Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


7. Goodnight

We just arrived at the restaurant. We was 15 minutes late. Oops. I went to open my door, but as I grabbed the handle, someone opened the door, I looked up to see Justin smiling at me, I smiled back and stepped out of the car. Justin put his arm around me as we walked towards the restaurant, Justin opened the door for me, as I walked in I took a look around, the place was huge, definitely a fancy restaurant. It also had its own hotel attached to it, which was just as big. I heard Justin snigger, then I realised that my mouth was wide open, I quickly shut it and walked towards were the boys were standing.

"Hello, how may I help?" the man asked politely

"I have a table booked, it was for 8, sorry we are late" Justin answered

"Ok, that's fine, follow me" the man instructed walking towards the back of the restaurant

We all followed him until we reached this huge table with 5 seats placed around it, Chaz was the first one to take a seat, Nolan and Ryan sat down next, I pulled out the chair left next to Chaz and sat down, and Justin took the seat beside me. We all grabbed a menu and had a look before ordering what we wanted to eat and drink. We sat in a bit of an awkward silence until Chaz spoke.

"Well bro, I must say, I'm going to miss you" Chaz laughed, fist pounding Justin

"I'll miss ya two" Justin chuckled

"Me two" Ryan and Nolan chorused, they had a thing for that lately haha. I sat their in silence until Justin turned to me and asked "Aren't you going to miss me?"

"Nope" I replied, popping the p

"Hmm" he answered, raising his eyebrows

"Of course I am" I joked

"Say it" he teased

"Fineeee, Justin I am going to miss you dearly, I don't know what I'm ever going to do without you" I laughed, pretending to wipe away a tear, truth was I really was going to miss him, like crazy. I really don't know what I'm going to do without out him. I was interrupted from my thoughts by the waiter, who was putting our food on the table.

"Grubs up" Chaz joked

We all laughed and then stuck in!

We all finished our food, it was alright, considering it was from a fancy restaurant. Justin paid for the meal, even though we had all insisted on putting some money in, but he wouldn't have none of, what a gentleman. We got up to leave, as we stepped outside Justin threw Chaz the car keys and shouted "wait in the car" I looked at Justin confused

"What's going on" I asked

"Well I was wondering if you would like to stay here for the night, I've already spoken to our parents" he answered

"What? As in this hotel?"  I replied

"Yes and then me and you can get a taxi home tomorrow" he said

"I haven't got any clothes though" I laughed

"I'm sure a fancy hotel like this can provide you with some pj's for the night" he chuckled

"Well then, yes" I laughed, throwing my arms around him. Justin looked at the car and nodded and then they drove off, shouting bye out of the windows haha. Me and Justin headed towards the hotel, Justin went to the front desk and come back seconds later with a key and some clothes. We headed towards our room, once inside I started to strip, I kicked off my heels and then let the dress drop to the floor, I looked over my shoulder at Justin and laughed, I didn't risk turning around considering I didn't have a bra on, he looked very uncomfortable.

"It's rude to stare" I giggled

"Shut up" he mumbled

I sat down on the bed, still facing away from Justin, he realised I was waiting for the clothes and threw them at me, I slipped the top on over my head, it went just above my bum, but it was baggy, I love baggy tops, I didn't bother with the bottoms, I just threw them on the floor, I turned round to face Justin who had just taken off his top, his body was amazing.

"Its rude to stare" he mimicked me from earlier

"Shut up" I laughed

He kicked off his shoes and pulled down his trousers which left him standing in his boxers. Why did my best friend have to be so darn attractive! My thoughts were interrupted by Justin throwing the bottoms back at me

"They were on the floor for a reason" I laughed

"Aren't you going to wear them?" he asked

"Nope" I replied

"So what are you sleeping in?" he questioned

"This" I frowned, pointing at the loose fitting top

"Oh" was all he managed to say, I started laughing, bless him. I climbed into the bed and pulled the covers right up to my chin.

"What do you wanna watch?"  Justin asked

"Something scary!" I shouted

I watched him look through the dvd's on the shelf, he picked one a popped it in, then sat at the bottom of the bed.

"Planning on sleeping down there?" I joked

"Urmm" he mumbled

"Come up silly" I giggled moving the cover and patting the space next to me. Once he was in the bed I pulled the cover back over us, I looked at him and smiled, then I noticed he was wearing a locket identical to mine.

"You got u both one?" I asked, pointing at the locket

Yeah, I wanted something to remember you by whilst I was on tour" he laughed

"J, your so cute!" I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek, before resting my head on his chest, I felt his arm wrap around me, pulling me closer.

"J?" I asked

"Fay" he replied

"Thankyou for everything, I've had a really good time tonight, you've been amazing" I stated

"Your more than welcome, a beautiful lady deserves beautiful things" he replied

"Goodnight J" I said, snuggling closer to him

"Goodnight princess" he whispered, wrapping his arm further around me





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