Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


28. Death Threats

Its been roughly a week since I sprained my ankle, and now it's all healed up, today I went shopping with Caitlin, which was a bit of a surprise as she was the one who asked me to go with her. She's a really lovely girl, and I enjoyed the trip a lot, I brought so much stuff!! I don't know where i was going to put it all, I didn't exactly have a huge wardrobe on the bus haha. It felt nice to be able to spend my own money, like don't get me wrong my family aren't poor, but I can now spend as much as I want without feeling guilty about it not being mine, it was great!!!

My birthday's tomorrow, I'm never really excited for my birthday's but this year is slightly different, IM FAMOUS!!!!! I was exhausted from that trip with Caitlin, we had dinner on our way back, and we've literally just stepped through the door, I said hello to everyone, and then goodnight and headed straight to my room, i opened the door and put my pj's on, Justin wouldn't be back till later as he was at an interview, so i climbed into bed and called for Skylar and J, they come running in and jumped up on the bed with me, and i slowly started to drift of to sleep.


*Justins POV*

I'm on my way back to the tour bus, tomorrow is Faith's birthday, I honestly haven't got a clue what to get it, i would have to think of something and then go and get it while shes getting ready or something. I also have something i need to tell her, i hope she's awake when i get back.

We pulled up outside the tourbus and i walked over to the door and opened it, i walked in and looked around, everyone was doing their own thing, but i couldn't see Fay. I headed towards my room, i opened the door and there she was, asleep with the dogs either side of her, i slowly walked over to the draws and pulled out a pair of tracksuit bottoms, i didn't want to wake her up, she looked so peaceful. I got changed and then tried my best to climb into bed, baring in mind that the dogs were on top of the covers, J rolled over and as he did i quickly slipped under the covers and fell asleep.


*Faiths POV*

"Wake uppppppppp" i could hear someone shouting, i opened my eyes to see Justin standing in front of me with a tray

"What" i moaned

He told me to sit up, i did as i was told, and he then placed the tray on my lap, it was breakfast, aw. I went to say thankyou but was interupted by Justin, who begun to sing

"Happy birthday to youuuu

 Happy birthday to youuuu

 Happy birthday to Fayyyy

 Happy birthday to youuuu"

It was perfect, his voice is so angelic. I smiled at him and montioned for him to sit on the bed, he did.

"So what's the plan for today" I asked with a mouthful of food

"Well, I've got a concert tonight in times square, but your coming with me for that, and well i was thinking we could go to the beach for a while and then i'll take you for lunch?" he replied

"Sounds great" I smiled, whilst trying to drink my juice, so of course i spilt it down myself

"Fuckkk" i grumbled

"What are you like" Justin laughed wiping my face with the napkin that was on the tray

"Well i better get ready then yes?" i asked

"Yeah, but go see everyone first, it's your birthday!!!" he chuckled

"Okay" i giggled

I got out of the bed and headed towards the lounge, followed by Justin. As soon as i walked in everyone shouted out 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' and they took turns into coming up to me. Scooter walked up first

"Even though I still hate you for laugh week, happy birthday kiddo" he laughed pulling me into a hug and handing me a little bag,

I opened the bag and looked inside, it was a pink chanel bag, i looked at him and smiled, i pulled back in for another hug and thanked him, i loved chanel.

Next to come up was Ausitn, Christain and Caitlin.

"We thought seen as we don't know you as well as everyone else" Austin started

"That we would get you something from all of us" Christian continued

"So here you go, and happy birthday" Caitlin finished with a smile, handing me a little bag, 

I looked inside and saw a links charm bracelet with 3 charms, i hadn't expected anything from them as i hadn't known them very long, so this really meant a lot, i hugged each of them and thanked them, the rest of the crew then gave me their presents and then the last person walked up to me. Pattie.

"Happy birthday princess" she smiled pulling me into a hug

"Thankyou Pats" i hugged back

"I still remember when you and Jay were kids, running around naked and getting up to all sorts" she laughed

"I'd rather not remember" i chuckled

"I'm sure you wouldn't, anyway, here you go" she beamed, handing me a present,

I unwrapped it and there was a personlised song book with a pen, covered in dimonds, this must of cost a lot.

"Pattie, you didn't have to" i protested

"I know, but i wanted to, i know how much music means to you Fay, always have known, i probably knew before you!!" she smiled

"Thankyou so much" i cried, pulling her into a hug

When i was all done excused myself so that i could go get ready, i got in the shower and then got out and dried myself of, instead of underwear, i put on a bikini;

I put on this over the top for now;

I put on a pair of sandals and then threw my hair into a bun, i didn't bother with any makeup as i would be going into the water, i grabbed my pink handbag that i had flown here with and put in some shoes and clothes so that i could get changed there, rather than coming all the way back here, i also packed a towel. I walked out of the room and Jusitn was no one to be seen, so i went and sat in the lounge to wait for him, i then decided i would check my twitter, so i pulled my phone and i had tons of messages on everything, i decided i would read my text messages first.

