(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


5. WHAT?!

Betty's POV

"hi Rob, it me, I wanted to apologize for... you know" I told him holding back my tears

"its ok Betty, it did hurt me but.... when you left, I found that you weren't the one for me, it was Ruth" he told me this and it set the tears rolling, it hurt me so bad Ruth my best friend that was supposed to be there for me while im going through this tough time is going out with my ex fiancé

"well im glad you found another person and you moved on, well I have to go, me and the boys have to be somewhere right now, bye" I told him a lie, hiding the upsetness in my voice (upsetness?? is that even a word? anyway just pretend it is for that part haha) and hanging up, I lobbed my phone across the kitchen room and slid down the kitchen counter letting the tears take over me and burying my head into my hands

Niall's POV

I was sat on the sofa talking to the boys after Betty whent into the kitchen to talk to Rob, a couple minutes after I heard a loud bang, me and the boys looked over at the kitchen area in shock, I jumped up and ran over to the kitchen, as soon as I got to the door way I could see Betty crouched on the floor while her phone was on the other side of the room, I crouched down beside her giving her a hug "what wrong Betty?" I asked concerned

"he... he's dating Ruth, its been a week and he found someone else, he really didn't love me did he?" she asked "I mean I know I ran off because I didn't love him but, he would say he loved me and he would never leave me and all that, then a week after I run away he finds someone else" she cried even more

"well, he obviously lied to you and Ruth... shes supposed to be your best friend" I told her "apart from me" I added trying to make her laugh, which gained a little giggle "but she has ran of with him?" I asked shocked

"no she hasn't ran of with him, they are dating they haven't ran of anywhere"

"BASTERDS" I shouted, all the boys ran over to the kitchen when they heard me shout that

"what going on?" they asked looking at me and Betty

"I was on the phone to Rob and he told me when I left he found out that I wasn't the one for him and it was Ruth that he was meant for" she cried again and I gave her another hug

"well she cant be a very good best friend if she starts dating him as soon as he is single, I mean its only been a week" Liam said shocked

"I know Li, that's almost what I said" I told him, I picked up Bettys phone and walked back over to Betty holding out one of my hands so she could pull her self up, she took my hand and we walked into the front room, it started getting cold so I ran upstairs and got a blanket and a few pillows, I cam back down stairs and gave every one a blanket and me and Betty shared one and we both led down on the sofa with me behind her like we always used to do when she came over to mine upset, I counted in my head to ten and she was soon asleep, its what she always did

"Ni?" I heard a voice ask me, I peaked my head over Bettys shoulder and looked at the area the voice came from

"yeah?" I asked them, not sure what one called my name, honestly I was to tired to care

"you do love Betty don't you, don't Lie" I heard the same voice say, I could tell it was Harry, just because of the way the person said the sentence

"Hazz, im too tired to get asked these questions" I told him and lied my head down

*four hours later*

I woke up with one of Bettys legs over me and her hair across my face, I pushed her hair of my face and her leg of my body "Betty.. Betty" I slowly woke her up gaining some groans, I peaked my head acroos to the other boys and noticed they were all watching television "how long have we been asleep?" I asked the boys

"umm, about four hours" Zayn told me, I looked back down at Betty and saw she was just getting used to the light, she sat up meaning I could sit up now, we kept the blanket on us because it was still could, when an Idea came into my head, me and Betty always did this when I or she was upset, I leaned down and whispered into her ear

"wanna go out for a meal, like back in Ireland when we were young" I smiled at her, she squirmed because it would always send shiveres down her spine when someone whipered into her ear

"yeah" she said a bit more happy me and Betty got changed and walked out the door "see you later boys" we both said in unison, we walked to the car, I opened the door for Betty and once she was in I closed it and walked to the drivers seat and drove off

*at the restaurant*

I took my seat across the table from Betty,i kept noticing her attencion kept drifting off to a table to the side of us, I looked over to see what she was looking at and noticed it was Rob and Ruth acting all lovey dovey "you bastered, you do know it has only been a week since she left you and you, your supposed to be her bestfriend, your supposed to be comforting her not going off with her ex fiancé" I tald them walking over to their table, seeing them act like that was making my blood boil

"Niall, stop, leave them alone" Betty told me, coming up behind me "sorry" she apologized to them, but Rob had ignored her apology

"well, It looks like she did the same thing and when of with you, so you cant have a go at me for doing it"

"no Rob, she hasn't gone off with me, today I went into the front room and she was crying her eyes out looking at the egagment ring you gave her and when she phoned you up and you told her that you were seeing Ruth, she chucked her phone acroos the room and burst out crying" I told him, his eyes losing the smuggnes and turning to sorrow before turning back to smugness

