Everything Changes

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  • Published: 4 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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you've been best friends with Justin ever since you were a little kid, then one day his life changes completely. What happens to you?


21. Change Everything

I can't believe i'm going on tour with Justin!!!! That means i would get to meet Usher!!!, and i'd see pattie and scooter again!!! and eventually i would see Jemery, Jasmine and Jaxon!!! I couldn't wait!! ANd of course i would meet his new friends Christan, Austin and Caitlin....Oh right Caitlin was going to be there, i'm sure she was a lovely girl and we will get along just fine.

"So what would I do then?" i asked Justin

"Well you would most probably be the opening act which means you would sing your own song and then if i sung a song which needed two people such as overboard, or beautiful then you would get to sing with me as a guest" he smiled

"That all sounds fine, except for singing my own song" I sighed

"Why" he frowned

"Well, because my own song is about you, and it would be a bit awkward singing a song about you on your own tour" i mumbled

I heard him and then say "Wanna know a secret" I nodded my head at him

"Wel, my song All That Matter's is about you" he winked

"I haven't heard it yet" i moaned

"No worries, ill sing it for you now" he chuckled, and then he opened his mouth and started to sing;

"Oh, oh. Just as sure as the stars in the sky,
I need you to show me the light.
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long, long time. Better believe it!

Oh, oh. Whenever your not in my presence,
it feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah.
So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night
Till you're back again. Oh yeah, yeah.

You think I'm biased, to my significant other.
You hit it right on the head, only been missing my lover.
Got a whole lot of texts in my phone that I don't reply.
But the next 8 bars tell you why

You're all that matters to me. Yeah, yeah.
Worried about nobody else.
If I ain't with you, I ain't myself.
You make me complete!
You're all that matters to me!

Yeah, yeah! What's a King, babe without a Queen!
There ain't no "I" in team!
You make me complete!
You're all that matters to me!

He's voice was pure perfection, and i much prefered listening to him sing live rather than on the telly or my phone, i looked at him and smiled

"You wrote that about me?" I questioned

"Yep" he whispered, looking the over way

I put my hands on his face and turned his head so that he was looking straight at me, i stared at his eyes for ages

"I loved it. it was beautiful" i smiled

Neither of us said anything else, we was just staring into eachother's eyes, i could feel him leaning in, so i did as well, and just as our lips were about to touch, there was a loud knock at my door, we both broke away from eachother imediantly and didn't look at eachother, then my mum walked in

"Look fay, im sorry i never told you about Matt, but im so happy with him, and i want to share that happiness with you" she weakly smiled

"Well you was right mum, im not going to be around much" i replied bluntly, not even bothering to look at her, i loved my mum to pieces, but i was still annoyed at her

"Why" she frowned

"Im going with Justin" i answered

"Don't think you should ask" she argued

"No not really, you don't bother asking me anything so why should i bother with you!" I argued back

With that my mum stood up and left the room, i felt bad, i never ever raised my voice to my mum, but i was so annoyed with her, and i didn't even want to talk to Justin about it cause i felt so awkward about what was about to happen just 5 minutes ago, ffs.


*Justins POV*

Fay just had a argument with her mum, just seconds after we was about to kiss, i felt so awkward now especially because i was the one who leaned in, but she leaned in back, so that must mean she wanted to kiss me to? i was so confused, my head was all over the place, and there was no way i was going to talk to her about, they would be super embarrassing. I told Fay about the song i wrote about her as well, truth was i've wrote loads of songs about Fay, another one that explains a lot would probably be 'Catching Feelings' it explained me and Fay perfectly, Fay's mum had left the room and we both sat there in awkwardness, neither of us knew what to do or say, in the end i built up te courage to talk

"So if your coming with me, better start packing" I awkwardly chuckled


*Faiths POV*

Thankgod Justin spoke, i felt like killing myself, we was in such an awkward silence, and finally he broke it, phew.

"Um, what about my dogs?" i asked, i really didn't want to leave them again, and especially didn't want to leave them with my mum

"Well, umm, i guess they could come? and then if they are to much trouble we will get them a doggy hotel" Justin smiled

"Sounds great" I beamed

Justin sat on my bed while i whizzed round adding more things to the suitcase i had only just brought back, considering i was earning money now i thought i would treat my self to a shopping trip, i wonder where Justin's next gig is though? I better ask

"J, where's your next concert?" i asked

"New york" he smiled

"Great" i laughed

This was perfect!!! New york is like the perfect place to go shopping!!! and my birthday was in ,next week i decided i would make up with my mum, i didn't want to be in a argument, especially on my birthday, i looked around my room, i was done, i think haha.

