Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


39. I love you two

There on the telly was a picture of my mum. I concentrated on the program, it was the news, they were running a story about my mum. How is that fair. That's an invasion of my privacy, they have no right to do this. I grabbed my phone and dialled Scooters number, who was only only a few doors down. 

"Scooter" I snapped

"What" he urged

"How can the news be running a story on my mother" I hissed

"What? That's not possible, they aren't allowed to" he informed

"Well i've just seen it" I growled

"What station" he asked

"Channel 5" I sighed

"Ok, i'm on it" he assured me

"Thanks" I mumbled, hanging up. I was furious. I laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling until my eyes slowly started to drift off to sleep. I woke up in a sweat. I had a nightmare about my mum. Now i was awake i realise i was living the nightmare. I looked at Justin who was still sleeping. I slowly stepped out from the bed and headed towards the shower. I put it on and stepped in, when i was finished i stepped out and wrapped a towel around my body and hair. I walked back into the bedroom and headed over to the wardrobe.

My grandparents were sorting out my mum's funeral rather than leaving it too me. Today was going to be my last day in Canada. We were flying over to England tomorrow. Chaz was coming along with us, but Ryan couldn't, he had some things he needed to do so we was going to spend the day together, all of us. 

I picked out my outfit and put it on and done my hair the same way;

I looked at myself in the mirror. I wouldn't normal wear something like this during autumn but, i didn't have the energy to make any kind of effort today. I took the sunglasses off and pushed them up onto my head, i turned my head to face the bed, Justin was sitting up smiling at me. I smiled back and headed over to him. I sat in front of him, he pulled me into a hug from behind, i wrapped my arms around his. I could feel his chest moving up and down. I rested my head back onto him and he kissed the top of my head. I let out a little giggle. 

"I better get ready" he groaned, his voice was all husky, i liked it

"I guess so" I sighed, moving out of his reach

I watched him walk over to the bathroom, I walked over to the dressing table and picked up my phone, i had 5 new messages


From: Chazman

You up?

I replied

To: Chazman

From: Faith

No, i'm sleeping

I laughed at how stupid my text was


From: Dem

Hey hun, just wanted to give my condolences about what happened. I'm always here if you need anyone, just give me a call beautiful x x

To: Dem

From: Faith

Thankyou dem, it really means a lot, I'm going to England tomorrow so i won't be around much, but if you happen to be in the UK let me know, x x


From: Scoot

Didn't want to ring incase i woke you up, but i sorted out the whole news scandal, Scoot

To: Scoot

From: Faith

Thanks man, it means a lot x


From: Nolstar

Hey, urm i'm really sorry about your mum, even though i'm in england i'm still here for you :), give me a call sometime x

To: Nolstar

From: Faith

Hey nolan, thanks means a lot, and actually me&j are flying to england tomorrow, neither of us have seen you since you left, so maybe we could meet up?x


From: Unknown

Hey sorry about your mum, hope you feel better soon :)

To: Unknown

From: Faith

Thanks but, who is this?

I waited to see if anyone replied, Chaz sent me a text saying 'ok' the freak hahaha. I looked down and my phone started to ring, it was Demi

"Hey" I chirped

"Hello" she laughed

"soooo" i continued

"Well, i was going to take you up on your offer, i'm in the UK, in about 2 weeks time, and if your still there i thought maybe we could meet up" she offered

"Definitely" i beamed

"Great, we will arrange something closer to the time" she chuckled, before saying goodbye

I looked back down at my phone, Nolan had replied agreeing to my offer, which was great news, i missed him like crazy

From: Unknown

It's chris? Can't of forgotten me already ;)

I laughed and quickly saved his number and then text back

To: Chris

From: Faith

Hahaha, sorry, i never got your number, i'm kind of busy, but i will give you a call later tonight x

With that I slipped my phone into my pocket and looked up to see Justin;

My boyfriend was so yummy. I smiled at him and he laughed and headed to the mirror so he could sort out his hair, i giggled and then pulled out my phone again. This time i was going to check the news. One heading in particular caught my eye, i opened it 'BIEBERS GIRLFRIEND, SERIOUS OR FLING?' I looked through the pictures;

My eyebrows knitted together. These were really old photos of me and Justin, and why would they put a heading like that when it's obvious that we are dating. And have been for over a year..... I closed the app and went on my instagram instead, i decided to upload some pictures of me and Justin;

Caption: 'Old, but look at us in our matching jumpers @justinbieber' 

Caption: 'Love my BOYFRIEND, no fling' 

Caption 'Sorry to spam everyones feeds, but, i do love my fav monkeys @justinbieber'

