Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?



I pulled Justin into my dressing room and shut the door behind us, i then turned and faced him

"Explain" i half shouted

"Look, i didn't mean to hang up on your!!! but you was calling during rehearsals so i wasn't allowed to answer you! and then after i saw the text message you sent and i didn't text you back because i thought you would of wanted time to calm down, and i was waiting for you to text me!!! It's been killing me not being able to speak to you!! Not a day has gone by where i haven't thought about you, and then when i saw you on here i had to come see you, each show iv been in the crowd watching you, and i made it so that you would have to sing with me tonight, so that i could see you properly, and speak to you, please fay, i am so sorry for everything" Justin pleaded

I couldn't answer him, i just stood still staring at him, i couldn't believe he had been here every week just to see me, which would of meant a lot of flying back and forth considering he was on tour, he hadn't forgotten about me!!, before i knew it i was wrapped in his arms with tears streaming down my face, he kissed the top of my head, and hugged me tighter, finally we broke out of the hug, and i looked up at him, he wiped away the tears and looked my straight in the eyes, i gave him a weak smile

"We can't just go back to how we were" i sighed

"I know, we will work to get there, together" he replied, smiling at me

His smile made my legs go weak

"Urm well, i should get back to the others" i rushed

"I'll come too" he smiled

I didn't want to say no, so we both headed towards the other two boys, when we got there, it seemed like a few other people had joined us backstage, miley and arianna were both here, they were standing with cody and luke chatting away, i felt justin snake his arm around my waist, i looked up at him and shook my head, his arm dropped and then he placed it over my shoulder, i suppose that was alright, me and him walked towards the group, when we got there they all turned and looked at us

"You'se look cosy" miley laughed

"Old friends" i smiled back

"Wait, so you two knew eachother!" Arianna giggled

"Yep" Justin chuckled

I was about to say something when i saw Chaz and Ryan walk into the room, they saw Justin and smiled, wait, wasn't they pissed? They walked over to the group and introduced theirselves, we had 10 minutes before we had to go back on stage, i was so nervous.

"You'll do fine" Justin whispered in my ear

"Thanks" i weakly smiled

i walked over to Chaz and Ryan, and pulled them away from the group slightly.

"Aren't you surprised to see Justin?" i questioned

"No?" they laughed

"Why?" i asked

"Who do you thinks been entertaining us  while you've been in here" Chaz chuckled

"You've been seeing him and didn't tell me!" i half shouted

"We weren't allowed to" Ryan frowned

"Why" i said

"Justin said it was surprise for today, he said if we told you, it wouldn't work" Chaz answered

"oh" was all i could say

I walked away from the boy, and then I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures with everyone on their own, and then i got a few with small groups and then i asked someone to take a picture of all of us, we all huddled together, and just as she took the picture Justin kissed my cheek, i could feel myself blushing, and i knew that Justin could see, luckly before any confrontation my name was called, i headed towards the stage holding hands with Luke and Cody, when we got onto the stage Demi and Katy joined us, i wished the boys good luck and let go of their hands to go stand with Demi. I smiled at her and then faced the crowd

"In third place is....... CODY LONG!" Mario shouted

Cody hugged katy and luke, and then as he walked past i gave him a hug. Mario was now standing in between me and Luke, i looked over and gave him a warm smile

"And the winner of x factor usa 2013 is......... We will find out after the break" Mario smiled

What? thats not fair, that means longer to wait and find out, urghhhh i wanted to know now!!

"Fay" demi called

"Yeah" i said turning to face her

"You nervous?" she asked

"Kinda, but sometime the act that comes second ends up doing better than the winner, so im happy either way" I chuckled

"Yeah, and your friends with Justin Bieber right?" she questioned

"Yeah, but i wouldn't get him to help me, not yet anyway" i laughed

"Quick look forward, we're going live again" she smiled

I turned again to face the crowd, i then reached out my arm to hold Lukes hand, i grabbed Demi's hand as well.

"So before the break i was about to reveal the winner, so here we go, the winner of the x factor usa 2013 is....... FAITH WILLIAMS"

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