"So when do we leave?" I asked

"Early morning" Justin smiled

"Oh, ok, so what we gonna do about tonight?" I asked

"Stay here?" he laughed

Great, i better go speak to my mum now then, i sighed and left my room and headed downstairs to look for my mum, i peered in all the rooms, there was no sign of her, i then noticed a note in the kitchen, i picked it up, it was for me, i read it;


I know your annoyed at me, and i am really sorry, i don't want to argue with you, of course i'm fine with you going with Justin, he's like a son to me, i trust both of you, and pattie's there anyway, so your in good hands, me and Matt have gone to a hotel tonight, i was going to tell you when i come to your room, but obviously didn't go so well, anyway, hope you have fun with Justin, and i'll ring you on your birthday if you don't come back

Love you the whole world, and more

Mummy xXx

I smiled at the note, i thought i best write her one back so that she didn't think i was still completely mad at her


I'm not annoyed, im just upset, but i will get over it, and im sorry we argued, i hate arguing with you, and thankyou, i will ask Jusitn if we can come back, but i can't promise anything, by the time you read this i will most probably be in new york, i will text you when i get there, just to let you know im safe

Love you to the moon and back

Fayfay xXx

I left the note ontop of the one my mum had written me, i then headed back upstairs to tell Justin that we had the house to ourselves, but when i walked into my room he was asleep on my bed, i laughed, and then slipped in beside him and went asleep as well. I woke up and looked at the clock, it was 6am, i wasn't sure what time we had to leave, so i nudged Justin, and his eyes instantly flicked open

"What" he groaned

"What time do we have to leave" I yawned

"Half 8" he replied, putting his head back on the pillow

I shook my head and then got out of the bed and headed towards my shower, i turned it on and then got in, when i was done i wrapped a towel around my hair and body, and then walked towards my walk in closet, i pulled out some underwear and threw it on and then let my towel drop, and then i started to search for something to wear, 20 minutes later and i was still searching, i peeked my head out the door and saw that Justin was sitting up on the bed yawning, i looked at the clock, it was half 7!! I only had an hour!!, I called Justin over, he walked over, literally like a zombie haha

"Help me" i moaned

"Fine" he laughed,

He started looking through my clothes, he started pulling out things and then handed me some clothes, and left, heading towards my bathroom, probably for a shower i shrugged, i put on what he had chosen and looked in the mirror;

I loved it, i then done my makeup;

I was ready to go, i felt slightly to dressy, but if im going to be with Justin, theres going to be paps, and considering i won x factor there were most likely going to be paps for me as well, so i guess i've got to look good, at least for now anyway haha. I left my hair in curls and added a flower crown (like the one in the pic) and walked downstairs with all my luggage and bag, i put my luggage by the door, i had all my essentials in my in my handbag, like phone, keys, money etc. I looked around a picked up the dog leads from the side, and i walked into the front room and sat down, i wasn't going to bother bringing stuff for them, i would just buy what ever they needed, so that we arrived quicker Justin had arranged a private jet, i could definately get used to this life!!! I was in the middle of day dreaming when i heard Justin walk down the stairs, i stood up and walked towards the front door, i turned around and smiled at Justin

"Wow, you looking amazing" he chuckled

"Thankyou" I blushed

"We better go" he laughed, picking up my luggage for me

I called the dogs and put their leads on them and headed outside, i guess Justin had already booked a cab, when we walked outside it pulled up infront of my house, we got in and headed for the airport, seen as we was getting a private jet, the taxi was aloud to drive onto the runway, when we got their we got out and Justin led the way, we got onto the plane and boy was it great, it had a little bar with food and drink, a telly, and a proper toilet haha, the seats were huge and you could spin them around, me and Justin took a seat next to eachother and the dogs laid down on the other seats, i looked at Justin and smiled, nothing could ruin this moment, well at least i thought nothing could.

"We need to talk" Justin sighed, turning to properly face me.

Those 4 four words, they could change everything....

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