" i snapped

"What's wrong" he frowned

"You" i snapped again

I looked up at him, his eyes were filled with confusion, i could literally see his brain ticking, and then the penny dropped and his eyes changed from confusion to guilt.

He grabbed my arm and took me over to the balcony, he opened the door and the closed it behind him. 

"Look fay, I wanted to tell you, just not on your birthday!" he begun

"No, don't give me your bull Justin, you've been sneaking around for nearly 2 weeks, you should've just told me!" i yelled

"I didn't want to hurt you" he pleaded

"It way too late for that Justin, what was you thinking!!!! That i would rather find out later??? I can't believe i was so stupid to actually think you liked me!!! I guess everything that happened on the plane was a mistake then?" i cried

"Fay I'm sorry, I do like you, it's complicated, and no of course not!!! it was not a mistake at all, i'm just so confused right now, i don't want to ruin our friendship, and i feel a relationship will do just that, it was wrong for me to ask you on a date without thinking things through, but i don't want anything to happen to our friendship" he replied

"Too little too late" i whispered

"Fay you don't mean that, come on, please, I'm so sorry" he pleaded

I couldn't hold back my tears any longer, i burst into tears and fell to the floor, Mally jumped down onto my lap, and held onto my hand for dear life.

Justin run over and knelt down beside, he leant against the balcony door and pulled me towards him, i cried my eyes out onto his bare chest while he soothed me and stroked my hair

"Everything will be alright" he soothed

"No, no it won't" I sighed, i had finally stopped crying

"Fay, don't say that" he frowned

"I'm sorry Justin, I gotta go" I said, pushing myself up

"Fay!" he shouted, i turned round to face him

"Justin, i've got to let go, not because i'm giving up, but because i'm accepting that some things aren't meant to be, love can hurt, but it hurts even more when you try hiding it, I honestly don't know where i stand with you anymore, i know falling for you was risky, because it risked our friendship, but it was a risk i was willing to take, have you ever fell in love with someone you shouldn't have? I tried so hard to fight my feelings towards you, but I can't, not anymore, as each day has gone by i've fell deeper and deeper, i get happy when i see you, a glance turns into a stare, how much longer was i supposed to of gone on pretending that i wasn't in love with you? But do you know what the worst thing is about all of this is? I was keeping this secret from the one person i can usually tell anything too, and now I have told you, I've lost you, I'm sorry but, goodbye Justin" i sighed

I kissed his cheek and then turned around and disappeared into the crowd leaving Justin standing there. Alone.

I got a taxi to drive me to the tour bus, i presumed someone would still be there, i opened the door and peered in to see Christian, Caitlin and Austin sitting on the couch. Great, just what i needed. I walked past them without saying a word.

I walked into my room and grabbed my suitcase and handbag, luckily Justin had given me Mally's papers the other day so he would be allowed to fly with me, they were like an animal passport haha.I walked out of the room, and weakly smiled at everyone before headed out to the door, i called the dogs so they would follow and then i headed back to the taxi which i had made wait for me.

I asked the taxi to drop me of at any hotel, he did and i paid him and got out and headed into the hotel. 

"Hello" i smiled

"How may i help" the lady beamed

"I was wondering if it would be possible to book a room for tonight?" I asked

"Certainly" she smiled, tapping things into the computer

She turned behind her and took a key of the hook and handed it to me

"Room 3, would you like to pay now or in the morning" she smiled

"Urm nows fine" i answered, pulling my purse from my handbag

"Right, thats $150 then please" she replied

"Here" i smiled, handing her the correct money. 

I headed to my room, as soon as i opened the door i laid onto the bed and burst into tears. I cried myself to sleep that night, and that's something i haven't done in a long time. I woke up the next morning at 7.

I walked over to the shower and turned it on, i got in and washed my hair and body, and when i got out i wrapped a towel around me and brushed my teeth. I then headed over to my suitcase and pulled out the outfit i was going to wear today;

I did say i loved Chanel didn't i?. I put on a tiny bit of mascara and threw my hair up into a messy bun, i then grabbed all my stuff, not forgetting Mally and the dogs.

I called up a taxi, which said they would be about 10 minutes, i sat down on the bed and looked down at my phone, 5 messages and 3 missed calls, all the calls were from Justin.

I opened the first message

From: Jay

Fay, look i was a fool, i'm so sorry for the way i acted, please tell me where you are? Christian said you left with Mally and the dogs earlier, please we need to speak!!, i don't want to lose you fay, you mean the world to me, please reply to me


From: Scoot

Fay, we are all really worried about you, if you don't want to speak to Justin, at least speak to me? please, considering i want to be your manager ;) hahaha, but yeah get back to me

I decided to text him back straight away

To: Scoot

Hey, i'm fine, i got my own hotel last night, and i'm going to get a flight back to Canada in about 10 minutes. I hope the offers still there, i just need to take a break for a bit, i'm sorry if i've messed things up 




What the hell hahahaa, i ignored that one

From: Justin

Fay!!!! Please don't ignore me, just let me know your safe!!!!


From: Pats

Hey hun, just want to know your safe, remember your only 17!!! Text me asap x

I replied

To: Pats

Hey, im fine, as i told scooter, im going home today, just need a break x

I decided i would text Justin back

To: Jay

I'm fine and safe, i booked my own hotel. I'm going home today. Please stop messaging me now, don't make this any harder than it already is.

I sent the text and then slid my phone into my pocket and left the hotel room, i handed the key back at the desk and walked outside to get into the taxi, when i arrived at the airport it was manic, there was flashes everywhere, i put my hand over my face so that i wouldn't go blind.

I walked over to the desk and explained i needed to get to Canada as soon as. She offered me a private jet which i happily accepted. I was being shown where to go and then i was brought onto the runway and i walked over to the plane and climbed on. It felt good to be going home. 

*1 hour later*

I've just landed in Canada. I had already got a taxi waiting for me for when i got of the plane, i got inside and told him Ryan's address, Justin's car was there and i would need to use that for a while. I thanked the man and paid him and then got out, along with all my luggage, i walked over to Ry's gate and punched in the code so that the gates would open, i decided to leave my bags outside as he had gates so no one could take my stuff.

I walked over to the door and opened it, i looked in and saw Chaz and Ryan sitting on the couch watching football, i tried to sneak in, but Skylar barged past me, knocking me onto my ass. I looked up to see Chaz and Ryan burst out laughing, i hung my head down and i was about to looked up again when they jumped onto me, causing Mally to go crazy, which scared the life out of the boys, now that was funny. I burst out laughing, and in the end we was all crying from laughter.

I missed this. I stood up so that i could hug the boys properly. 

"We missed you" Chaz smiled

"I missed you two" i laughed

"Who's this little guy then" Ryan asked, pointing to Mally

"This is Mally, he was a birthday present" I sighed

"You don't sound to happy about that" Chaz frowned

"Well, Justin was the one who brought him for me" i muttered

"What's the problem with that? We sorted it out with him now" Ry laughed

"Yeah but i'm not sorted with him" i mumbled

"What's happened now" Chaz rolled his eyes

"It's a long story" I sighed

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