"well its her fault for running out on me isn't it, she could of been living like this everyday as Mrs Betty Red but no, she had to run away" he looked at me then her I looked at her and looked into her eyes and noticed there was sadness but mostly anger filling them

"you are the biggest @#?!"% I have ever known, I only left because I didn't want to embarrass you infront of every one by saying no, so I ran, I ran before it was to late and I was stuck with the person I didn't love" she was so angry, I had never seen her like this before

"but you did embarrass me Betty, you left me at the alter, with no bride, and left your chief bridesmaid to tell me infront of everyone" he told her looking smug once again

"you know what, go @#?"% yourself" she told him, I had never heard her swear so this came to a shock to me but then there had to be a comment from him to end it

"no, why don't you, have you even told Niall the lies you have told him" I looked over to Betty and she gave him a devilish glare and walked away back to the seat

"well, that's not what I expected, would you like to go back home?"

"no, I wanna stay here, with you, and im sorry... I lied to you again today, and I lied to the boys aswell, Im such a bad person" she told me

"your not a bad person, please tell me these lies you have said"

"there not bad lies but there lies and I hate lying, but that basterd knew about it when I was dating him and he made sure to rub it in my face, ok, you wanna know these lies?" she asked me I nodded my head, she looked around before facing me again "can we go to the park across the street form here" she asked and I nodded again, we walked out to the park and sat on the swings "ok I will tell you the truth, the truth is that I have been lying to you for the whole fifteen years we have known each other, I would tell you I like you like a friend, I told the boys that too but the truth is, I love you Niall, I love you as much as my heart would bear it, and I cant hide it anymore, the more I know I have lied to you the more its killing me inside" she told me, I looked at her in shock, she was upset about lying to me about that? and.. she loves me?

"you.. you love me?" I asked surprised, she looked away embarrassed and nodded, I brought her face, to face me and I gave her a kiss "I love you two Betty... I love you two" I told her "how did he make it worse" I asked her, remembering what she told me

"every time he invited you over he knew how I felt about you and would give me smug looks" she said teary-eyed

"well, you know, if you were my princess, I would never treat you like that, and I would never treat you badly... so what do you say, will you be my princess?" I asked her, she looked at me in shock and disbelief but soon gave me her answer

"yes Niall, I will be your Princess" she told me giving me another kiss, as we were in mid-kiss we could hear a voice aimed this way

"SLUT" I could hear being shouted, I looked over to the way it was coming from and it looked like a drunken Rob

"wow he cannot handle his drink well" I joked making Betty laugh, me and Betty got back to the car and drove home, as we got inside we asted like normal, like nothing had happened, it was our plan

"so guys, had a good night?" Zayn asked as we entered the door

"oh it was ok, we say, you know who" I told them "oh and Betty, swore, she never swears" I said like an excited kid, all the guys looked around at her with a shocked look on their faces

"you swore at him?" they all asked

"I sure did, he deserved it, he was trying to turn it all on me so I gave him what he deserved" she laughed looking at them all

"I wish I recorded it, I had never saw Betty like that before, swearing and all attidudy" I laughed

"and what did you two do after that" they asked

"we just went into the park across the restaurant we went to" I told them, they didn't ask what happened in the park so I wasn't lying to them, they gave us some smiles and me and Betty both went upstairs, she went into her room and got changed then nocked onto my door "come in" she walked into my room and gave me a hug

"can I join you tonight?" she asked smiling

"of course you can, your always welcome" I told her "expecially now that your my princess, but what if they walk in on us asleep together in the morning" I whispered to her she thought for a bit and whispered back to me

"say I walked into your room feeling really upset about what happened today and I need you to comfort me" I nodded my head and we both walked out of the room together and down to the front room

"you guys all cosy now?" Louis asked us laughing

"whats funny about that sentence" Betty laughed

" I don't know" he Laughed again

"ok then" me and Betty sat down on the sofa and watched television, I looked down at Betty and noticed that she was getting really tired "are you tired Betty?" I asked her gaining a nod of the head form her "come on I will take you into your room and im going to bed now anyway, im tired to" i told her, i picked her up and walked up stairs once we got into her room i placed her down on the bed "right, because you will need to cross the landing and the boys will see you pretend to be wiping tears away from your eyes if you come into my room tonight" i told her and she nodded, i left her room and said goodnight to the boys and went into my room. about fifteen minutes later i heard running and sobs then a nock on the door "come in" i called and in came Betty "did it work, did they think you were upet" i whispered

"yep, they looked up and asked me if i was OK" she told me, we slid into bed and went to sleep

