(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


6. what happened?

Betty's POV

I woke up in Niall's bed again with a splitting headache, I gave out a little moan of pain and was soon engulfed in a pair of warm arms "your first hangover" I heard an Irish accent say with a hint of smile, I turned around and I was facing Niall

"I remember why I have never touched a drop of acohol before" I joked, hearing how bad my voice was, I had a sour throught and I was loosing my voice... great. "what happened last night?" I asked him looking around the room like I have never been in here before

"you got drunk, and so did I, that's all I remember, but I did get drunk a lot later than you" he smiled at me giving me a wink, I gave him a look and stood up out of the bed, I went into the bathroom and looked at the reflection and sorted out my hair,then I slowly made my way down stairs holding my head

"hello sleeping beauty" i heard the boys call, i looked over to them and waved at them with a smile "what wrong?" they asked me, i pointed to my throat and tried to speak but nothing came out, and just before i could try again a voice from behind me spoke up

"she has her very first hangover and she has lost her voice" i turned around and looked at Niall, i carried on walking into the kitchen while he sat down with the boys and i got myself a drink of water, when i got the drink i waked into the front room and sat next to Niall

"i really enjoyed drunken Betty" Harry smiled at me, i looked at him confused "well, i like sober Betty, but drunken Betty opens up a lot easier and tells her secrets" he smiled devishly at me all i could do was mouth the words 'what secrets' "the ones about you and Niall" was Harrys reply to me, i looked at Niall and Niall looked at me

"what secrets, there are no secrets" Niall told them all, quickly making up a lie to save us

"there is a secret because, i was so shocked that Betty was drinking i took a video when she was drunk and when you were so i could show you both today, and im glad i did" Liam said giving us his phone, the video started of with me singing along to a song that was playing, Niall laughed at this and told me he remembered this, so it was when he was sober but then me and Niall were sat together looking very drunk and then i could hear chatter asking me about me and Niall's relationship, it sounded like Zayn asking me that question but then i replied with "you guys know that me and Niall love eachother don't you? and you know we are dating" then me and Niall what looked like a long and passionate kiss, i held my hand over my mouth and looked over to Niall embarrassed

"looks like our secret was told by our drunken selfs" Niall told me, i looked over to the boys and back at Niall, and nodded my head, i wish i could speak right now, i ran upstairs and took out a mini whiteboard and pen from my bag and took it downstairs once i was downstairs i started writing on it

'sorry, i let the secret go before we wanted to let them know' i wrote down on the board and showed Niall

"that's a point, when were you planning on telling us?" Zayn asked me looking at me weirdly, i rubbed out what i wrote down before and wrote down

'when i was properly over what has happened' they all looked at the board and had a thought about it then i looked up at Niall and then back at the boys 'what are you guys thinking?' i wrote down and showed them, they all looked back at me

"we just knew you two had a thing for eachother" Harry burst out with "actually, i only did but i eventually got the boys to see the truth" he smiled at the boys i rolled my eyes and looked at Niall again

'sorry' he read the message and gave me a smile

"don't be stupid" he laughed and gave me a kiss, my cheeks automatically grew red when we kissed because it was infront of the boys

"awww look shes embarrassed" Harry cooed at me, I smiled and kissed Niall back, after the kiss I stood up and walked back into the kitchen to put the empty glass in the sink, as I did I could hear Niall ask what we were doing today, then there was silence for ages, I ignored it and started cleaning things up from the night before because we were in a rush to get out to the club, just as I picked up a plate I got rugby tackled over someones shoulder as they shouted something out, I soon realised that I was getting taken away by Louis

"Louis Tomlinson put me down" I told him hitting his back, but was also glad that my voice had somewhat come back

"I cant Betty, I don't want you getting caught by the rabbid Niall" he told me

"what?" I asked as I looked up I saw Niall chasing us with wipped cream around his mouth I gave out a giggle and encouraged Louis to run faster, he soon put me down and started running away by him self "Louis.... don't leave me alone with a rabbid Niall " I shouted at him, I looked over to the side of the house and saw a hose pipe, I ran over to it and picked it up "I want my normal Niall back" I shouted pointing the hose pipe at him, he stopped and put his arms up as If he was surrendering, I smiled at him and sprayed his face, as soon as I did I dropped the hose pipe and walked over to him "I missed a bit, you still have some right.....here" I told him giving him a kiss on the lips also taking the extra wipped cream of from his lip, not long after he was running his tounge on my bottom lip begging for entry, I granted entry and we faught for dominance, he won, just as it was about to get even more passionate

"hey hey hey, no more tonsil tennis you guys, there are fans and paps here" I pulled away and looked at who told us that, It was Zayn, as I looked around I saw he was right

"fuck" I said under my breath, Niall laughed at the unfamiliar sound "its your fault I swear now" I poked my tounge out at him "but Ni, what are we gonna do about every one knowing?" I asked him, he thought for a while before replying with

"this" and giving me another kiss, I was shocked but still kissed him back, not long after me and Niall was walking back to the house hand in hand

"this is going to be all over the news isn't it?" I asked as we walked throught he door and sat down

"what is, what happened?" Louis asked before adding "I left you alone for five minutes" mocking a annoyed father that has found out that his daughter has done something wrong,, I guess that's what our relationship is like though, Im his 'daughter' and he's my 'father' well at least I have a fake one, I have never knew my father, or my mother, I was adopted at a young age, I looked up at Niall and smiled

"these two was playing tonsil tennis in the fromt garden infront of hundreds of fans and paps" Zayn told him sitting next to Liam

"hey, they weren't there when we started, they must have been really quite" I told them

"or you two were way to into the kiss?" Liam asked yet told me


ok so this is a short chapter but hey ho

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