Caption 'Right last one lol. Picture says it all @justinbieber #love'

I smiled looking at the last picture i uploaded. I quickly changed it so that it was now my twitter picture. That was a recent picture of us. I loved it. I looked up at Justin who was just finishing off his hair, he turned to me and nodded, indicating he was ready. I laughed and stood up and grabbed my keys off the side and headed out the door. I bought a car while we were here. I decided that was appropriate, i had a car in cali, which was were i was looking to buy a house, and i would now have a car in Canada which is where i'm from, so i would be visiting a lot. My car was;

I got in the driving seat and Justin got in next to me. I headed towards Chaz's house, after about 15 minutes we was outside, I reved up the engine, hopefully that would make Chaz hurry up. I looked up and saw him coming running out of the house, he had Mally on his shoulder. Chaz had been taking care of my pets for me, but i told him to bring Mally today. Justin stepped out so that Chaz could get in, i then sped off to Ryan's house. Justin punched in the code for the gates and i drove in. I turned of the engine and stepped out of the car and instantly Mally jumped from Chaz to me. I let out a small laugh and then headed to Ryans front door. I opened it and walked in, I saw his dad sitting in the work room, i gave him a small nod and then proceeded towards the kitchen, presuming Ryan would be there, i laughed as my presumption was right. He was stuffing his face with cake, i laughed and shook my head at him. He walked over to me and pulled me into a big hug. I hugged back, and then pulled away. 

"Right, my dad's leaving soon, so i thought movies for a bit, and then...... PARTYYY" he beamed

"Sounds good" the boys agreed

I was alright with watching movies, i wasn't to sure about the party though

"Who's party" I asked quietly, causing everyone to look at me

"One of the guys from high school" Chaz answered

"Uh, well... I'm not sure" I mumbled

"If you don't want to go we don't have too" Justin smiled

"Urmm, maybe for a bit" i replied

They all gave me a warm smile. I smiled back and then we headed to Ryans front room. Me and Justin sat down on the sofa, i kicked off my shoes and snuggled up to him, with Mally on my lap. Ryan put in a film and sat down on one of the armchairs, Chaz took the other one and wee watched the movie. 

We was now onto our 5th film, i looked at the time, it was nearly 6.

"What time is this party" I asked 

"Starts at half 7" Ryan smiled

"Ok, well i'm gonna head to the hotel so i can get changed" I laughed, pointing at what i was wearing

"Ok" he smiled

I stood up and handed Mally back to Chaz, and headed towards the front door, followed by Justin

"You coming i guess" i laughed at him

"Yep" he grinned

I laughed and said goodbye, we both got in the car and i drove back to the hotel. When we arrived we walked in and i opened the door and headed straight to the wardrobe and picked out my outfit;

I walked over to the mirror to do my hair and make up;

(longer, and her hair color)

I looked at myself in the mirror, a small frown playing across my face, i wasn't sure if i looked alright, i turned around to see Justin sitting on the bed with a smirk on his face

"What" I frowned

"Nothing, you look beautiful" he smiled

"Really" I mumbled

"Of course" he laughed, getting up and walking towards me

When he reached me he snaked his arms around my waist, he leaned down and rested his lips onto mine, after a few minutes he pulled away

"Well we better go" I announced

He nodded and walked towards the door. I quickly grabbed my shoes and put them on;

I grabbed my keys and walked out of the room, we both headed towards my car. We got in and i turned on the engine and raced off down the road towards Ryans house. When we pulled up outside i beeped the horn, and they both come rushing out. Chaz's mum had picked up Mally earlier for us. Justin stepped out the car so that the boys could get in the back. When they were in i pulled out of his drive and started off down the road listening to Ryans instructions. We finally pulled up outside the party. All eyes were on us, as its not everyday you see someone driving a very expensive car, or Justin Bieber just turning up at a party. 

I stepped out and pulled my seat forward so that Chaz could get out. Ryan and Chaz then disappeared of into the party. Justin walked round to me and offered me his arm, which i took and we then headed into the party. As we walked through the party goers Justin said hello to a few people, before we headed towards the kitchen to get a drink

"Want anything" he offered

The whole time we have known each other, neither of us had seen the other one drunk, or even drink for that matter

"Sure" I smiled

His eyebrows raised slightly 

"What" i questioned

"Nothing" he laughed, a smirk replacing his previous face

He turned back to the drinks and when he turned back around he was holding two drinks, he handed one to me, i took a sip, it wasn't bad, i drank it all in one go. When i looked up Justin had a small smile formed onto his lips.

