Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


2. Friends Forever

*Faiths POV*


"Urghhhh" I moaned rolling out of bed

Today was the last day of school and then it was summer vacation HELL YEAH. I quickly texted Justin before jumping in the shower.

To: Justy

From: Faith

Hey J, I'm just jumping in the shower, you coming over to get me?

I threw my phone on the bed and then jumped in the shower, when I got out I checked and I had one new message

To: Fay

From: Justin

Hey Fay, yeah I'm leaving in 5, see you soon

I quickly texted back

To: Justy

From: Faith

okay, just come up I'm getting ready

I put my phone on charge and then headed towards my walk in closet to find something to wear, choosing clothes takes me forever, I put on a lacy underwear so that I wasn't completely naked, I must of being searching for something for about 10 minutes when I heard the front door slam.


"Cominggggg" the person called back

There was a faint knock at the door followed by someone saying "you decent"

"Yeah why not" I chuckled

In walked Justin, he looked perfect as usual. He was wearing a white t-shirt with black shorts and white vans, this meant it was warm outside.

"You said you was decent!" he said in shock quickly turning away

"Justin come on this is decent, its like me wearing a bikini, stop being so weird" I laughed

"Fine, but don't moan if I stare" he said sarcastically, taking a seat on my bed

 "ok ok, fine" I giggled

*Justins POV*

I cant believe I just walked in on Fay in her underwear, this was extremely awkward, especially since I had a huge crush on her and have ever since we was little. I was in the middle of day dreaming of her when suddenly she spoke which snapped me back to reality

"help me find something to wear" she whined

"okay" I chuckled, standing up and heading towards her walk in closet. I had a look through her things when I found exactly what she should wear.

*Faiths POV*

Justin had just stopped rummaging through my clothes and he turned round and threw things at me, I looked down at what he had choosen and then laughed and changed into what he had picked, it was a pink skater skirt with a white bandeau and white converse, jheeze he had a good sense of fashion, which I loved. I quickly applied some mascara and lipgloss before we headed downstairs and out the door for school.

We jumped into Justin's car and he started driving towards school, then we stopped at some lights, while we was sitting there I turned to Justin and said "We're gonna be friends no matter what right?"

"Friends Forever" he replied with a warm smile.

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