Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


22. Here I Come

My smile faded and i turned so that i was properly facing him, i nodded my head to indicate he should speak

"Well urm, i think we should speak about what happened yesterday" he mumbled

"I don't think we need to" I lied, truth was we did, but i didn't want to

"Come on Fay" he pleaded

"Fine" i sighed

"i don't know what i was thinking, i shouldn't have leaned in, i don't want to do anything that could ruin our friendship" he stated

Was he trying to say that he didn't want it to happen? Like it was a mistake or something? I could feel tears staring to fill up in my eyes, no come on Faith, don't cry

"Me two" I whispered, faking a smile

"So there's no awkwardness between us right?" he smiled

"Sure" i mumbled

I excused myself and headed towards the toilet, when i got there i burst into tears, i don't even know why i was crying, he was right wasn't he? If we had kissed that could of changed our whole friendship, but then again, it could of changed it for the better? i was so confused, i looked in the mirror and fixed my makeup, and wiped away my tears, i then headed back to my seat, when i sat down i turned away from Justin

"Fay" he called

"Yeah" i mumbled, still looking away

"Are you sure your alright" he asked

"Yeah" i answered, quickly glancing at him

"No your not!!, you've been crying, please tell me what's wrong" he pleaded

"it's nothing" i huffed

"I'm not stupid" he replied

"I'm fine, i'm just tired" i lied

"I wont give up until you tell me" Jusitn stated, crossing his arms

"please" i sighed

"Is it cause of what i said" he asked

I didn't answer, he took my silence as an answer

"it is isn't it!!" he said

"mhmm" i mumbled

"i didn't mean to upset you" he said, putting his arm around me

"No, i'm just being silly" i cried

"Please tell me" he asked

"It's just you made it sound like it was a big mistake and that you didn't want it to happen" i mumbled, looking away

"Oh Fay, i never meant for it to come across like that, i just felt awkward because neither of have spoken about it, and i pressumed that was how you felt" he answered

"Well you shouldn't just presume things" i stated

"So, are you saying that you wanted it to happen?" he smirked

"Shutup" i groaned

Before i could say anything else i felt Justin's warm lips connect with mine, and we moved in sync, this was 100x better than i ever imagined, i closed my eyes and hoped that this moment would last forever, but of course, every good thing comes to an end, i felt Justin smile as he pulled away, i opened my eyes and looked at him

"I've been waiting to do that forever" he laughed

"Well what took you so long" i smiled

We both laughed, neither of us were quite sure on what to do now, our laughs stopped, and it become rather awkward, until Justin broke it

"So.... what now" he mumbled

"i dunno" i whispered back

"Lay down" he said

"Sure, wait what?" i laughed

"Lay you head here" he chuckled, patting his lap

I did as i was told and laid my head on his lap and i looked up into his eyes

"So how about, i urm take you on a.....date" he asked

"I'd love to" i smiled

"Great" he beamed

I laughed at him and then closed my eyes, i wanted to remember this moment for ever, when i opened them, Justin had his phone out, facing at me

"What are you doing!!" i laughed

"Just taking a picture of you" he chuckled

"Don't!!!" i screamed

"To late" he laughed, showing me his phone

He had uploaded a picture of me onto his instagram with the caption 'I do love my best friend <3'. I looked at the picture, it wasn't the most decent picture of me, but it wasn't awful, so i just shrugged it of, and laughed at him instead, but being me as i laughed i chocked on air, and started having a massive coughing fit, which meant i had to sit up, and once i finished, i burst out laughing again, this time i was joined by Justin, we both just sat there laughing, for what seemed like forever, i actually had tears in my eyes from laughing so much, our laughing session was interupted by the pilot announcing something


I looked out of the window and could just about make out the outline of the city. New york baby here i come!!

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