I was now onto my 10th drink. The alcohol had kicked in on about my 5th one. Justin was a little bit drunk as well, we was both sprawled out on a sofa. I handed someone my phone and asked them take a picture of us;

A giggled escaped my lips, i quickly uploaded the picture to instagram, well as quickly as a drunk teenager could, i tried my best to put a caption with it 'wuuthhhh mtttt faccc @justniiiibeibberrr' uploaded. 

I looked at Justin who had a seductive look about him, i instantly lunged myself at him. We was rudely interrupted by Chaz. 

"Urm Jay, someone wants to speak to you" he mumbled

"Whooooooo" he dragged out

"Yeahhhh whoooooo" i slurred

"Holly" he whispered

"Who's hooooooooooolly" i giggled

"Holly from school" Chaz chuckled

"I don't knoooooooooow any Hollyssssssss" i laughed

"Lets go see her together" spoke

We both stood up and stumbled over to where Chaz had said Holly was. When i saw her i still didn't recognise her. 

"Are yoouuu Hoooooooooooolly" I laughed

"ew" she gasped

"Ewwwwww whattttt" i frowned

"Ew you" she chuckled

"Heeeey" Justin piped up with a frown on his face

"Hey Justy" she purred

"It's Justin" he slurred

I stood there studying Holly. She looked a bit taken back by Justins comment. I was still holding a drink in my hand when she made a big mistake. She placed her hands on Justin shoulders and went to lean in, Justins face was hilarious, he looked disgusted, without thinking i threw my drink over her. She turned her head towards me, drink dripping down her face

"Big mistake" she yelled

"Noooooooo, i'm scared" i joked

Her face went bright red, she was about to throw herself at me when Justin stepped in between us

"Leave" he slurred

"But Justy" she whined

"LEAVE" he shouted in her face

With that she turned on her heels and trotted of towards the front door. Justin turned back towards me with a smirk on his face

"I like it when your feisty" he murmured

"Oh really" i teased, wrapping my arms around him

He smashed his lips into mine and we started to make out in the middle of the dance floor. 

"Mhmm, we should go back to the hotel" I mumbled in between the kiss

"I'll get Chaz to get a cab" he croaked

10 minutes later and we was in a cab on our way back to the hotel. By now I was very drunk. Justin gave the man some money and we stumbled towards the hotel room, once inside there was no way to keep us apart, i kicked my shoes off and jumped up onto Justin, we smashed our lips together. Justin sat himself down on the bed with me still on top. I slowly started to pull away, i then stood in front of him and slowly started to pull my dress down, he bit his bottom lip, trying to resist the urge to attack me, i stood in my underwear and slowly done a little dance in a circle. 

When i was facing Justin he had removed his top and shoes. I slowly pulled down my bra straps and then unclipped it. He couldn't resist any longer, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, our smashing together again. Justin fumbled around with the bed sheets until finally we was underneath them, he quickly pulled off his trousers, until he was left in just his boxers. I stopped kissing him and made my way down to his neck, i slowly stucked to kiss it, then suck, leaving him with a hickey. I could feel his hands roaming up and down my legs, i slowly parted them for him, granting him permission to touch. Our lips reconnected while Justin slipped a finger into me. I let out a soft moan before continuing with the kiss, he started slow and then got faster and faster, i arched my back and let out another moan. I tugged at his boxers until they were on the floor, he put himself inside and got down to work. Drunk sex is the best sex. I dug my nails into his back and scratched down his back, he let out a little whimper, he started to go faster causing me to arch my back more and more. I dug my nails harder and harder into my back

"Justin" i slurred

"Am i hurting" he growled, with a slight hint of worry to his tone

"No, faster" i moaned

He done as he was told. After about 5 minutes i flipped him over so that i was now on top. I slowly moved myself up and down, he let out a little moan which caused me to smirk. I looked down at him and started to go faster, he moved his hands onto my waist, guiding me. He then flipped me back over and finished off the work. He went really fast and then slowed right down

"Deeeeeeeeeeepeeeerrrrrr" I groaned

Once again he did as he was told, i couldn't hold it in anymore


A smile formed across his face, he was done. He rolled over so he was laying next to me. We both were sweating and panting like dogs. I heard a little chuckled escape his lips

"What" I croaked

"You screamed my name" he quietly laughed

"I've done that before" i panted

"No, you've moaned it, never screamed it though" he smirked

"Well then you're getting better" I purred

He pulled my naked body towards him and i rested my head onto his chest. He kissed the top of my head.

"I love you" he stated

"I love you two" i whispered

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