(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


3. whats with that?

Niall's POV

i walked into the front room and looked over to one of the sofa's and saw a very uset looking Betty, playing with a dimond ring on her hand, tears starting to fall down her very red and plump cheeks "Betty... whats wrong?" i asked sitting down next to her, she looked at me and rubbed her tears away from her face and sniffed looking up at me giving me her best smile

"nothing, im fine, nothings wro--" she started saying before bursting into tears "everything Niall, i feel so guilty, for funning away from him, for lying to my family about loving him, about lying to you" as she cried she buried her head into my chest

"how did you lie to me?" i asked her, not knowing how she lied to me, all my life i have been around this girl and she has never lied to me once, but that's what i thought anyway

"i---its---don't worry"

"noooo, tell me" i smiled at her, trying to make her laugh... which it did, she giggled

"no i cant tell you, i promise to tell you one day, but not today" she smiled at me huffing a sigh of dissapiontment

"fine as long as you promise to tell me one day" i said, starting to tickle her as she screamed out her "no's" and "stop it's" i laughed and sat next to her, nowing her next move, as she started running i started counting to ten, i got to eight when she came into the front room laughing

"look, i found your glasses, do i look geeky" she laughed, i looked over and saw my fake glasses on her

"nope" i smiled at her, she disappeared then came back a couple of minutes after with her brown eyeliner across her cheeks and nose to make fake freckles and two high pigtails

"what about now?" she laughed, i laughed and nodded my head making her laugh even more, i took this time to walk over to her and gently tackle her to the ground "Niall" she wined jokingly "

"yes" i smiled

"get off you fat lump" she poked my belly

"now im not going to get off without you saying the special words" i told her gaining a huff "its your fault for calling me a fat lump and poking me in the belly" i poked my tongue out at her

"im not saying it"

"then im staying here for a while now then" i crossed my arms laughing as the rest of the boys came down, Zayn of course still on bed asleep "hi boys" i cherped happily at them

"hi N---Niall?!" they asked confused "ok why is Betty dressed as a geek and why are you on top of her?"

"why are you asking Liam, it looks fun, i want to have a go" Louis laughed, i laughed too and Betty looked up above her head to look at the boys

"its a long story guys" Betty laughed from beneath me,  i looked down at her and loked back up at the boys and gave out a little laugh

"say it"

"no way"

"boys i need your help" i gave the boys a look and they knew what i was asking for, they all came over to me and Betty and started tickling her

"fine fine i will say it, i wuv you Niall James Howan, your the best" he huffed when the boys stpped tickling her "happy now?" she asked out of breath

"very" i smiled and got of her, the boys looked at us with a weird look "what?"

"whats with that?"

"with what?"

"the thing Betty had to say...and why are you dressed up as a geek?" me and Betty looked at each other and laughed, once we calmed down we told them why Betty was dressed up as a geek and we started telling them why Betty had to say the thing she did

"the reason why Betty had to say that is because when she was younge she couldn't say love and Horan, love came out wuv and Horan became Howan, the reason why i know that is because when she was over at mine once....and guys we were five ok, but i told her i loved her and she said, i quote "i wuv you Niall Howan" and ever since then she has to say that whenever we are like what we just were" i explained, the boys gave us some looks when i told them about the love thing

"did you guys ever go out?" Harry asked

"really Harry?" i could hear Louis ask him

"i only want to know, they have been friends for fifteen years so i wondered... did you?" as he said this i grew embarrassed, me and Betty hasn't ever gone out with each other but we have kissed once, it was by accident but after that we did it again... both of us kissing into it.


guys what do you think?

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