(niall horan fan fiction) run away bride

hi my name Is betty, I was about to walk down the aisle on my wedding day when it hit me, I don't love him any more, so I ran away.... and I hid


2. stay with me for a while

Niall's POV

I was sat in the ally way with Betty, she had stopped crying now, but I just wanted to stay here for a while to let her know that I was there to comfort her "Betty?"

"mm" she replied

"why don't you stay with me at my house for a while, we can go get your stuff from yours and Robs place and take it to mine" I asked her, she used to love staying over mine and she always came to me when she was upset so if she's upset she can just come into my room or downstairs instead of travelling all that way to come see me

"you wouldn't mind?" she asked me looking up at me

"of course not, your my best mate, I would love for you to live with me" I smiled at her and she smiled back, that was the first time I saw her smile since she ran away from the wedding, I got up and held out my hand she grabbed it and I pulled her up "you have your house keys with you?" I asked her, that was a stupid question, shes wearing a wedding dress, why would she have her house keys on her

"yeah, there right here" she joked putting her hand down the top half of her dress laughing a little, Im glad to see that she was joking about again but her laugh and smile wasn't real I could tell those thing were fake "I know where the spear key is, because I put it in the place" she looked at me

"ok, do you want to wait here while I get the car from the church parking lot or would you like to come with me" as I asked this she huffed out

"I will come with you" she told me still not letting go of my hand, we got to my car and we both got in "can we go to yours first, I don't want to go to mine yet" Betty had asked me

"of course, but the boys are there" I told her and she nodded, I pulled up out side and walked up to the door, Betty had grabbed hold of my hand again and we walked inside

"hey Niall how did the wedding go.... you know your not the one that's supposed to bring the bride back to the house" all the boys laughed but noticed that Betty wasn't laughing and then noticed her tear stains

"what happened" Louis came up and gave her a hug, he was like her big brother, we all were like her big brothers but Louis was closer to her than the other boys

"I-- I ran away, I couldn't get married to him, I don't love him anymore" she started crying again and cuddled into me

"oh my god, im sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry" Louis said panicked and gave her a hug

"its not you Lou, shes just emotional" I told him and whent into my bedroom to get changed

Louis' POV

we all sat on the sofa listening to Betty's story and hugging her when she started crying while we waited for Niall to come down and take her to get her stuff, she had finished telling the story to us and we all whent over and gave her a group hug "you ready to go Betty" Niall said and then started laughing at the sight of all of us heaped up above Betty giving her a group hug "you could of told me there was a group hug going on, I would of joined in" Niall laughed as we pulled apart

"your not in the group anymore then are you" Zayn joked

"no fare" Niall joingly pouted Betty jumped up and ran over to Niall

"don't worry Niall, we can make our own group up and all of them cant be in it" she joked with him

"yeah" Niall said in a childish voice laughing

Niall's POV

"yeah" I called out in a childish voice laughing, as I did this I looked over to the laughing Betty to notice that her smile and laugh was back to normal "we have to go and get your stuff now" I said to her realising that this will make her smile and laughter disappear and sure enough it did "come on, we wont be there long" I told her hoilding out my hand letting her take it

"come on then, lets go" she unhappily said to me, we set of and soon got to her house

Harry's POV

"those two deffinatly have a thing going on" I told the boys

"Harry, she just ran away from her own wedding" Liam told me

"and? I think they do but they just don't know it yet because he is to busy looking after her making sure shes happy and shes to busy being upset"

"HAZZA" they all shouted at me

"WHAT?" I shouted back

"stop it, she's upset and her bestfriend is looking after her, that doesn't mean that they have a thing going on" Zayn told me, all they see it how he helps her and trys to make her feel better but what I see is the way they look at each other, they way they act around each other, how there eyes twinkle at the sound of each others name and also how whenever they hear one of them are upset or are in trouble they will always come running to each others sides, its just obvious

"you guys just don't see it, when they come back look at they way they--" I couldn't tell the boys because the two fo them walked in "wow you guys weren't long at all" I told them getting my phone out and texting the boys what to look out for, the boys got there phone out and read the text, looked up at me and nodded

"so what have you guys been doing while we were gone?" Niall had asked us as he sat down next to me, I gave the boys a look and spoke up

"just been wondering, how long have you and Betty been friends for" I asked, once again the tinkle in his eye came out at the name of Betty, I looked at the boys and they all smiled at me to tell me that they noticed it

"oh god, years, you should ask Betty, she would remember how many years" he laughed as he said this Betty came out

"ask me what?" she asked smiling at Niall as she sat next to him

"how long have you and Niall been friends for?" Louis asked noticing the twinkle in her eye

"oh, fifteen years" she smiled at us "I still remember how we met" she told Niall laughing, he looked like he was trying to remember then started laughing

"oh yeah, that hurt" he said rubbing his head

"what? how did you two meet?" Liam asked them, they looked over to him and smiled

"well, it was in Ireland"

"your irish?... oh wait yeah, now I can hear your accent"

"yeah, anyway, my mum told me that we needed to go shopping so when she was ready I was running out infront and she called me, so instead of stopping I carried on running and ran into Niall and we fell on the ground then our mums became friends and started going over to each others houses and me and Niall would just hang out together" she smiled at us  "we were only five" she finished and laughed

"you've known eachother for a long time together then" Liam laughed

"yeah, deffinatly"

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