*nest morning*

"why are you in here?" I heard some one say as they jumped onto me

"what?, whos there" I asked not opening my eyes hoping for an answer

"just let her sleep Lou, she tired and upset about what happened last night, that's why shes here, she needed comfort" I heard Niall tell Louis, I brought the blanket up to my mouth so I could hide the smile on my face when I heard his voice

"something your hiding there?" Louis asked me bringing the blanket down

"no, just tired" I told him opening my eyes and looking at him, rubbing my eyes, he gave me a look and left the room, I closed my eyes again and felt someone next to me

"hey, no more sleeping, you don't need anymore beauty, anyway me and the boys want to take you to a club" Niall's voice tingled through my ears, I smiled and turned over

"im tired though" I told him, I closed my eyes once again, then I felt arms underneath me then I was lifted of the bed "Niall put me down" I told him

"not yet, if I put you down now you will fall down the stairs" he laughed, I let out a giggle and soon I was put down, I sat up and looked around

"will you do that to me when im tired and don't want to come downstairs Niall?" Zayn asked Niall, Niall laughed and shook his head "why? you did it to Betty"

"I did it to Betty because is stuborn and wont come down until midday if she could, so if I didn't take her down then we would never see her ecspecially if we want to take her clubbing tonight" he chuckled

"oh yeah, and you can get drunk with us Betty, me and the other boys are going to be the designated drivers" Louis told me before laughing and adding "well exept Niall, he will want more that two pints" when Louis said this all the boys laughed and I looked at Niall and he was laughing too nodding his head well this is going to be fun then, getting drunk with one direction I thought to myself, I have never taken a sip of alcohol infront of the boys before, the fifteen years I have known Niall and the three I have known the others.

*ten pm*

"is everyone ready?" I could hear Liam ask downstairs

"me, you, Niall, Louis and Zayn, nope, Bettys not here" I heard Harry say, I gave out a slight laugh and continued to put on the light makeup, I had a LBD (little black dress) on and my black converse Niall brought me one year, my feet have stopped growing so I can wear these ones still, I had my hair up in a half-up-half-down kind of style with a black bow tying it together. I put on some pail foundation making it look like I have none of it on. on top of my lips I put a pail pink lipgloss on and a smokey eye effect eye shadow, I walked down the stairs, all of them were on there phones on the sofa waiting for me

"done" I called when I got to the bottom of the steps, they all looked around with smiles on there faces and then they opened there mouth

"wow you look really nice" the boys all said in unison, I looked down at my feet and smiled

"your wearing the converse I got you a few years ago" I heard Niall say with a smile, I looked up and he was smiling pointing at my converse, I smiled back at him

"my feet never grow anymore, so I can still fit into them" I smiled again at him

Niall's POV

Betty came down the stairs in a perfect little outfit, I held myself back from running over to her and giving her a hug and a kiss, me and Betty arnt going to let the boys know about us for a while, we all piled into the van, me and Betty next to eachother in the back "you look gorgeous" I whipered to her making her squirm and smile at me and mouthed the words 'thank you' we soon got to the club and got our seats, once we were all sat down I went to the bar and got us some drinks

Louis' POV

Niall set off to get us lot drinks and tonight its going to be very different, Betty is actually going to drink alcohol in front of us, its going to be weird, we all just want her to have a good time as well because of what has happened in the past few days. Niall soon came back and sat across the table from Betty, I looked at Betty and she looked kind of scared to drink infront of us "you have drunk alcohol before right?" I asked her, she put the drink down on the table an smiled at me

"o-of course" she said looking round at everything else but me, making all of us laugh at her joking about "no I haven't so, this is my first time and I may get a bit drunk easily" she laughed, we all laughed at her and let her carry on drinking the beer "wow, that's so different to what im used to" she laughed

Niall's and Betty's POV

we sat on our seats drinking out pints slowly, *Niall's POV* I looked over to the dance floor and saw people on there dancing to a slow dance, I walked over to Betty and held my hand out to her, she shook her head but I pulled her up and took her to the dance floor  *Betty's POV* I was drinking my pint getting used to the different taste when Niall came over to me and held his hand out, I knew what he was asking, I looked at him and shook my head but he pulled me up and took me to the dance floor and we started dancing *both* as we were dancing we were looking around the room noticing that the boys were having a nice laugh then looked over to us and made kissy faces to wind us up but we took no notice, whe the song was over we sat down to the seating area and the res of the night was a blur


hello guys me again, I have been writing this in the period of two days because of the school days but at the end of it I was struggling to think of things so I did this and there is a reason why I ended it like this so it isn't randomness because I couldnt think of anything :) anyway, I will soon start the next chapter and sorry if it started going off a bit random


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