To Fay

From Chaz

Hey looser, a little birdie told me it's someones birthday today, do you have any ideas whos birthday it is??? i cant think???? i think its just some little shits or something, noone special so no worries, hahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, only kidding, HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY FAYFAY, i hope you have a shit day and get nothing, nope, only joking again, wow, im funny today, anyway, me and ry are missing you so like come back soon yeah? at least to say hello, lots of love your fav friend evs x

To ChazMan

From Faith

Suppppp shithead, im 18!!! I can do lots of legal stuff now;) only kidding, im too innocent, thanks for the lovely birthday message, means a lot to know how much you care lols, and aw man, i don't miss you at all :/ awks, haha only kidding, i miss you both like mad!!! I will deffo come back soon!! i think i might be coming tomorrow? not sure, ill let you know, and did u and jay makeup yet? please say yes:( lots of love ur one and only Faith :) x

On to the next one,

To Fay

From Ryan

Yo dawg, happy bday, hope ur having a gr8 time in ny, come home soon tho, remember yur roots!!!!!!! TRUE CANADIAN, lols, cya soon hopefully, love ya x

Why does this kid own a phone, like how was that even a sentence, wtf haha

To Ry

From Faith

Ry, stick to phone calls from now on, nothing about your text is right haha, but thankyou bestie, and of course ill come back and see youse soon, and yes!!! BORN AND RAISED IN CANADA, cya soon, love ya x


To Fay

From Mum

Hello darling, i got your little note you left me, im so glad we are not arguing either, i hope your having an amazing time in newyork, i'm not sure how to put this but me and matt are no longer together anymore anyway, so yeah, as i said i hope your having a great time and enjoying yourself, i spoke to pattie the other day as well, sounds like everythings going well, and happy birthday princess, i hope you have a wonderful day, and i have your present waiting for you for when you get back, love you lots and lots xXx

To Mummy

From Faith

I am, thankyou and aww mum, im sorry to hear, and thankyou mummy :), i think i might be coming home tomorrow, but im  not sure yet, ill let you know, love you to the moon and back xXx

The last one finally!!!!!

To Fay

From Nolan

Hey fay, i heard about you winning x factor and blahblah, they love american shows over here, so congrats, hope your having a wicked day today, and get spoilt rotten, hope you havent forgotten about me already ;), i also hear Justins tour is coming to england soon, if it does you both have to come visit me!!! Love ya x

To Nolstar

From Fay

Shutup nolan....... Only kidding!!! haahaha thankyou so much and i hope your enjoying england you lucky shit!!!! i hope we go england!!! omg woo!!!! and of course we will!!! Missing ya lots, love ya x

I then went onto my twitter, i looked at my followers, omg, i had 4 million, last week i wasn't even on 1 million, this is crazy, i looked at my interactions, i had hundreds of happy birthday tweets, i retweeted loads, and tried to comment back to as many as i could, i had one from demi.

"@faithwilliams happy birthday girlie, we need a catch up soon!!! heard your touring with @justinbieber hope youse are having fun, u both have amazing voices!!! x"

i replied

"@demilovato thanku dem!!! dm me your number and ill text you, and yeah im enjoying it so much!!! #believetour x"

I then looked through my mentions again, i had a birthday tweet from Katy

"@faithwilliams hello young one, hope ur having a fab day, heard about u touring with the biebs!!!! mhm yummy hahaha, and yeah happy birthday x"

i replied

"@katyperry thankyou, yeah im meant to be so @justinbieber says lol, we will see tho x

My eyes nearly fell out of my head when i saw who had tweeted me, it was only lady gaga!!!! omg

"@faithwilliams heard it was ur bday, happy birthday, have a good one, i saw ur performances on the show, and well your voice is just pure talent, #truth"

i then saw justins tweet to me

"Happy birthday to my amazingly talented bestest friend in the whole wide world @faithwilliams whom i love to pieces!!! Hope she enjoys today, she should im planning it!!! lol X #love"

He had attached a picture with the tweet, i opened it and saw one of the cutest pics of me and him;

(obviously pretend arianna is faith)

I retweeted it and then tweeted him back

"@justinbieber thanks bestie, but were u at??? im ready and waitingggg, ur taking long so iv invited the others to come, so its a social thing now lols, hurry please im bored :( x"

I had invited the others and they had all agreed, they weren't coming for lunch though, so we was going to bring the dogs and then the others would take them back with them

I refreshed my mentions and i had a reply from Justin

"@faithwilliams im on my way!! ill beep and then come out okk? really i should just text u but oh well lol, i was getting u something ;) x

I retweeted it and didn't bother tweeting back, i refreshed my tweets once more and that's when i saw them. Death threats.

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